Best NEMT Software With Latest Key Features – Dispatch, Auto Scheduling & Billing

Are you looking for efficient and timely transportation services for patients? Discover the Best NEMT Software Features, where Patients who face a hard time traveling and scheduling appointments will get auto appointment Scheduling, Real-time GPS Tracking, Route Optimization, and billing.

The Efficiency of No# 1 NEMT Software

RoutingBox, the best NEMT (Non-emergency Medical Transport) Software, has enhanced patient experience. Their reliable solutions for those requiring transportation for medical appointments, patient safety, and auto-scheduling have contributed to time and cost savings.

RoutingBox – Four NEMT Applications.

RoutingBox has four medical Apps that will cater to different aspects of NEMT Software:

  1. Desktop App
  2. Driver App
  3. Passenger App
  4. Booking Portal

Desktop App:

This desktop application will simplify

  • Patient appointment scheduling
  • Billing
  • Daily tasks. 
  • Route optimization
  • dispatching
  • Driver tracking
  • Vehicle location tracking 
  • Vehicle safety checklist.

Driver App:

This application will help build a connection between the dispatcher and the driver, such as:

  • That will provide live updates and information to the dispatcher. 
  • Show trip status.
  • Gives interactive driver past activities. 
  • Provide step-by-step directions and an e-signature service that allows faster payment processing.

Passenger App:

Passenger Apps will help improve the traveling experience. This application will provide different services for patients, such as

  • Trip alerts
  • GPS tracking
  • Trip reminders
  • Easy scheduling options.

Booking App:

This booking app helps provide you with a platform from where you can easily book your trip as per your needs. This application does not require calling to book your trip. You can easily do it by choosing your trip as per your needs. 

Unmatched Features of RoutingBox

Following are the multiple features of RoutingBox Exception features that will ensure accuracy and efficiency. These features are the reason why it is considered the best NEMT software. It provides patients with maximum ease.

Smooth Integration with brokers

This NEMT software allows trip updates and payment processes by integration with regional and national brokers. For those who are without brokers, RoutingBox provides connections with over 50 brokers (Regional and National). However, this will make your experience better.

Route Optimization

This top industry-leading tool enables NEMT to accommodate trips with fewer vehicles, maximize fleet usage, and minimize miles. This feature will save time by 

  • Reducing labor hours, 
  • Reduce costs
  • Improving customer service.

All these factors help optimize your route and therefore, provide a better travelling experience. 

Live Location Tracking

The Patient can track the location of the vehicle and driver. It also provides the following services, such as

  • Efficient scheduling 
  • Secondly, good management of patient trips.
  • Additionally, this tracking system will allow visibility of the driver’s route and allow for scheduling. 
  • Similarly, It helps predict the driver’s arrival time and improves management. 
  • Furthermore, This service also enhances communication between the dispatcher and the driver.

Trip Importer Service

If you get trips from another electronic source, use RoutingBox Trip Importer to shift your trip into NEMT software. Therefore, they also validate the address so that the driver reaches the right place. 

Quick Assign 

How far is your driver from completing their next trip? This NEMT feature allows instant tracking of the driver’s location. Additionally, they help track the driver’s progress and payment. Correspondingly, this service will also help provide accurate information that will save time.

Customize Your Dispatch Screen

RoutingBox will make it easy to customize your Dispatch screen according to your liking. That allows you to keep your display color scheme and layout option. In summary, you can customize your screen according to your likes. Also, this will help display the amount of information that you need. This feature will customize your screen just how you like to see it. 

SMS Reminder Service

Do you have an issue forgetting your upcoming trips? And you are thinking of having a reminder? This RoutingBox software feature helps send a notification to patients for their upcoming trip via SMS. This will generally allow patients to get alert for their trip. Also, this can help the client make changes if needed. 

Audit trail

Do you want to know who made changes to your account? Surprisingly, RoutingBox will provide you with complete visibility of the changes made in the record or the upcoming trip. You can easily make changes in the data according to your requirements. However, this service will help build a record free from errors.

Personalized Services

This NEMT software will help you provide the customized services that you need. For example, if the patient uses a wheelchair, the vehicle that will pick up the client has a ramp. Identically, This service will help them avoid them to get up from their wheelchair. Additionally, they provide medical equipment such as Oxygen tanks if the patients need it. In summary, these personalized services depend on the medical condition. Furthermore, they can get additional equipment if the patients need it on the spot.

Electronic Medical Records ( EHRs)

EHRs (Electronic Medical Records) make it easy for NEMT software to access client’s Medical Records for an easy booking process. However, this access will help NEMT providers to book your appointment according to your medical records. Other than that, EHRs stay in touch with your healthcare professionals. That will make it easy for them to provide you with better transportation, according to your health condition.

User-friendly Application

There are times when it is hard to use any app. due to which you avoid using them. To solve this problem we made a user-friendly platform for you. This platform is very easy to use. Unlike other applications, this will allow you to schedule your trip easily. Although, you do not need to schedule it every time. They will auto-schedule it for you. And after that, send you a reminder. 

Take A Test Drive.

RoutingBox offers a Unique feature that will give you the best experience. Are you still wondering how it works? RoutingBox helps provide you with the demonstration where you can:

  1. First, navigate the overview of the software.
  2. Secondly, present how others have used unique features of RoutingBox to grow their business in the market.
  3. Thirdly, They will be given experience of how they can use these features.

This service will allow the client to experience the features of this software. And will make it easy for them to proceed.

To satisfy customer is an important factor for every business. Routing boss satisfy their clients by providing the top feature like no ther. They help them by providing a platform that is easy to use. Also, they have their medical records that will help schedule there trip for their customer. They keep their customer in loop by giving live tracking and sms reminders. Perosnalized services are provided to them. These services depends on the needs of patients. 


In conclusion, It’s hard for patients to travel to visit healthcare professionals. However, technology has a significant impact on Non-emergency Medical Transportation. Online booking, electronic health records, billing, etc, have made it easy for us to get health care services.  There are many NEMT software in which RoutingBox comes at the top. It provides multiple services, For example, auto-scheduling, route optimizing, billing, GPS tracking, and many personalized services. These Features made it the best NEMT software today. Therefore, their customer service made the lives of patients easy, by providing every possible personalized service to every patient as per their medical condition. Upgrade your non-emergency medical transportation services with the help of RoutingBox. This will give a reliable and efficient experience to patients undeniably. Patients will not no longer search for transport instead, they will get the services at their doorstep.


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