How to Find Reliable Kratom Suppliers Online In Canada

 Kratom’s popularity has grown significantly in Canada recently for its therapeutic properties. As demand has increased, so has the number of online vendors selling Kratom products. 

However, with the rise of this burgeoning industry, reports of unreliable suppliers and poor-quality products have also come. As a consumer, it is essential to do your research to ensure you are purchasing from reputable sources. 

This article provides guidance on what to look for in a Kratom supplier to help you make an informed decision.  

  1. Vetting Online Reviews and Testimonials


One of the first things you should do when considering a Canada Kratom supplier is to research online reviews from past customers. Look for suppliers with many reviews spanning several years to understand their longevity and reputation. 

Pay close attention to both positive and negative reviews to get a balanced perspective. Be wary of suppliers with only glowing reviews, as this could indicate fake reviews. Legitimate companies will have positive and negative feedback, as no business is perfect. 

Searching for Kratom on independent third-party review sites can validate what you find directly on the supplier’s website. Look for companies that respond professionally to both positive and negative reviews. 

Unanswered complaints or an “F” rating from the BBB would suggest the supplier is not committed to customer satisfaction. Google, Facebook, and Instagram profiles can provide additional social proof if reviews are consistently positive across platforms over many years. 

It would be best to look for suppliers with a system to verify purchases were made to confirm the legitimacy of reviews. Customer testimonials on the supplier’s website can provide additional social proof but should be viewed more skeptically.  

  1. Ensuring Lab Testing and Quality Control

Suppliers must implement proper quality control measures to minimize risks when buying herbs like Kratom. Look for suppliers that provide documentation showing independent laboratory testing of batches for potency, purity, and contaminants. 

Legitimate companies will be transparent about their testing methods, frequency, and results on their website. You’ll want to choose a supplier that uses Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) to ensure consistency in formulation and packaging. Canada kratom suppliers should be licensed to import and distribute Kratom. 


  1. Examining Company Policies and Payment Options

Reputable Kratom suppliers will clearly list their policies, terms of service, and return/exchange procedures on their website. 

Pay close attention to shipping policies, as delivery times may vary between international and domestic suppliers. 

Payment options that indicate a legitimate business include major credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency. Be wary of suppliers who only accept hard-to-trace payment methods like prepaid gift cards. 

You should also confirm the company has been in business for at least a few years with an active physical address and customer service team.  


  1. Checking Certification and Accreditation

Look for Kratom suppliers that are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified, as this indicates adherence to quality control standards. 

Suppliers operating legally will also be registered with the appropriate regulatory body in their country or state. This often means being listed through the American Kratom Association (AKA) in the United States. 

International suppliers should hold proper import/export licenses and meet regulations for their location. Reputable companies will clearly display all relevant certifications and licenses on their website for customers to verify.  

  1. Considering Product Sourcing and Supply Chains

Kratom quality and safety can vary significantly depending on its source and handling. Legitimate suppliers will be transparent about where they source their Kratom (e.g., specific regions and farms in Southeast Asia). 

You’ll want to choose suppliers with direct relationships with kratom farmers, as this minimizes the risk of adulteration. The supply chain should be clearly outlined on their website. Be wary of vague suppliers or won’t disclose their sourcing and processing methods.  

  1. Inspecting Website Design, Domain Age, and Security

While not a guarantee, a supplier’s website’s design, content, and security can provide clues to their legitimacy. Professional, easy-to-navigate sites that don’t seem hastily thrown together indicate a serious company. 

Check when their domain name was registered through a WHOIS lookup – newly registered domains raise red flags. Legitimate suppliers will use HTTPS encryption and security certificates on their checkout pages. 

It would help avoid suppliers with typos, grammatical errors, or suspicious/unprofessional language throughout their site. 


  1. Assessing Product Selection, Pricing, and Shipping Times

Reputable Kratom suppliers offer various strains, products, and dosage forms. Pricing should be reasonable and competitive compared to other vendors. 

Look for companies that ship promptly within three business days of ordering. Shipping times may be slightly longer for international orders. Delays beyond a week without communication could indicate an unreliable operation. 

You’ll also want to confirm the supplier ships to your location, as Kratom sales/imports are restricted in some areas.  

  1. Checking Company Contact Information

The supplier’s “About Us” or “Contact Us” page should provide non-generic contact details like a physical business address, phone number, and company representatives’ names. This level of transparency helps validate that it’s a real business and not just an online storefront. 

You should be able to reach live customer support representatives via phone during regular business hours. Lack of precise contact info or inability to reach anyone by phone are red flags. 



Researching Kratom suppliers thoroughly, as described above, will help ensure you are buying from legitimate professional companies committed to quality, safety, and customer service. 

Avoid suppliers with any red flags, and don’t be afraid to contact potential vendors directly with any other questions before purchasing. 

With due diligence, you can feel confident finding reliable sources to meet your Kratom needs online. 




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