How to Prepare Yousrelf for CA Exams in 2023?

The Chartered Accountancy profession is one of the most respectable, well-paying, and challenging careers that commerce students generally choose to go for. The CA exams have three levels – CA Foundation, Intermediate, and Final. Every level is challenging and needs thorough preparation to clear the exams. CA Foundation has 4 papers, and CA Inter and Final have eight papers, divided into two groups. There are changes to subjects across all the levels, and students registering under the new CA scheme must have a look at the new syllabus exam pattern and then start their preparation. 

Since the 2023 CA exams are based on the old scheme, students need to appear for their respective levels as per the old syllabus. The CA exams need a disciplined and consistent study approach so that they complete the syllabus on time and score better in the exams. Also, clearing the exams in the first attempt is also very important. 

Now, let’s check a few of VSI Jaipur’s essential tips to help you prepare for the upcoming 2023 exams. 

Tips To Prepare For CA Exams 2023

1. Understand the CA Exams Syllabus

No matter which exam you appear for or what level you are appearing for it is important that you must understand the exam syllabus thoroughly. Understand the syllabus, including all the topics, sub-topics, concepts, and weightage of each subject. Also, then proceed with planning how to cover the subjects and how you wish to cover the entire syllabus. 

2. Have a Realistic Study Schedule

When preparing for the Chartered Accountancy exams, it is very important that you manage your time properly. Each minute of your exam preparation matters. Hence, create a timetable and ensure you devote 12-14 hours of diligent study every day. 

Ensure that you try to cover difficult subjects every day and balance your time across all the subjects. Moreover, include regular revisions and mock tests in your timetable. 

3. Plan For Which Group To Appear in CA Exam

When preparing for the CA exams, particularly CA Inter and Final, you must plan which group to appear for. So you may appear for either of the groups or both of them. Based on your decision, you should prepare your timetable and then study accordingly. 

4. Invest in Quality Study Material

So, the next important thing when preparing for the CA exam is using the right study material. Your first priority must be using ICAI’s study material since the material is as per ICAI’s updated syllabus and can be a valuable guide for your exam preparation. Also, you must prepare your notes and refer to reference books by renowned authors and prescribed by your senior, coaching, or any other well-wisher. 

5. Join a Proper Coaching Before the CA Exam

For preparing for the CA exams, the right guidance and assistance matter a lot. Hence, joining a reputable CA coaching is of great importance. CA coaching will help you with completing the syllabus on time, clearing your doubts from time to time and also with guidance on how to clear the CA levels in your first attempt. 

6. Practice Regularly 

Another essential thing for success in any exam, including CA exams, is doing regular practice. Hence, it is important that students make it a regular habit to do enough practice in both practical subjects and also work on their presentation skills for theory papers. 

You can consider solving ample questions from your textbooks, try solving past year’s question papers and also solve sample question papers. 

7. Do Three Times Revision During CA Exam 

Before you sit for the main exams, it is important that during the last two months of the exam, you must devote time for revision and do at least three times revision. Revision will help you understand which portions you are falling behind, and then you can put your focus on those areas and strengthen other areas, too. 

8. Appear For Mock Tests

The most important thing that students often ignore is solving mock tests when preparing for the CA exams. Hence, students, after completing their syllabus, must sit for taking mock tests. When taking mock tests, follow the maximum time allowed to solve the exam paper. Also, think as if you are appearing for the real exam and appear the entire exam honestly, in a calm and distraction-free place. 

Mock tests help with getting familiar with the exam pattern, learning time management, and understanding which area or topics you need more preparation for. 


So, this is all about how you can prepare yourself for the upcoming CA exams in 2023. It is essential that you have an organized and systematic approach to prepare for the exam. You must join a reputable coaching and be consistent with your exam preparation. Good luck.

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