How to Increase Instagram Followers with Trending Hashtags

Hashtags are an effective way to reach a wider audience and increase Instagram followers. Trending hashtags refer to tags that are currently popular on social media platforms, especially Instagram. They can be used to help promote content, join conversations, and attract more attention from potential followers.

Compared to regular hashtags, trending hashtags offer the best chance of getting noticed by users who share similar interests or live in the same area as you. And if you aren’t interested in waiting around for organic growth methods to work, the option is there to buy Instagram followers from a site like Famoid or Buzzoid.

No matter what option you choose, by utilizing trending hashtags on Instagram posts, businesses can effectively expand their reach and gain real engagement with their target audience.

Not only do they benefit from increased visibility but also have greater chances of attracting new customers due to the higher levels of user engagement associated with such tags.

How to Find Trending Hashtags

Using Hashtag Tools: There are many tools available that can help you find trending hashtags. These tools make it easy to search for relevant topics and keywords, as well as discover new ones. For example, hashtag tracking tools such as Keyhole or Social Rank allow you to search by keyword or topic to see what’s trending at any given time. They also provide insights into the performance of each hashtag, allowing you to determine which one is most effective for your brand or content strategy. Once you have identified a few potential tags, it’s important to double-check them on Instagram itself before using them in your posts.

Analyzing Competitor Hashtags: You can also get an idea of what’s trending by looking at the hashtags used by competitors and influencers in your industry. This involves taking a look at their recent posts and seeing which ones have generated the most engagement from users. It’s important not just to copy their exact tags but instead use this data to inform how you craft yours so they are more likely to perform better when posted on your own account.

Searching Social Media Trends: Another great way of finding out what’s currently trending is through social media monitoring platforms such as Hootsuite Insights or BuzzSumo Pro. These powerful digital intelligence solutions track user conversations across multiple platforms including Twitter, Reddit, YouTube and more so that businesses can stay up-to-date with current trends and react quickly if necessary – plus identify popular topics that could be useful for creating engaging content around those specific terms/phrases/hashtags etc..

Crafting an Effective Strategy

Once you have identified the hashtags that resonate with your target audience, it is important to create a content strategy for using these trending hashtags. This involves developing engaging and informative posts that use the hashtag in an organic way, without seeming overly promotional.

Additionally, consider pairing different hashtags together for maximum reach and engagement potential – such as creating a branded hashtag alongside popular industry-specific ones. If possible, try to plan ahead by scheduling posts in advance so you can take advantage of any surges in activity on certain topics or days of the week.

Hashtag campaigns are another great way to tap into trending topics while promoting your brand or product at the same time. These campaigns involve running short-term promotions or contests around specific hashtags that encourage users to engage with your account through likes and comments, which can help draw attention to what you’re offering and attract new followers at the same time.

When setting up a campaign like this, make sure it has clear objectives set out from the start (e. g., gaining more followers) so you can measure its success afterwards too!

Evaluating Your Results

Once you have identified the hashtags that resonate with your target audience and created a content strategy for using them, it is important to track their performance. This can be done by analyzing hashtag reach, tracking engagement metrics such as likes and comments, and creating reports on overall hashtag performance. Knowing how effective each tag is will allow you to make informed decisions about which ones are worth investing time in versus those that should be tweaked or dropped completely.

When evaluating results from your hashtag campaigns, look not only at follower growth but also other key indicators such as post impressions, clicks/conversions (if applicable), unique users reached, website visits generated from the campaign etc.. These insights can help provide insight into what kind of content resonates most with your followers so that future strategies can be tailored accordingly. It’s also important to compare different tags side-by-side in order to gain an understanding of which ones yield better results over time – this could involve testing certain variations like adding emojis or swapping out words within the same phrase.

Finally, when analyzing data related to trending hashtags on Instagram it’s wise to keep up-to-date with industry trends as they change quickly. For example if one topic begins declining in popularity then it might be beneficial for businesses to switch focus onto another trend before its too late – this way they stay ahead of their competition by constantly adapting their strategies based upon current user behavior!


In conclusion, utilizing trending hashtags on Instagram is a great way to boost visibility and gain more IG followers. It can open up your business to new audiences and help you join conversations with potential customers who share similar interests as you.

By using hashtag tools, analyzing competitor hashtags, searching social media trends, creating content strategies around popular topics and tracking hashtag performance, businesses can maximize the impact of their campaigns while staying ahead of the competition.

Ultimately though it’s important to keep up-to-date with industry trends in order to stay relevant and ensure that any strategies being implemented are actually resonating with users – this means constantly adapting your approaches so they remain fresh and engaging!

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