What Empowers Me to Connect with My Roots Through Fulani Braids?

As a creative black woman, I’ve always admired the elegant tribal braided hairstyles worn by women in my community. While I used to stick to basic cornrows and box braids, I wanted to celebrate my heritage by trying more traditional styles like fulani braids, goddess locs, and braids with curls. Embracing these looks has reconnected me with my roots in an empowering way.

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Discovering the Allure of Fulani Braids

I first took notice of the striking symmetry of fulani braids on social media. The braids radiate gracefully from a center part in almost crown-like formation. After researching the style, I learned fulani braiding originated with the Fulani people of West Africa. 

I was drawn to the rich cultural legacy behind this elegant braided style. Fulani braids typically incorporate slim cornrows laid in intricate patterns across the head, accented by beaded braids near the hairline. The neat, symmetrical design framed by decorated face-framing braids evokes royalty.

When I tried fulani braids for the first time, I felt a surge of ancestral pride. My stylist began by tightly braiding slim rows straight back along my head. She then braided diagonal lines and shapes across before delicately adding the cowrie shell accent braids.

As soon as I looked in the mirror, I was in awe. The braids accentuated my facial features in a regal, almost crown-like way. I felt the cowrie shells adorning the front braids click together rhythmically as I walked, like music to honor my heritage. Fulani braids connect me to the past in a distinctly beautiful way.

Channeling My Inner Goddess

In addition to traditional braided styles like fulani braids, I also wanted to embrace looks that made me feel powerful and divine. The first time I saw goddess faux locs, I knew I had to try the gravity-defying waist-length braids.

My stylist installed the jumbo goddess locs using a feed-in method to blend with my natural hair. As soon as she finished the lengthy process, I shook the locs and felt transformed into an African goddess. The sheer volume and drama of the chunky, floor-grazing locs was breathtaking.

I was amazed by how the locs seemed to cascade down my back in defiance of gravity. Friends couldn’t stop complimenting how the locs were perfectly stacked like a crown extending down my back. The ornate thickness reminds me of the intricate headdresses worn by royalty.

Goddess locs allow me to tap into my inner queen. The braided style blends artful volume with modern elegance for a look that commands attention and respect. I feel bold, confident and powerful adorned in my goddess braided tresses.


Embracing the Boho Vibe with Curly Braids

In addition to more ornate braided styles, I also like to show off my relaxed boho spirit by adding curls and coils to my braids. Whether I’m going for a music festival or beach weekend, braids with curls allow me to embrace my carefree vibe.

I’ll ask my stylist for chunky goddess box braids with loose tousled waves throughout the braids. She expertly blends the structured box braids with freeform spirals that perfectly capture my boho essence.

The curly tendrils offset the tight braiding with effortless texture that moves freely as I walk or dance. I love framing my face with curly pieces and pulling some into a braided top knot. The curly goddess braids styles reflect the best of both worlds – artistic braiding and carefree curls  

When I wear these textured braids, I feel both fabulous and free. The curl power embraces the lively spirit of my natural hair in a beautiful protective style.

Discovering Beauty in Versatility   

Fulani braids, goddess locs, curly braids – trying various tribal and textured braided styles has allowed me to appreciate the true versatility of black hair. Our crowning glory gives us endless options for self-expression and artistry.

I’m grateful these looks allow me to honor my heritage and inner divine goddess without compromising my hair health. And I have fun interchanging different braided styles to match my ever-evolving mood and spirit. 

Our hair is our crown. We all deserve to wear it proudly in all its versatile glory!




In my exploration of braided styles, I came across the brand FANCIVIVI which creates beautiful braided wigs celebrating black hair artistry. 

FANCIVIVI’s collection includes stunning interpretations of traditional styles like fulani braids, as well as trendy textured looks featuring curls and waves. Their wigs are crafted using quality synthetic fibers shaped into various braiding techniques.

I appreciate that FANCIVIVI’s adjustable and breathable lace wigs allow me to achieve gorgeous braided styles without manipulating my natural hair. And the lengths, sizes, and accessories can be customized.

After experiencing the comfortable fit and realistic appearance of FANCIVIVI’s braided wigs firsthand, I’m impressed with how they allow me to showcase different stunning braided styles. Their wigs empower black women to confidently embrace our beauty, culture, and versatility.

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