Why Choose Serviced Apartments Over Hotel Rooms In Peterborough

When businessmen travel to Peterborough for business meetings, they look for accommodations that can provide many conveniences, like a hotel. 

They prefer places that offer hotel-like services and make them feel at home.

Only one place can give you a home and hotel-like feel in one, and that is serviced apartments. 

These apartments offer modern, safe, and comfortable rooms to stay.

Whether you are travelling for business, with family or friends, or want to stay for a longer time at a lower price than a hotel, then serviced apartments are what you need. 

So, if you want to know why people are nowadays considering switching to serviced apartments over hotel rooms in Peterborough, here are those reasons:

Serviced Apartments Will Make You Feel At Home 

When you stay at a serviced apartment, you get amenities like home that a hotel might not provide: 

  • You get your own personal parking lot.
  • You get a kitchen to cook your meals with a microwave and a refrigerator. 
  • You get a washing machine to wash your clothes.
  • And a free wife connection for your Netflix and internet needs.

Serviced apartments offer a move-in-ready solution where you can relish the comfort and convenience of feeling like you did not leave your home, even when traveling.

Serviced Apartments can save you money

Yes, how? Well! Staying in a serviced apartment can help you save in many different ways:

  • Cleaning Services: You can save money when you have your own washing machine and space to hang damp clothes, which you dont get in the hotel, and have to pay for laundry services or find a nearby laundromat. 
  • Kitchen Services: You can save money by skipping restaurants, and you can go grocery shopping and cook your meals in your apartment’s kitchen. 
  • Free Wifi: You can also use the free Wi-Fi in the apartment, which may be charged or limited in a hotel.

Serviced Apartments Gives You More Space

When you stay in hotels in Peterborough, you get a small room to live in, a serviced apartment normally offers more square meters, on average 30% more than a hotel room.

Serviced apartments have separate rooms for eating food, sleeping, and relaxing. 

And if required, there’s enough room for the entire family or a larger group of business colleagues.

Serviced Apartments Offers Privacy

Traditional hotels in Peterborough, UK, can have many distractions, such as housekeeping knocking at your door in the morning and waking you up from your sleep. 

So, you can rest assured that you get the privacy you need in a serviced apartment. 


If you’re looking for a room in Peterborough for you or your colleagues during a work trip, then hotel rooms in Peterborough might not be a good choice as they can be costly.

A fully-furnished rental accommodation is much more convenient and cost-efficient than Hotels and Airbnb. 

Find serviced apartments with the ideal budget, comfort, and luxury mix to make it an easy choice for you and your team!

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