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IZYREC has risen swiftly overcoming many hurdles on its way to becoming the number one company on the most efficient voice recorders. This is attributed to their creativity, passion, and experience in the field. All their products are customer-based. This goes to show that customer satisfaction is more important to them than merely getting a product out there and making money. They have several voice recorder devices in store for you to choose from. head to iZYREC to gain more information. As for this piece let us focus on one of their amazing mini-recorders. By the time you are done reading, you will be convinced of no other audio recorder device in the market that will surpass the one from iZYREC. 

Features of the iZYREC mini voice recorder 

  • Tiny but mighty

The sound recorder device has a subtle design. This means the device is small in size and it can perfectly fit in your pocket with ease. The era of large traditional voice recorders is ending. The device can also be attached to your car, sofa, or even table since it has Velcro. If you use a voice recorder several times in your week then you need to get one from iZYREC. It is going to alleviate many of your worries. You might even find yourself looking forward to and enjoying the work you do. 

  • Easy to use

The device is extremely easy to use and therefore can prove to be very beneficial even to a first-timer. You do not need to read a whole booklet to understand how it works and how to turn it on. To turn it on manually, all you have to do is just a slide. So it is a one-slide recording device. The device also offers simple playback options. The iZYREC small recorder allows playback on both Android and iPhone devices through the application. It can also be done on a laptop or a PC through a charging cable. The iZYREC app is a game changer. It enables one to operate a ton of activities with the voice recorder being far from you. During playback, it allows you to identify and mark crucial information. 

The application also enables WIFI fast transfer. You can easily synchronize, delete, and share a 1-hour recording in just 15 minutes. 

  • Sound quality and technology

The voice recorder is equipped with Dual Knowles SiSonic microphones which can capture clear audio up to 1536kbps. It is also equipped with an AI noise-canceling technology that minimizes background noises to enable you to hear the conversation going on. The device is built to record voices up to 10m away, something that is unheard of. 

Voice-activated recording is also present on the iZYREC mini recorder. When sounds above 45 decibels are detected, the VAR technology activates voice recording and storage. This conserves battery and eliminates silence. 

  • Storage and battery

The device comes with two options. You can have the 32GB eMMC or the 64GB eMMC storage. The 32GB stores up to 240 hours of recording while the 64GB stores up to 480 hours of recording. A 450 mAh battery is packed inside. It enables one to record for 30 hours continuously and remain on standby for 75 days. 

So there you have it, the iZYREC mini voice recorder. It is the best in its class and will certainly help you reach your career goals faster and go even beyond what most people achieve. All these without a sweat. Do not get left behind. Join the many who have chosen iZYREC for their recording needs today. Visit iZYREC for more information. 

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