Spotify vs Amazon Music: 5 Major Differences

A long drive, lifting weights, or on that date with that special someone, the right soundtrack can elevate the experience and vibe. That’s where music streaming apps come in! Two names stand out among the many apps: Amazon Music and Spotify. Both have been around long enough and have a huge catalog. But how do you settle for one in this Spotify vs Amazon Music debate? Read this blog to know the differences between the two and decide which one’s for you!

  1. Volume Of Content

Excuse the pun, but here, you may be hard-pressed to choose between Spotify and Amazon Music.

Spotify has over 100 million songs with a great variety of audiobooks, podcasts, and speeches. If you’d like to know more about the artist and their works, Spotify offers that too.

Amazon Music goes head-to-head with Spotify in this aspect. This music streaming service has a vast catalog of over 100 million songs. Along with that, it also includes over 15 million podcast episodes. Not just this catalog, Amazon Music also has something called X-Ray. As the name implies, it’ll give you information about the artists/band and some interesting trivia.

  1. Playlists

Every mood, life situation, and vibe calls for a carefully curated playlist. In this aspect, Spotify is popular thanks to its algorithm and the team of playlist curators. Whether you want to create your own playlist and share it with your friends or just vibe with Spotify’s Daily Mix playlist, you’ll be all set!

Amazon Music is right up there with Spotify when it comes to playlist creation and curation. It’s created both by the streaming service’s editorial team and users. The latter, known as Community Playlists, is shareable and can be made public so everyone can listen to your jam! Want songs for every mood with just one touch? Just tap on the Stations playlist.

  1. Device Compatibility

Both Spotify and Amazon Music are extremely versatile. Whether you want to stream music on your smartphone or PC, both have got it covered.

Spotify’s claim to fame would be its device compatibility. It’s not just restricted to phones and PCs; quite a lot of smart speakers, gaming consoles, and in-car entertainment systems support the app.

Amazon Music offers similar compatibility as well. Unsurprisingly, it leans towards Amazon’s Alexa devices like the Echo Series, Fire TV, Fire Tablets, and more.

  1. User Interface

Irrespective of the platform you’re using the apps, you’ll face dark-themed layouts that are easy on the eyes.

The standout feature of Spotify’s PC web player and desktop app is its drag-and-drop feature. If you’re someone who wants to quickly add songs to a playlist, you’ll love it. The smartphone app is easy to navigate as well. Spotify takes the multimedia route here, featuring short videos for playlists and recommendations that can be quite engaging.

Amazon Music’s UI is both easy to use and look at. With all your playlists, recommendations, and trending songs in one place, a great user experience is a given. Of course, being an Amazon service, there’s also an Alexa button on the bottom right of the app. Set it up to control your music with just your voice!

  1. Pricing

This can be the factor that helps you decide in this Amazon Music versus Spotify debate. You can stream music on Spotify for free, but it’s ad-supported. The features available on the streaming platform’s free service can considerably mar your experience. For example, you won’t be able to use features like jumping/seeking in a track, rewinding, shuffling, and more. So, you must get a Spotify Premium subscription to make the most of this streaming service.

Here’s what Spotify Premium costs:

Spotify Premium Plan Price
Mini ₹7 per day
Individual ₹119 per month
Duo ₹149 per month
Family ₹179 per month

Amazon Music works a bit differently in this regard. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you also get an Amazon Music subscription. There are no ads or restrictions, and you can download songs for offline playback.

Here are the Amazon Prime subscription plans:

Amazon Prime Subscription Price
Monthly Prime ₹299
Quarterly Prime ₹599
Yearly Prime ₹1499

Having Amazon Prime membership offers a few more benefits too apart from getting to stream Amazon Music. You get free and faster delivery, early access to sales, and more with Amazon’s shopping. Also, you can watch a lot of hit movies and shows as you get access to Prime Video. So, just one Prime membership means you get a bundle of perks from speedy delivery to exclusive entertainment.

Summing Up

There you have it! Now that you know the differences between Spotify and Amazon Music, choosing one can be a bit easier. Both platforms go head-to-head in pretty much all aspects, so consider the one that suits you best!

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