How to Use Microsoft Outlook for Mac in Windows 10?

Microsoft Outlook for Mac is a powerful email and productivity email application designed especially for MacOS users. With its intuitive interface and robust features, Outlook for Mac provides efficient tools for organizing emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and more. However, there are situations when users need to use Microsoft Outlook for Mac on Windows 10. In this guide, we will provide the best OLM to PST converter to easily access Windows 10 without losing any information.

Microsoft Outlook is an essential application for millions of users around the world, providing an integrated platform to manage their email communications. Schedule and manage personal information systematically.

Microsoft Outlook offers both platforms on Mac and Windows. Both applications are almost ideal, but the main difference is that their file extension contains Outlook mailbox items. On Mac, OLM files are used to store mailbox data, while the Outlook for Windows compatible PST file is used in all versions of Windows Outlook.

Reason to transfer Microsoft Outlook for Mac on Windows 10

  • If users move from macOS to Windows 10, they may need to transfer their Outlook for Mac data to ensure continued access to emails, calendars, contacts, and other information.
  • Organizations or employers may require employees to use Windows-based systems, requiring data transfer from Outlook for Mac to Windows 10 for seamless integration with work-related tasks and communication.
  • Collaboration with colleagues or clients who primarily use Windows-based systems may result in transferring data from Outlook for Mac to Windows 10 for better compatibility and communication.
  • Users may need to integrate Outlook for Mac data with other Windows-based software or productivity tools, requiring the transfer to Windows 10 to streamline workflows and improve efficiency.
  • Centralizing email and productivity tools on a Windows 10 system for better management and accessibility of all data from a single platform may result in the need to transfer data from Outlook for Mac to Windows 10.

Manual Approach: How to Use Microsoft Outlook for Mac On Windows 10?

If you have available both Mac and Windows machine with installed Outlook application then you can perform manually as we have mentioned below:

  • First, Open Mac Outlook on your computer.
  • Configure New IMAP Account with it.
  • Transfer mailbox data from Mac to IMAP Account.
  • Now, Configure Same IMAP Account with Windows Outlook.
  • Transfer IMAP mailbox data to Windows Account.
  • Now, Outlook Mac Mailbox data has been successfully transferred into Windows.

Limitations of Manual Approach

  1. It will take a lot of time and need lots of effort.
  2. Users must be familiar with both platforms.
  3. During lots of configuration there is a high possibility of data loss.

Expert Recommended Technique: How to Transfer Microsoft Outlook for Mac on Windows 10?

If you have not available both machines or are not familiar with both applications. Then, we recommend you to opt SysTools OLM Converter is an excellent solution as it allows you to convert one or batch OLM file at a single attempt without losing any data.

  • Download an expert recommended wizard and open it on your computer.
  • Browse OLM files and add them into the software interface.
  • Choose Outlook default PST file in the multiple option of export type.
  • Finally, set the path and press export to get the result quickly.

Benefits of Expert Recommended Approach

  1. Its preserved mailbox data integrity remains the same as before the conversion. 
  2. This application also provides a user-friendly interface to easily handle by all types of users.
  3. You can also import OLM to Windows Outlook.
  4. With this software, you can also take advantage of filters to convert selective mailbox files as per date range, subject, sender and recipients etc.
  5. There is no requirement to install any other application, not even Outlook, to complete the solution.

Let’s Wind Up

In this guide, we have explained the completely reliable and reasonable solution to use Microsoft Outlook for Mac in Windows. We have also discussed the basic introduction and reason behind this problem. In addition, we have also shared both manual and expert recommended approaches. You can choose any of them as per fulfill your needs.

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