Lawn Winter Care: Why Choose Lawn Care Services For Snow Removal?

Snow in winter almost feels magical and surreal, but does your lawn love it as much as you do? 

The answer is ‘NO!’

Snow can destroy your lawn by trapping moisture, making grass more susceptible to fungal attack. With this, the survival of plants in low temperatures is jeopardized. 

Snow pileup in the lawn makes it necessary to remove it.  

But should you do it on your own? If you are thinking of doing so, you might damage your lawn. If you live in Calgary (where the annual average snowfall is 134″), hiring lawn care companies in Calgary becomes unavoidable.

But before we discuss crucial factors as you hire lawn care services, let us first see how we can care for our lawn in winter. 

How To Protect Your Lawn in Winters?

Winters give your lawn a tough time, no doubt. To counteract the effects of harsh winters, here are care tips to follow this winter.  

Fertilize Your Lawn

When it gets cold in the winter, most plants will undergo a dormant stage. Fertilizing your lawn before winter helps plants get sufficient nutrients for surviving the harsh winters. 

The time when you should fertilize your lawn will depend on individual plant species. Ideally, it would be best if you do it during the late fall. 

Trim The Grass

Lawns in winter are prone to fungal growth. To protect your lawn from fungus attacks during the winter, cut it short. 

A lawn with shorter grass prevents mold buildup. Do not go for a big chop of your grass; instead, cut the grass in batches, reducing a bit of grass height with each cut. 

Use Of Pre-Emergents

Your lawn plants will go dormant in the winter. But unlike your grass, a few weed species will continue to grow even in the cooler temperatures. As a preventive measure, spray pre-emergents in your lawn to inhibit the growth of winter weeds. 

Clean Your Lawn Before Winters

As we already discussed, winters make grass and plants susceptible to fungus. If you have leaves or sticks left in the garden, they will affect your lawn in two ways. 

Firstly, they block sunlight needed by your plants. Secondly, the materials trap moisture, making plants susceptible to mold formation. 

Remove The Piled Up Snow

The piled-up snow exposes your lawn to cooler temperatures, damaging elements from your lawn, including grass. 

Hiring Lawn Care Companies in Calgary

You might want to remove the snow on your own. Before you do it, ask yourself these questions. 

  • Do you know what the right tools are for snow removal?
  • Do you have expertise in using the tools for snow removal?
  • Do you have time to remove snow on your own?

The answer to these questions will justify why you need lawn care services. 

Among so many services, finding the best lawn care companies in Calgary can be difficult. 

To help you make the right decision, here are some factors you must consider before you hire lawn services. 

Factors to Consider When Hiring Lawn Care Companies in Calgary

Here is a guide that makes hiring commercial snow removal services in Calgary easy for you!


The lawn servicing company you proceed with must be a reputed company. Reviews and testimonials help in knowing if you can rely on their services. 

Certification or License

Companies with a license will meet the required standard for the services. It is best to work with a licensed company because you get expertise, skill-based services, and efficiency. 

Procedures and Equipment Used

Know what procedures and equipment the lawn services use. Also, enquire how often they change the blades of their equipment. Transparency about procedures and equipment helps in establishing reliability. 


Ask for an estimated cost range for your project. Before you hire the services, it is essential to know if your budget allows it. To know the overall costs for services, ask for an inspection of your lawn. 


With a fireplace and winter wear collection, you are prepared for the coming winter. But is your lawn ready as well?

Without the lawn winter care tips, winter can be a hazard for your lawn. The lower temperatures and snow pile-up are two threats to your lawn in winter. 

If your concern is snow pileup in your lawn, the best option, with no doubt, is to hire lawn care companies in Calgary.

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