7 Tips For Sending Impactful Corporate Holiday Greetings

Since the holiday season is here, businesses have started to send out greetings to their employees and consumers.  

Though a simple and effective way to communicate with your circle of interest, some people struggle to relay their sentiments or wait too long to send out their greeting cards. 

This comprehensive guide is going to provide you with seven tips for sending corporate holiday greetings to avoid these problems and solidify your business relationships or expand your circle.


Nothing relays your personality and business image like a personalized holiday greeting.  

So, delight your corporate family with a business photo holiday cards featuring a picture of your employees showcasing your relationship with them or a handwritten note that reminisces your shared achievements.  

If you have time, try to opt for custom printed greetings and emboss your name along with your company’s name. But remember to personally address these cards to add a more intimate element to them.  

You can also decorate the cards with a fragrance, custom post stamps or wax seals with your monogram. 

Keeping in line with tailored messages, you can add a personal anecdote or reminiscence about the duration of your business relationships.  

If, in any case, you cannot personally customize all the greetings yourself, make an effort to at least include your signature to show your concern towards your corporate family. 

 Timely Greeting

All your efforts are going to be in vain if your greeting cards do not reach their destination in time for the holidays.  

Since the design market is going to be filled with rushed orders, even if you do get your order on time, you won’t be able to make any revisions or perform quality checks at the last moment. 

To ensure that your heartfelt wishes are sent to the recipients in an orderly manner, do not wait till the last moment to send out the cards. 

 Quality Wishes


The quality of your greeting cards portrays your values and commitment to maintaining healthy business relationships. Never opt for the cheapest option available, this might be translated as you are skimming on the gifting budget. 

Do not replace a traditional handwritten greeting card with an email or a social media post. A personalized premium greeting card is going to convey how much you care about your clients and colleagues. 

 Take a Secular Approach

Refrain your overtly hearty religious sentiments from impacting your business relationships. Some recipients may be of different faiths and beliefs and might get insulted or offended by a loud religious greeting. 

Apart from the content of the card also, refrain from using extremely bold and loud color schemes. It is better to choose a card with a secular and tasteful tone with generic holiday greetings that aptly convey your organization’s motive. 

 Say No to Promotion

Remember the obvious point of not marketing your products or services in any form in the content of the greeting cards. Many brands have flooded the market with discount vouchers or sale infographics in the form of greeting cards. 

Distinguish your organization from these cheap tactics and opt for a genuine, informal and thankful holiday greeting catered to your circle. This restraint is going to establish your brand’s classy image while creating a special emotional connection with your clients. 

 Stick to the Point

Common holiday greetings are lengthy paragraphs filled with generic greetings and tend to get tedious. Nobody reads the thorough content of those cards, as a recent study pointed out that the average span of attention of a normal human nowadays is 8 seconds. 

To reach the targeted audience with a substantially low attention span, digital marketing specialists use a term called “scannable.” In the context of a text, scannable refers to the ease of reading for the user without putting in much effort. 

You could make your text more scannable by highlighting keywords and opening with a personalized remark with exclamation points. Also, utilize a bullet list if you are listing any information.   

 Convey Your Message

Once you have stationed the premium quality cards with the right color scheme, the question remains about what message you want to deliver to your customers.  

You can write about your past relationships with your business associates and all the accomplishments you have achieved working together and promise a continuing mutually beneficial partnership.   


Greetings cards are not merely a formality, they are an opportunity to express yourself and connect with others. A personalized handwritten note is worth more than a mass-produced gift that does not symbolize any resemblance to your relationships. 

Keep the tradition of personalized greetings alive and connect with your clients and colleagues more intimately and informally. Remember these tips to wish a hearty holiday greeting to your corporate family that they are going to always remember. 


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