Top 10 Gangnam Seoul Hidden Gems and Highlights to Visit

Gangnam is located in the centre of Seoul. This district is famous because of its charm and modernism. However, Gangnam is commonly famous for its luxurious shopping experience and better lifestyle. But it is also the place for many hidden gems and attractive points that give an enriching experience. 

This guide is designed to help you explore 10 top hidden gems in Gangnam. So you can discover the district from all sides and enjoy attractive points. You can also check out the famous bar found in Gangnam Seoul bar, which is Also, read further to know about the top 10 best highlights. 

Explore the Top 10 Hidden Highlights of Gangnam Seoul

When you have to explore Gangnam, there are so many hidden gems that you must explore to get a glamorous experience. This city is not only famous for its better shopping experience and the best lifestyle. But it is also famous because of the many gems that are waiting for you to explore them. So, let’s take a look at these gems:

Gangnam Ten5 Bar

This bar is a luxurious place to get a memorable evening. With attractive cocktails, elegant ambience and quality embellishments, this bar is the right spot to enjoy classy nights. You can check out the services of this bar at

Gyeonridan-gil Street

It is an attractive street with boutiques, restaurants and cafes to allow you to leave the crowd and enjoy your food with your loved ones. 

Hanbok Photo Shoot

This place is the best spot to enjoy Korean culture and allows you to visit a Professional photo shoot, which is the best studio in Gangnam. So you can get a unique and unforgettable experience. 


These lined streets are famous because of the cool atmosphere and boutiques. So don’t miss out on visiting this street mainly in autumn. 

Gangnam Finance Center Observatory

To get a view of Gangnam, you must visit this place because this centre gives you skyline views of the city, mainly at sunset. 

Hidden Art Galleries

Gangnam has many hidden art galleries which are waiting for you to explore them. All galleries are a better representation of Korean culture and art. 

Sinsa-dong Lina Theater

This theatre is the best place to enjoy many live performances. At this theatre, many shows, concerts and plays are hosted. 

Rooftop Bars

Gangnam has many rooftop bars that provide a skyline view of the city. So you can enjoy your food and drinks under the sky. 

K-Star Avenue

It is a street famous for GangnamDol statues that represent K-Pop stars. 

Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain

This bridge fountain is the most mesmerizing place, with an attractive flow of water under lights that dance in the Han River. So this view is perfect for evenings or nights. 


We have gone through the 10 top hidden gems that can enhance your travelling experience in Gangnam, as this district has many hidden gems that can add fame to this place.

From artistic areas to the ambience of Gangnam Bar, there are so many treasures which you must explore. You can check out the services and gaming options at So don’t miss out on this opportunity to get an unforgettable experience. 

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