Hire Salesforce Development Company: Complete Guide 2024

In the field of cloud-based CRM solutions, Salesforce stands out as a frontrunner, catering to businesses of all sizes. Its products, trusted by thousands globally across diverse industries, have become integral to operational processes and efficient management. 


Whether in healthcare, media, education, finance, or any sector, Salesforce offers versatile solutions. The growing trend of companies opting for Salesforce integration and app development services reflects the platform’s adaptability. 


As more businesses adopt these strategies, the need for proficient Salesforce developers is rising. If you’re thinking about engaging a Salesforce development company, this thorough guide for 2024 offers valuable insights to help you pick a trustworthy and professional provider for your Salesforce app development requirements.

Are Salesforce Development Services still in Demand?

Salesforce app development services are experiencing a surge in demand, capturing a substantial 19.5% market share in the global CRM market last year. The increasing preference for accessing CRM systems and apps via mobile devices, cited by 71% of customers, further underscores this trend. 


Businesses, from small startups to global enterprises, are drawn to Salesforce development solutions for their rapid and cost-effective application development, seamlessly integrated into existing business processes. 


Salesforce not only offers a swift route to app development but also empowers businesses to innovate beyond conventional multi-platform software. Utilizing cloud-based technology allows businesses to cut down expenses linked to server and software upkeep. 


Partnering with an experienced Salesforce app development company guarantees various benefits to companies, regardless of their scale or industry. To name a few, receive customized, easy-to-use, and expertly crafted applications, optimizing the advantages of cloud-based solutions.


What are the services provided by a Salesforce Development Company?

  1. Salesforce Customization:

Tailoring Salesforce to specific business needs, these companies enhance user interfaces, create custom fields, automate workflows, and integrate third-party apps for a personalized experience, ensuring Salesforce aligns seamlessly with organizational requirements.

  1. App Development:

Salesforce development firms specialize in crafting custom applications on the platform, extending Salesforce capabilities to meet unique business requirements and overcome specific challenges, fostering innovation and tailored solutions.

  1. Salesforce Integration Services:

Dedicated to seamless integration, these companies connect Salesforce with diverse systems such as ERP, marketing tools, or databases. This ensures smooth data flow, preventing information silos and enhancing cohesion across different business applications.

  1. Salesforce Data Migration:

Specialists in data migration, these firms facilitate the seamless movement of data from legacy systems or other CRMs to Salesforce. They employ detailed mapping and transfer processes to prevent any loss or corruption of data, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted transition.

  1. Salesforce Consulting:

Providing expert guidance, these consulting firms analyze business needs, recommend best practices, and offer strategic insights to optimize Salesforce implementation services. This ensures businesses fully leverage the platform’s potential for enhanced efficiency.

  1. Support and Maintenance:

Going beyond implementation, these companies provide ongoing support and maintenance. They handle bug fixing, troubleshoot issues, optimize performance, and manage platform upgrades, ensuring continuous and efficient Salesforce operations for businesses.


Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Salesforce Development Company

  1. Market Experience:

When a company decides to enhance its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and internal communication systems, it encounters the challenge of selecting a Salesforce development company. These companies offer similar services at different prices, making it crucial to evaluate their market experience through client portfolios, customer feedback, and overall market standing. This assessment is essential before entering into any contractual agreement, ensuring a successful partnership aligned with the organization’s goals and needs.

  1. Expertise:

Once a business is content with a Salesforce development company’s market experience, the next assessment is about its expertise. For eg., if a business wants extra features in its Salesforce system, such as a private communication channel for managers, it becomes crucial to ascertain if the development company possesses the capability to fulfill these particular requirements. This ensures that the company is not only seasoned but also adept at providing customized solutions to address distinct business needs.

  1. Market Reputation:

No matter how good Salesforce developers say they are, their real reputation in the market is what truly shows how good they are. Some companies might put fake reviews on their websites to make them look better than they really are. To really know if a developer is good, it’s better to talk to other businesses that have used their services. That way, you get real information about how good the developer is, what clients think, and how they’re seen in the market.

  1. Average Development Cost:

Regardless of a Salesforce app development company’s skills and reputation, their services won’t be beneficial if they don’t align with a business’s budget. Therefore, it’s advisable to request an initial cost estimate. This helps a business determine whether they can afford the development fees and ensures that the financial aspect is considered before proceeding with the contract.

  1. Location:

The location of a Salesforce development company can impact communication efficiency. It’s ideal for a business to choose a company that can hold most meetings in person. This ensures that information, reviews, and special requests are communicated effectively, fostering a better understanding between the business and the development team.

  1. Customer Dealing:

Finally, assessing the customer dealings of a Salesforce development company is critical. If the developers are easy to communicate with, professional, understand client requests, and follow through on their commitments, the overall Salesforce development process is more likely to be smooth. Good communication and professionalism contribute significantly to the success of the collaboration.

  1. Evaluate Their Approach:

When choosing a Salesforce development company, it’s essential to go for one that has a clear and effective way of handling projects, communicating with clients, and ensuring quality. Ask them how they handle projects – what approach do they use? They should give you a straightforward plan with details like timelines, milestones, and what they’ll deliver. A reliable company will keep you updated on your project’s progress, and you might want to know if they use any tools or packages (like Accelerators or Quickstart) to speed up their implementation process.

  1. Assess Their Support and Maintenance Services:

Getting Salesforce up and running is just the beginning. For continued success, you’ll need ongoing support and maintenance. A top-notch Salesforce development company doesn’t just set up the system but also provides support after the initial setup. Ask about the support packages they offer. How do they handle fixing issues? What kind of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) do they provide? This ensures that your Salesforce system keeps benefiting your business, and you have a reliable partner to reach out to when needed.

  1. Check Their Integration Capabilities:

Salesforce is a powerful tool, but it may not fulfill all your business needs. Connecting it with other systems like marketing tools or accounting software is often necessary. It’s vital to check if the Salesforce development company has experience integrating these multiple systems. Ask about their past work with systems you use. A valuable partner not only possesses the capability but also guides you on ideal integration strategies, preventing issues like data synchronization problems.

  1. Look for a Long-Term Partnership:

Ensuring your Salesforce system’s continued success goes beyond the initial setup. A reliable Salesforce development company offers ongoing support and maintenance. Inquire about their support packages, issue resolution processes, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This ensures your Salesforce system consistently adds value to your business, with a dependable partner to address any needs that may arise.

What Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Salesforce Development Company

When bringing on a Salesforce development partner, it’s crucial to ask the right questions to find the ideal fit for your business. Consider:


  • How long have you been working with Salesforce?
  • Can you showcase the projects you’ve worked on with your clients?
  • In your previous Salesforce development experiences, what challenges did you encounter, and how did you navigate through them?
  • What would be your approach to wrapping up a project we’re currently engaged in?
  • What draws you to work with our company?
  • What distinguishes your skills from other Salesforce developers?
  • How do you envision contributing to our team and business values?
  • In your view, what are the critical aspects of Salesforce development?
  • Provide a self-assessment of your Salesforce development expertise and elaborate on your rating.


Asking these questions helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s experience, skills, and approach to Salesforce development, aiding in making informed hiring decisions.

Where to Find Reliable Salesforce Development Companies ?

  1. Toptal:

Toptal stands out for hosting top-tier Salesforce professionals, with only the top 3 percent passing their rigorous vetting process. The platform offers an efficient hiring process, a trial period, and cost-effectiveness. Their certified developers bring years of Salesforce expertise to the table.

  1. Upwork:

Upwork is a popular job board where you can hire Salesforce freelancers of various skill levels. With options like Upwork Pro or Enterprise for experienced developers, it caters to diverse needs. While not entirely free, its standard service is recommended for individual hires.

  1. Guru:

Guru attracts companies worldwide with its flexible payment system and simplified hiring process. It’s a go-to platform to hire dedicated Salesforce developers, offering a range of freelancers, including agencies specializing as Salesforce consultants. The platform’s tools aid in selecting the right fit for your project.

  1. Qubit Labs:

Qubit Labs, based in Ukraine, facilitates building a Salesforce development team. Ideal for long-term engagements, it allows you to create an offshore development center with various specialists. Qubit Labs offers flexibility, efficient team assembly, and cost-effectiveness for CRM solutions.

  1. Freelancer:

Freelancer is a quick solution for tight deadlines, offering instant project initiation. With features like live chat, time tracking, and a mobile app, communication with Salesforce developers is seamless. It’s a free platform with affordable options for expert selection, providing reliable support throughout the process.


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In the comprehensive guide for 2024, we have found about the surging demand for Salesforce skills, presenting numerous opportunities for Salesforce Developers and professionals in the field. The flourishing Salesforce job market and the integral roles within a Salesforce project team were explored. 


We highlighted the reasons behind the escalating demand for Salesforce skills, emphasizing the crucial contribution of Salesforce consultants in successful implementation. The essential qualities to seek in a Salesforce Developer were discussed, underlining the contemporary demand for Salesforce app development and related skills. As businesses increasingly recognize the significance of Salesforce, the guide provides a roadmap for making informed decisions in hiring Salesforce development services.


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