EA Sports FC 24 Mega Squad Builder In 2023

Become a Pro with the Right FC 24 Squad Builder Settings

If you’re already familiar with the options you get from the EA Sports FC 24 Formation tools, the next “teachings” will help your game even more. Inside multiple menus, you can have more control over your squad. When mixing things up with an FC 24 Squad Builder, you might want to extend the coaching for better results.


Many of the FUT 24 good players tend to use the options that you’ll learn from this article. For example, you can move some players around the field without pausing the match. Hence, you could surprise your opponent when an additional attacker/defender appears on your side of the pitch.


Remember that these tactics are just the tip of the iceberg. Your abilities and the players in your club will always create an impact. Still, learning these options will give you that extra push when you’re moving through the FUT Champions mode.

FC 24 Squad Builder

You can find multiple tools from around the Internet that aim to improve your squad. One of these helpful websites is the EA FC 24 Squad Builder (from futbin).


After you load the page, you’ll find the same UI (user interface) stuff from EA Sports FC 24 Formation settings. Inside the place, you can change the tactics and add any card from the player base. You can use this tool without needing to load the video game.


When you pick the desired formation and fill the slots with the cards you want, the FC 24 Squad Builder will give you more information. You’ll see the overall chemistry and how many coins you’ll need to buy the players. Indeed, you can get different shortcuts when you Buy Now from U7BUY.

Custom Tactics

You can improve your EA Sports FC 24 Formations with additional settings:

  • Player Instructions: You can become more “personal” after you give direct commands to a single position. For example, you could instruct your CDM to stay behind even on the attack. In other words, they transform into additional defenders and will block any possible counter-attack. The drawback is the lack of attackers when you get ball possession.
  • Defensive Tactics: Inside these options, you can move the defensive style and how “deep” they position themselves on the field. If they are too close to the goalkeeper, the defenders will try to block as many shots as possible. The drawback becomes more visible when you give freedom to the attacker’s movements.
  • Offensive Tactics: The last part sets more rules for the attacking strategy. You can set how the attackers move for a possible pass. For example, they might run as fast as possible to catch a ball that comes to them from the air.

Mixing the Custom Tactics

After all that info, you can find even more additional settings that help enhance your squad. Inside Custom Tactics, you can “Edit Game Plans.” You can pick a different option (defending/attacking) and change the formation and Custom Tactics again. As a result, you can change all these presets three or even five times.


With the aid of your D-Pad, you can move your players around and change the game plan.  

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