Buying Indoor Playground Equipment? Things To Consider First

Playing games has been and always will be the favorite thing for kids. And indoor playgrounds are an ideal place to give your little ones something fun to do. Not only do these indoor playgrounds provide hours of entertainment, but they also have a huge effect on children’s physical, social, and problem-solving skills.

Considering that, it’s no surprise that businesses are now actively investing in installing indoor fun zones that offer something extra to their customers or clients. Of course, when setting up such kinds of spaces, having good quality equipment is key.

So, before you dive into the fun of picking out the equipment, you first need to think about a few aspects to help you to choose great equipment for your business and the families who will use it.

Keep reading on to learn more about these factors.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Equipment For Your Indoor Family Fun Zone

Your Targeted Age Range

When designing your playground, the targeted age range of children playing is the first thing to consider. Not all playground equipment works for every age group. To ensure your playground will be used safely, effectively, and for its intended purpose, it needs to be tailored to the targeted age range of children using it.

For instance, if a child is too young for certain equipment, it can be dangerous and difficult to maneuver, which could lead to longer-term negative behavior and safety issues. At the same time, investing in age-inappropriate equipment may cause it to become an underused part of the playground, representing an unnecessary expense.

To ensure you have chosen wisely, research your little visitors’ ages and developmental stages ahead of time so you can create a safe yet enjoyable environment.

Size Of Your Playground Equipment And The Available Space

When buying the best indoor playground equipment for your commercial business, it can be tempting to go big since they offer the most utility. However, you need to make sure that there is enough space available on your premises to place the play structures. If you purchase too large equipment, where will you fit them? Moreover, not only could this lead to the congestion of your center, but potential accidents between children, their parents, and workers by tripping with the equipment.

To avoid an overload in your facility, it’s best to evaluate your available space and ensure it accommodates the size of the indoor play structures for sale. That way, all pieces of commercial playground equipment will fit without any risk or danger involved.

Consider What Types Of Activities You Want To Introduce

Playgrounds provide an excellent opportunity to introduce various activities tailored to the business’s particular needs and the children who will use them. For businesses focused on recreational activities, options like Ninja Obstacle Courses, dodgeball, and trampolines help kids associate movement with exercise and make playing more fun. Likewise, schools and daycare centers may prefer to provide more non-athletic items that promote imaginative play, like colorful play spaces designed for toddlers.

Indoor Playground

Ultimately, there are plenty of activities you can introduce regardless of the size of your playground area – so don’t let such limitations stop you from providing a stimulating environment for kids!

Your Budget

Researching playground sets and equipment for your indoor playground can be exciting, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be mindful of your budget. When looking through the vast array of options available, it can be helpful to scout out the more economical yet still quality pieces before diving into the pricier choices. Knowing your budgetary bounds in advance will be beneficial when looking at total cost estimates and will prevent any unnecessary buying surprises.

If immediate costs are too high, consider asking about financing options to lower upfront costs and help you distribute the payments over time. Or, you could always add equipment over time, expanding your playground as your business grows.

Check If The Equipment Meets The Safety Standards

Because youngsters are full of energy, they will probably be injured while playing on a playground. In fact, statistics show that over 200,000 children under the age of 14 receive treatment for playground-related injuries each year in the US. And while playground-related injuries can’t be completely avoided, a few safety precautions can reduce the rate somewhat.

Some potential safety tips include:

  • Ensure the playground equipment is correctly installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Check for any potentially dangerous objects nearby that a child could come across or injure themselves on.
  • Staff guidance or signage to remind parents or caretakers to watch the kids while using the equipment.


The decision to buy indoor playground equipment is not one that you should make overnight and rush to a playground equipment manufacturer the following day. You must consider several important factors and choose the right playground equipment for your needs to give kids an amazing indoor play experience.

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