The Complete Guide to Twitter Advertising For Ecommerce Businesses

Complete Guide to Twitter Advertising For Ecommerce Businesses

According to reports, Twitter‘s highly anticipated Buy Button would soon be discontinued. As a result, employees were placed on other teams or left the internal team responsible comprar seguidores twitter for the project: customer service and dynamic product ads.

Many retailers wondered: What does all this mean for me and my business? What’s the future of commerce on this popular social media platform? Can you sell on Twitter?

Although there is no way to know the future of Twitter’s(comprar seguidores twitter) Buy Button, a refocusing internally at Twitter could mean that social commerce wasn’t as successful as hoped. On the other hand, Twitter has concentrated more on its advertising unit.

Social platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Instagram all blur the line between advertising and distribution channels for brands. You can shop on Pinterest and Facebook, but most of their revenue comes directly from advertising.

Advertising dollars can even be more profitable for your business. By choosing ads instead of checkout on the platform, interested customers can visit your site and experience your brand. This will lead to higher engagement and a longer customer lifetime value.

All that being said, let’s now look at the reasons (and then get into the details) for how to advertise your brand via Twitter.

How to advertise on Twitter

Are you using Twitter Ads for brand awareness and sales? It’s a good idea. Twitter users shop online an average of 6.9x per month, while non-users only shop online 4.3x per month. Twitter has good news for small businesses, reporting that 60% of users shop online from an SMB.

It is more than a tool for direct conversion. It’s also a popular source of information for customers at all stages of the buying process. For example, nearly half (49%) of women who use Twitter say that Twitter content has affected their purchasing decisions. Only 7%, however, have purchased through Twitter. In contrast, 17% reported purchasing something from a tweet in their timeline. Comprar seguidores Twitter instantaneamente

Data speaks for itself: Twitter is a prime spot for brands looking to increase revenue, conversions, and social proof (e.g. customer reviews via social networks). It is especially relevant to college-educated people under 50. Twitter users visit 36% of the site every day, while 22% log on several times per day.

We have broken down everything you need to know about advertising on Twitter, generating brand awareness and new customers and maximizing your ROI.

Your Twitter Advertising Options

Twitter allows brands to create objective-based campaigns. These campaigns only pay for actions that align with their goals and increase their reach.

These goals often have the following benefits:

  • Followers are welcome
  • Conversions and website clicks
  • Installations or engagements in Apps
  • Tweet engagements (retweets, favourites, replies, etc.)

Twitter Leads

Website click campaigns are the most efficient for retailers. This option allows Twitter users to follow your brand via promoted posts/ads and click through directly to your website.

Website Clicks Campaign

You can use your promoted tweets on a website click or conversion campaign. Image app cards are similar to website cards. However, they offer call-to-action buttons, images, and headlines to allow you to drive traffic directly from your tweet. Image app cards promote tweets with a call-to-action (CTA) button, a photo and a headline to drive traffic to your site. This is 43% more engagement than tweeting a link.

  • Tweet Copy: 116 characters
  • Image Size: 800×320 pixels (maximum three MB).
  • Types of files: PNG, JPEG
  • Title/price: Taken from the store
  • Call to Action Options: Install (default, if no app is installed), Open (default, if the app has been installed), Play (Play, shop, book, connect and order).

An essential app card can be used. This removes the icon and replaces it with a custom image. Twitter has provided an example. melhor site para comprar seguidores twitter

  • Tweet Copy: 116 characters
  • Custom icon image size: 144 x 144 pixels
  • PNG and JPEG file types are recommended.
  • Title/price: Taken from the store
  • Call to Action Options: Install (default, if no app is installed), Open (default, if the app has been installed), Play (default), Shop, Book (default), Connect and Order.

Both options allow you to only pay for clicks on your site. You can also set up online conversion tracking to see every dollar spent. Remarketing can be set up using people who have visited your website before.

Optimize your Twitter Ad Spend

Although most brands are familiar with the steps required to execute a social media strategy, such as monitoring who is talking about you and publishing content that resonates well with your audience and reporting on your results, a successful social advertising campaign requires more than just setting up an advertisement and letting it go.

Twitter is an excellent platform for building personal relationships with customers and connecting with them. People who follow brands on Twitter are likelier to like them and buy from them. They are also more likely to communicate on a one-to-one basis with them.

Here are some insights from the Twitter #TweetSmarter Team:

  • 57% of Twitter users found an SMB on Twitter
  • Following an SMB on Twitter makes 73% feel more positive about it.
  • Twitter has helped 60% of people to purchase products from small businesses.
  • 9/10 Twitter users are active participants in a conversation about SMBs

Here are some tips to help you maximize your Twitter ads.

Avoid overthinking it: Twitter is best when you keep things simple. Twitter reports that tweets of less than 120 characters get an average engagement lift of 8%, while tweets of less than 100 characters receive an 18% increase in engagement than tweets of 140 characters. So keep it short, and you will see the results.

Visualize it: Adding images or rich media to your tweets can increase engagement by 313% and 52% in retweets. Vine tweets saw a 256% increase in employment. Use gifs, Vine, or other multimedia outlets to get more ad engagement.

Being approachable and friendly is key. People will be more inclined to engage with you if they feel they are having a conversation. This is because personality helps people to identify with brands. Twitter reports that 70% of Twitter users will retweet content they like.

Continue the conversation. Twitter reported that those who only responded to @ accounts 1x per week received 18% more engagement than those who didn’t respond. What can you do to extend the conversation? Use trending hashtags. How can you link it to your brand, and what are people talking about? Ask a question if you are unsure. Twitter recommends businesses follow the 80/20 rule when choosing what tweets to send. 80% should focus on driving interaction with your followers via retweets, replies, favourites, and favourite tweets. Only 20% of your tweets should link to special promotions or product features. So you build trust with your customers before bombarding them with ads.

You can use a Website card: Website cards give you more context and encourage users to click through to your site. A Website Card acts as a link, driving people to your website by clicking on the image. Clicking on an image within a tweet will expand it. A Website Card is Twitter verified and gives you more clickable space, increasing clickthrough.

These tips can be implemented immediately. First, take some time to evaluate the impact on your advertising and social engagement. Your strategy should always include monitoring, publishing, and reporting. Once you have figured out what works for your brand best, increase your efforts and keep iterating.

Four themes for Twitter Ad Success

Small business advertisers need to identify the type of tweet that receives the most engagement on Twitter. ROI is important and should be well-spent. Twitter examined 190,000.00 promoted tweets of advertisers to determine statistically significant differences in engagement rates. Comprar seguidores reais twitter

These key themes were identified as the most successful advertising criteria by the results of this examination:

  • Long: Promoted tweets of less than 100 characters receive 18% more engagement
  • Tools: Get 43% more engagement with promoted tweets using Website Cards
  • Rich Media: Promoted tweets that use rich media receive 313% more engagement, 52% more retweets and 52% greater reach. Vines, instead of just a picture, get 246% more attention.
  • Receptiveness: Accounts that respond to users on Twitter at least once per week receive 18% more engagement

Brands will get the best ROI from their Twitter campaigns if they use 3-6 promoted tweets of less than 100 characters each, provide context through Website Cards and are creative with rich media (e.g. Vines, videos, and photos are all acceptable. 

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