Who is the Strongest SCP? A Complete Guide

The concept of “strongest SCP” in the SCP (Secure, Contain, Protect) Foundation universe is subjective and can vary depending on the criteria used to define strength. SCPs, or anomalous entities, objects, or phenomena, come in various shapes and forms, each with its unique properties and abilities. Some SCPs possess immense destructive capabilities, while others have reality-bending powers or can manipulate time and space.

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, I’ll provide a compilation of some of the most powerful and notable SCPs in terms of their abilities and impact on the SCP universe. Keep in mind that new SCP articles might have been published after my last update, so there could be other strong SCPs not included here.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and the SCP Foundation contains thousands of SCPs, each with its own story and capabilities. Additionally, some SCPs’ abilities can change or evolve over time due to updates or new canon material.

SCP-682 – “The Hard to Destroy Reptile”:

SCP-682 is one of the most infamous and dangerous SCPs in the Foundation’s custody. It is a reptilian creature that shows extreme adaptive capabilities, making it almost impossible to kill. It can regenerate from almost any injury and develop resistance to various weapons and containment procedures. SCP-682 is consistently portrayed as a hostile and malevolent entity, making it a significant threat to containment protocols.

SCP-343 – “God”:

SCP-343 is an enigmatic humanoid entity that claims to be the biblical God. It possesses reality-bending powers and is able to manipulate matter and energy at will. Despite being contained voluntarily, SCP-343’s true nature and intentions remain mysterious, leading some to believe it might be genuinely divine, while others consider it an immensely powerful reality bender.

SCP-076 – “Able”:

SCP-076 is a sentient and immortal human entity with superhuman strength and combat skills. It is known as “Able” and takes the form of a heavily scarred and tattooed male. When “Able” is killed, it enters a dormant state before regenerating and reanimating within its containment cell. It becomes extremely dangerous during these active phases, leading to numerous containment breaches.

SCP-2317 – “A Door to Another World”:

SCP-2317 is a massive door located in an underground facility. It is believed to lead to another dimension or world with apocalyptic implications. The exact nature of this alternate reality is not fully understood, but the Foundation considers it a significant threat due to its potential to bring about global destruction.

SCP-076-2 – “Able’s Avatar”:

SCP-076-2 is a manifestation of SCP-076’s consciousness, which takes the form of a powerful, self-repairing humanoid. This avatar is even more dangerous than the original SCP-076, capable of unleashing immense destructive power.

SCP-239 – “The Witch Child”:

SCP-239 is a young girl with reality-altering abilities. She can bend reality according to her desires, making her one of the most potent reality benders known to the Foundation. Despite her young age, her powers are almost limitless, and she must be contained carefully to prevent any accidents.

SCP-055 – “The Anti-Memetic”:

SCP-055 is an anti-memetic entity whose nature and properties are impossible to remember. It is incredibly difficult for anyone to retain information about SCP-055, making it almost impossible to study or understand. Its true strength lies in its ability to evade detection and containment through psychological manipulation.

SCP-3000 – “Anantashesha”:

SCP-3000 is an enormous, serpentine entity residing in the depths of the Indian Ocean. It possesses powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities, capable of influencing and controlling the minds of humans on a large scale. It is also believed to have connections to other SCP entities and events.

SCP-2000 – “The Deus Ex Machina”:

SCP-2000 is a massive underground facility capable of restoring human civilization after a global catastrophe. It holds the potential to recreate humanity and its civilizations from stored genetic material, effectively acting as a reset button for the world in the event of catastrophic destruction.

SCP-6820 – “The Scarlet King”:

SCP-6820, also known as the Scarlet King, is a powerful and malevolent entity linked to various apocalyptic prophecies and anomalies. Its true form and nature are unclear, but it is associated with immense destructive capabilities and the potential to bring about the end of the world.

Remember, the SCP Foundation’s primary objective is to contain and study these anomalies to protect humanity from their harmful effects. Some SCPs have been classified as “Keter” class due to their unpredictability and difficulty to contain. Others, while immensely powerful, may be considered “Safe” if they can be reliably contained without posing an immediate threat to the world.

It’s important to understand that the SCP Foundation universe is continually evolving with new additions and revisions to existing SCP articles. As such, this list may not encompass all the SCPs that could be considered strong or powerful. For the most up-to-date information, I recommend visiting the official SCP Foundation website.

The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization that secures, contains, and protects anomalous objects and entities. The SCP Foundation wiki contains thousands of SCP articles, each of which describes a unique object or entity. Some of these SCPs are incredibly powerful, and it can be difficult to say who is the strongest.

In this blog post, I will discuss the strongest SCPs in the SCP Foundation universe. I will consider factors such as power, versatility, and threat level. I will also discuss the different ways in which SCPs can be considered “strong.”

What Makes an SCP Strong?

There are many different ways to measure the strength of an SCP. Some factors that can be considered include:

  • Power: How much physical or destructive power does the SCP have?
  • Versatility: How many different ways can the SCP be used?
  • Threat level: How dangerous is the SCP to humanity?
  • Self-awareness: Is the SCP aware of its own power?
  • Reality warping: Can the SCP alter reality?

The Strongest SCPs

Based on these factors, I believe that the following SCPs are the strongest in the Foundation universe:

  • SCP-3812: Also known as “The Gate Guardian,” SCP-3812 is a reality-warping entity that is aware of its own fictional nature. It has been described as “a being that transcends all of existence” and “a threat to the entire SCP multiverse.”

SCP-3812 – The Gate Guardian

  • SCP-682: Also known as “The Hard-to-Destroy Reptile,” SCP-682 is a nigh-indestructible creature that is immune to most forms of damage. It has been known to regenerate from being vaporized and even from being erased from existence.

SCP-682 – The Hard-to-Destroy Reptile

  • SCP-2399: Also known as “The Scarlet King,” SCP-2399 is a powerful entity that is said to be the source of all evil in the universe. It is said to be able to control minds, create plagues, and even destroy entire planets.

SCP-2399 – The Scarlet King

  • SCP-001-Keter: Also known as “The Gatekeeper,” SCP-001-Keter is a reality-bending entity that is said to be the guardian of the multiverse. It is said to be able to open portals to other dimensions and to manipulate the laws of physics.

SCP-001-Keter – The Gatekeeper

  • SCP-2935: Also known as “The End of Everything,” SCP-2935 is a pocket dimension that contains the remains of a universe that was destroyed by SCP-682. The dimension is said to be inescapable, and any attempt to enter it will result in the destruction of the universe.

SCP-2935 – The End of Everything

These are just a few of the many powerful SCPs that exist in the Foundation universe. It is difficult to say definitively who is the strongest, as each SCP has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. However, the SCPs listed above are all incredibly powerful entities that pose a serious threat to humanity.


The SCP Foundation is home to some of the most powerful entities in fiction. These SCPs are capable of incredible feats of destruction and manipulation, and they pose a serious threat to humanity. While it is difficult to say definitively who is the strongest SCP, the entities listed above are all among the most powerful in the Foundation universe.

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