Cutting and Grinding techniques: Tips for Precision with a 9-inch Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are a great piece of machinery used in construction and metalworking for carrying out several tasks. For instance, cutting, grinding and polishing are its main uses. However, for achieving precision with angle grinders it is recommended to purchase one from a reliable company. Daewoo power products are a place where you’ll find high quality unmatchable power products for your professional and domestic use. Therefore, in this article we will discuss angle grinders and every topic related to it will be covered.

What is the purpose of the Daewoo power products grinding machine?

Mainly grinders are used to provide finishing to rough surfaces. The initial shaping and surfacing of surfaces is its basic task.

However, lets have a detailed look at the uses of angle grinders:

Remove paint:

Without damaging the metal, an angle grinder can remove paint from your metal object. It does not hurt the original surface instead it gently removes the paint.

Rust removal:

Metal objects often get rusted, therefore, angle grinder is a perfect tool to remove rust without damaging the metal surface.

Cutting ceramic tiles:

The ceramic tiles are cut using an angle grinder. It provides a neat and clean finishing to it and make its edges smooth.

How can I precisely cut using an angle grinder?

Using a powered tool is not a piece of cake. To achieve accurate results one must know how to operate it correctly, otherwise the desired results will not be achieved.

Therefore, the precision grinding tips are mentioned below so that you achieve a smooth edge when you cut a metal object.

Safety measures:

When you use any tool, it is crucial that you follow the safety tips. The 9-inch angle grinder safety measures include:

  • Wearing proper personal protective equipment.
  • The protective equipment includes:
  • Face shield
  • Glasses to protect eyes
  • Safety gloves
  • Some people recommend wearing a safety helmet and a suit as well.

Apart from these, the operator must understand the features of the tool well and must be well aware of emergency shutdown.

Figure out the programming of the tool:

For optimal results in grinding applications, it is important to have a thorough understanding of its programs and settings. You must know how to control it to achieve desired results. When you know how to operate the tool accurately you’ll be able to get the depth of cuts and a proper finishing to your metal piece.

Select the right grinding wheel:

For precise results, you must select the right size of the grinding wheel. The grinding wheel must be selected according to the task that you require to be done. Understand the different sizes of the wheels and select the one depending on the task you plan to do.

Cutting techniques with angle grinders:

These are a few cutting techniques you need to follow:

Avoid pushing too hard: It is a misconception that pushing hard against the material the grinding wheel will perform better. However, pushing too hard will damage the grinding wheel and cause friction and heat which is not good for your machinery.

Proper angle: The correct angle at which the grinder should be used is 90 degree perpendicular to the surface of work. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve the desired results.

How to maintain an angle grinder?

Maintaining a power tool is important to increase its efficiency and the longevity of the tool.

Regular Care:

Before using the tool, regular care includes paying attention towards the cords and cables so that they are not folded or are damaged.

Weekly care:

Weekly care includes deep cleansing of the machine. Rinse the dust and grime off the grinder using a hose. However, do not use high pressure to wash the grinder as it may damage its internal parts.

Lastly, for precision in cutting using the grinder, make sure you follow the above-given tips and also read the users’ manual carefully.

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