How to Learn Quran with Tajweed

Tajweed is the science and art of pronouncing, intoning, and articulating words and letters correctly when reciting the Quran according to the rules of the Arabic language. It provides methodological farmwork for the correct recitation of the holy Quran to preserve and maintain its original text and meaning. Tajweed has great importance because a slight change in the pronunciation changes the meaning completely.  As Muslims, we should take Quran recitation very seriously and should look for better ways to learn it. Learn Quran with tajweed to connect with Allah by reciting the Holy Quran correctly. It helps strengthen the bond between creation and the creator. Muslims are ordered to pronounce the Quran’s words correctly and pay special attention to it.

Importance of Tajweed

Tajweed has great significance in Islamic teachings. The importance of Tajweed can be described for the following reasons.

Preserve the art of recitation of the Quran.

Educational importance as Tajweed is an important component in Islamic education. It helps develop language abilities by understanding the phonetics and grammar of Arabic.

Recitation accuracy over time.

Aid in building and maintaining a strong bond with Allah by facilitating spiritual connection with the Quran through proper recitation.

Muslims show respect for the Quran by reciting it correctly.

How to learn Quran with tajweed?

There are two levels of learning tajweed i.e. basic and advanced.

Basic Tajweed course

The goal of this level is to make the student able to recite the Quran with correct pronunciation.

Course contents are

  • Designed for beginners (who can read Arabic) has some, previous ability to read the Quran and, knowledge of tajweed rules.
  • Arabic phonetics especially for reciting the Quran.
  • Includes some Tajweed rules.

At the end of the course, students will be able to recite the Quran with some tajweed they have learned. They will also be able to recite a few surahs of the Quran by rote.

Advance Tajweed course

The purpose of the advanced course is to apply Tajweed’s mandatory complex rules for the correct and proper recitation of the holy Quran.

Contents include

  • Eradicating hidden mistakes – Two types of mistakes in pronunciation of Arabic, hidden and clear. To pronounce just like Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), there is a need to avoid hidden mistakes.
  • Complex rules of Tajweed – These rules required a lot of practice and clarity to learn and understand.
  • It includes revising and practicing Tajweed’s basic rules
  • Include learning some Mattoon (texts).
  • Ijazah qualification certificate for teaching others.

There are few places to learn Tajweed

Islamic Institution/center for Tajweed

NGOs especially Islamic NGOs arranged these classes. They provide courses for both kids and beginners. After completing these beginner’s courses. They promote the students to an advanced level of tajweed. These courses are easily available in big cities in Muslim countries.  Small towns and Western countries have no such institution to learn Tajweed. Thus, they either have to relocate or rely on online Tajweed learning services.

Online Academies courses for Tajweed

Online academies provide both basic and advanced level courses in Tajweed. They offer many services including tajweed by qualified and experienced teachers to students. Their courses provide students with customized lessons, flexible timings, and engaging teaching methodologies. They also have female teachers for female students. Provide free trial classes to ensure compatibility between teacher and student. Online tajweed courses are a great way especially for Western countries students to learn.

Al-Quran Academy is one of the many online academies that offer online Tajweed classes for students.

Free online Tajweed courses

There are many free resources both online and offline. The Islamic centers provide Tajweed classes. They are usually run by Islamic NGOs and provide courses for free.

Online resources are available on, YouTube, websites, and apps. These are pretty good for the basic level but for advanced levels, students need a qualified teacher and a lot of supervision and guidance.


Learning Tajweed is compulsory for every Muslim. Muslims should do their due diligence in learning tajweed. There are plenty of ways both offline and online to learn. Free resources are available which are pretty good for learning basic Tajweed. Learning from basic to advanced levels will enable learners to be better, at pronouncing words and alphabets correctly while reciting the Quran. leaners should take advantage of these resources and get better at Tajweed.

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