The Ultimate Widget Setup Guide for Captivating Live Streams

Engaging your audience during the live streams matters a lot; hence, you need to respond to their comments and presence during the live streams. For your audience to feel part of the stream, you ensure they are active contributors.   

One of the best strategies to adopt is to rapidly engage them, answer their question, and recognize their contributions to your platforms. Keeping in touch with them frequently can be challenging since monitoring the message and comment section to see who texted or subscribed to the stream is difficult.  

Therefore, the best streaming platform should include widgets to enable you to keep in touch with your live audience. You can add various communication widgets like chat heads, social media feedback, and poll surveys to update you about what the followers say.  

Whenever anyone posts anything about the stream, you can see it instantly and address it immediately, enabling you to interact with your audience.  

Let’s explore how to add widgets to your live stream.

The Best Software to Host Streaming Software 

You may have the best streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and other options; however, you can hardly find any widgets on these platforms. To make your work easier, select the best streaming software to host various streaming platforms and services.  An ideal software allows you to stream and add different widgets to engage your audience.  

Therefore, whenever you want to begin streaming, you must log into the software and select your streaming media. The greatest benefit of the software is that it is critical for setting up widgets on live streams. This is one of the add-ons on the software to ensure streamers can actively engage their audience through the widgets and other pop-ups. Within the software, you can add streaming platform-specific widgets. 

Selecting the Right Livestreaming Widgets 

Your next commitment is to select a user-centric widget for your followers to talk to you directly. Here are some options. 

Alert Box 

Whenever you are streaming on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, and currently X, you can hardly see the notification from the audience since they go into the comment section.  

Instead of scrolling through the comment, you can integrate an alert box or chart overlay, enabling the notifications to pop up immediately. The chat overlay will let you read the comments and see their messages in real-time. You can acknowledge them by answering the questions or recognizing their contribution to the discussions. 

Media Sharing Widgets 

You can also use your livestream as a platform to fundraise towards a course, i.e., disaster relief and humanitarian benefits. If you are involved in such streams, the media share is the best incentive for your audience to contribute. It plays a video, meme, or GIF whenever one contributes to your goal.  

Sponsor Banner 

If you are livestreaming and promoting a product, the sponsor banner will be the best way to keep your audience engaged in the content as you address other issues. The banner can appear at a certain section of the screen, usually the corners, and constantly blinking to get the audience’s attention.  

The banners also attract potential marketers to sponsor and partner with your stream.  

Social Media Feeds 

Did you know you can integrate social media feeds into your streams, enabling you to answer and address all the comments and posts?  

How to Add the Widgets? 

After logging into streaming software like Emux and adding the streaming platform, your next goal is to add the streaming widgets. By now, you already know the widgets you need and how they affect your audience engagement strategy.  

The next process is to go to the widget settings and add various widgets listed on the software, which you can get from the software store or add from external sources. For external widgets, you can add the widget link to allow the software to access it and then integrate it into the software.  

Check the preview section to see if the widget is successfully added to the widget list. You also need to test how these widgets will affect the performance of other streaming tools.  

Sizing and Positioning the Widgets on the Screen 

Now that you have the right widgets and add the other options you need, the next task is positioning them on the screen. Your first task is to add it to the top screen either on the right or on the left top side. After positioning them on the screen, ensure they are of the perfect size to fit the minimal space and not overlay on the others.  

Using and Trying out the Widgets 

Before you begin streaming, test all your widgets to ensure they function effectively. During the trials, you can easily see how the widgets would appear, including how the notifications would appear on the screen and what the audience would likely see. Once the widgets are functioning effectively, you can begin your streams. 


Widgets are essential to ensure your audience feels part of the live stream and actively contributes to it. To successfully add the widgets, select the best software to host the streaming platforms and the widgets.  

You can add all the necessary widgets to your live stream platform from the built-in widget list or external sources.  


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