6 Best Things To Do In Rome In Winter

Rome is more than just a city, it is a state of mind and those who have appreciated this city at face value, felt all its ancient history and excellence will want to come to this city at any time of the year – even in winter. Since it’s winter and the New Year is coming soon, we suggest you to go to the beautiful Rome and diversify your life!

beautiful Rome

In this article we will tell you about the best places to go and have a great time in Rome if you come here in winter. It will be a relaxing and fulfilling holiday at the same time. Useful tip: if you decide to go to Rome, firstly, it’s very cool! And secondly, save yourself from organisational problems such as transport, we advise you to order Rome airport transfers in advance in your country and do not think about this issue during your holiday.

Michelangelo and the Colosseum

We couldn’t miss the Colosseum because it is the jewel of Rome. And of course it would be a crime not to recommend you to visit the Capitoline Hill to see and admire Michelangelo’s creations. It is also 100% worth a walk around the square in front of St Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican and one of the most beautiful staircases in Europe (Spanish Baroque staircases).

Michelangelo and the Colosseum

Also if you have children, we advise you to visit with them Time Elevator (a virtual journey through Roman history) and the children’s museum with a playground.

Vatican Festival

A very good reason to come to Rome in winter is the festivals and holidays. In December it’s Christmas at the Vatican, in January (17th) it’s St Anthony’s Day (the patron saint of pets) on this day, in front of the cathedral you’ll see lots of pets (from cats to donkeys), so if you’re interested you can watch it.

And in February, there’s the Roman Carnival, with theatre, street performances, and a cool atmosphere! If you’re in Rome this month, be sure to try the local street tortillas, you’ll get a taste of the flavour! 

New Year’s Fairs

In case you didn’t know, prices in Rome drop significantly in winter, which is a great opportunity to do some shopping in the run-up to New Year’s Eve and just have a great time. So we advise you to go to the popular Via del Corso and Via Nazionale, where the prices are not very high and the quality is good.

New Year's Fairs

If you have a bigger budget, we recommend the shopping centres La Standa, Coin, Grandi magazzini, Upini, where the quality will be much higher, but the price will be higher too. 


Street art is always cool and unusual, that’s what the authorities of Rome thought and decided to turn the not so nice neighbourhood of Ostiense into a cool and atmospheric place that will attract tourists. But, in fact, not many people know about it – so we advise you to visit it. It feels like you’re on some kind of cultural quest, because as you explore the neighbourhood, you’ll find more and more interesting places. Good luck!

Centrale Montemartini

Wait!!! Don’t get off the Ostiense yet! Check out another very cool and themed place in the neighbourhood – Centrale Montemartini. It’s not just any museum, but a museum in an old building of a former power station. And here in all this industrialist atmosphere, there are works by ancient artists on display. How about that? At the very least, you have to come here for the photography.


When you arrive in this wonderful neighbourhood, you will be immediately greeted by the Ponte Ostiense. This is a fascinating futuristic building, after which you can stroll around the cosy neighbourhood, relax your soul, visit different cafes and basically slow down time. The Garbatella neighbourhood is very charming with one peculiarity – the courtyards-gardens are only outside (there is no such thing in the whole Rome). This makes the area seem incredibly fabulous and green. So we advise you to spend some time there and explore the neighbourhood better!

In fact, Rome can be discovered endlessly, this article was mainly about places that are less touristy and more relaxing for the soul, they can really brighten up your mood in winter, so have a great holiday!

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