3 Ways to Use the Atlas Copco XAS 137 Air Compressor at Home

If you recently purchased the Atlas Copco XAS 137 Air Compressor, you may wonder what to do with it at home. This guide will discuss three ways to use the Atlas Copco XAS 137 Air Compressor at home.

1) Inflating Tires

The Atlas Copco XAS 137 Air Compressor is a powerful and efficient tool to help inflate tires at home. It has a powerful motor that can inflate all kinds of tires. The Atlas Copco XAS 137 Air Compressor allows you to grow your tires quickly and easily. You can save money by avoiding going to a shop or service center.

2) Cleaning

If you’re looking for an effective way to clean your home, the Atlas Copco XAS 137 air compressor can provide just that. It is equipped with a powerful motor capable of producing high-pressure air, making it an ideal choice for cleaning. Its versatile nozzle allows you to reach tight spaces and difficult-to-reach areas easily. Its ergonomic design also allows you to hold the air compressor while using it comfortably. 

To use the Atlas Copco XAS 137 for cleaning, ensure the compressor is plugged in and turned on. Then, attach the nozzle of your choice to the end of the hose and adjust the pressure setting according to the specific cleaning task. You can start by cleaning large surfaces such as walls and floors, then move on to smaller, more delicate objects such as furniture and electronics. The air compressor is also great for removing dirt and debris from hard-to-reach areas, making it a valuable tool for deep cleaning. 

When finished, disconnect the nozzle and turn off the Atlas Copco XAS 137 air compressor. With its many benefits and applications, you can trust that your cleaning job will be done efficiently and effectively.

3) Painting

When it comes to tackling home improvement projects, painting can be a daunting task. With the Atlas Copco XAS 137 air compressor, you can make the process easier and more efficient. This air compressor is well suited for spraying paints and other thin liquids, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor painting. 

The Atlas Copco XAS 137 features an oil-injected rotary screw motor that provides power and reliability. This motor has been engineered to provide clean, oil-free air, which is ideal for painting. The XAS 137 also features an adjustable pressure regulator, allowing you to control the airflow and paint coverage rate. Additionally, this compressor is equipped with a low-noise design, reducing the disruption when painting inside. 

How would a home purchase differ from a construction site purchase? 

When purchasing an Atlas Copco XAS 137 air compressor for your home, you will likely want to focus on the size and power of the compressor. Home compressors are typically smaller than those used for construction sites, so you may need to purchase a more compact model. 

Additionally, the type of accessories and attachments included with the compressor may vary from what is necessary for a construction site. For example, construction sites often require longer hoses, larger tanks, and noisier air pumps. However, you may get away with a quieter and less powerful model for a home compressor. Finally, home compressors are generally cheaper than their construction counterparts due to their smaller size and less powerful engines. By doing your research, you can find the perfect Atlas Copco XAS 137 compressor for your home needs.


With more and more individuals looking for more efficient ways to do everyday tasks at home, tools like air compressors are becoming popular. They enable jobs to be done quicker and more efficiently. 

Without having to depend upon an outside contractor to visit the home to get the job done, having your air compressor can result in being able to set your schedule and get things done on your own time. In addition to the fact that it will save you precious money, independent contractors will charge hourly rates to do jobs like this that you can do at little to no cost. A one-time investment in an air compressor can save you time and money you can spend elsewhere on your home.

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