Your 5-Step Guide To Nanoplasty Hair Transformation

At some point in time, you might have felt your hair is just beyond repair. Struggling with damaged, unruly hair must be a hassle at that moment. And, no matter what amount and type of beauty hair products you use, it just would not behave. Nanoplasty is a revolutionary treatment that can completely transform your hair from damaged to healthy and smooth. 

Nanoplasty uses nano-sized particles to penetrate deep inside each hair. The benefit of this penetration is to restructure and strengthen the hair strands. The result of this form of treatment is having hair that is shiny and straight that is easier to manage.  

How does this revolutionary treatment achieve this? By following the five simple steps, you can get ready for your hair transformation.


The first step for a nanoplasty hair treatment is to make a reservation with your hairstylist. But what is Nanoplasty hair treatment? Nanoplasty hair treatment is a treatment aimed at restoring and straightening the hair. It serves as a substitute for keratin treatments. During the visit, your hair is examined for critical factors like hair type, condition, and goals. Accessing your hair will help formulate a better hair care routine and any chemical services that will be needed.  

Examining and accessing your hair is fundamental in the whole process of nanoplasty, as it will determine if nanoplasty will suit your hair. Furthermore, by accessing your hair, pinpoint results can be expected. Generally, during the consultation, be free to ask questions and seek clarifications about the process. An informative talk helps set proper expectations and goals for your nanoplasty treatment.


Taking good care of your hair before nanoplasty is essential if you want great results. At least a week before your treatment, you should lay off hot tools like blow dryers, straighteners, and curling wands. This will help reduce damage to your hair strands from heat. Chemical treatments like coloring or perms should also be on hold for about a week so your hair is in its natural, untreated state. 

In the days leading up to your appointment, focus on giving your hair a good clean to remove any buildup from styling products. These styling products include gels, sprays, and waxes that could clog pores in your hair cuticles. You don’t want that happening because it might keep the nanoparticles from fully getting into your hair during nanoplasty.

The Treatment

The hair is sectioned during treatment by a hairstylist, and the product is applied. This treatment product contains peptides and other natural ingredients. When applied, the product will work by restructuring and straightening the hair fibers, leading to restoration. A flat iron is used to help in the penetration and thorough distribution of the product. The whole process is dependent on hair length and thickness. 

Post-Treatment Care

Proper post-treatment care is essential for maximizing the benefits of nanoplasty and protecting your hair’s health long-term. Handling your hair gently in the first few days following your treatment is necessary. Avoid excessive brushing or combing, and don’t tie it back tightly, as this could cause breakage while your hair adjusts to its new structure. opt for loose hairstyles and braids that don’t stress strands. 

For washing, please wait 48 hours before shampooing to allow the nanoparticles to penetrate your hair thoroughly and reinforce it from within. Use a moisturizing shampoo without sulfates, which can strip hair of natural oils. Apply the shampoo gently in sections from roots to ends, massaging lightly with fingertips instead of scrubbing vigorously. Condition well from mid-length to ends, avoiding the root area, which can become greasy more easily following treatment.

Future Maintenance

Maintaining your nanoplasty results over time requires consistent follow-up treatments every 4 to 6 months. As new hair grows at a rate of half an inch per month, it does not receive the straightening and strengthening benefits of the original nanoplasty process.  

Depending on your hair type, new hair emerges in its natural, untreated state – whether wavy, curly, or frizzy. This creates an inconsistent texture between new growth hair and hair that has undergone nanoplasty. To synchronize all hair on the head and preserve a uniform style, repeat nanoplasty treatments are necessary to bring the entire head of hair back into harmony. 

During follow-up nanoplasty sessions, your hairstylist will only need to focus the application of the nano-infused straightening products on new growth areas rather than your entire head of hair as with the initial treatment. This makes subsequent maintenance sessions quicker and more affordable than the lengthy process.  

Between full nanoplasty treatments spaced 4 to 6 months apart, asking your stylist about lighter keratin touch-up services can help further extend your hair’s restructured state by treating any additional new growth. With a long-term maintenance plan of bi-annual nanoplasty treatments supplemented by occasional keratin touch-ups, you can continuously enjoy smooth, frizz-free hair without much effort or cost. Proper ongoing care maximizes the results and return on investment of your nanoplasty transformation. 


In conclusion, by following these five simple steps, you, too, can experience the incredible hair-smoothing and strengthening benefits of nanoplasty. Book your consultation today and get ready for compliments on your shiniest, healthiest hair. 

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