5 Ways to Secure Windows VPS Hosting

Securing your Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) in today’s digital landscape is paramount. As businesses and individuals rely on VPS for hosting websites, running applications, and storing data, ensuring the Security of your Windows VPS becomes crucial. Moreover, it is important to safeguard sensitive information, maintain uptime, and prevent unauthorized access.

Businesses and individuals who depend on Windows-based programs and websites must make a wise choice in a Windows VPS hosting provider. Renowned hosting firms like DedicatedCore and DomainRacer provide reliable options for Windows VPS hosting.

Securing your Windows VPS should be a top priority as cyber threats evolve. Implementing effective security measures can significantly reduce the risk of data breaches, unauthorized access, and potential downtime.

You can customize/managed hosting with cheap dedicated server India to get root setup & cpanel services. This article will explore five effective ways to secure your Windows VPS, providing you with the peace of mind and confidence to operate in a secure online environment.

5 Ways to Secure Windows VPS –

1.       Use Strong Passwords for Your Window Security

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to secure your Windows VPS is by using strong and unique passwords. Reputable hosting company DedicatedCore is well-known for providing dependable and potent Windows VPS hosting solutions.

A strong password should combine alphanumeric characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols.

Additionally, it is essential to avoid reusing passwords across multiple accounts. If one account gets compromised, the attacker won’t gain access to all your accounts. Consider using a reputable password manager to create and save your passwords safely.

2.     Enable Firewall Protection

Enabling and configuring a firewall is crucial for enhancing the Security of your Windows VPS. A firewall acts as a barrier between your server and potential threats from the internet.

Windows VPS comes with a built-in firewall, commonly known as Windows Firewall. DedicatedCore provides round-the-clock technical assistance to help clients with any problems or worries they might experience. They have a responsive customer service team by phone, email, or live chat.

Your resources may be scaled up or down as needed, guaranteeing flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Ensure the firewall is enabled and properly configured to allow necessary services while blocking unauthorized access. Regularly review and update firewall rules to adapt to your changing security requirements.

3.    Update Your Widow Regularly

Keeping your DedicatedCore Windows VPS up to date is essential for maintaining its Security. Microsoft regularly releases security patches and updates to address vulnerabilities and enhance the overall stability of the operating system. Enable automatic updates to ensure your VPS receives the latest security fixes promptly.

By neglecting regular updates, your Windows VPS becomes vulnerable to known security vulnerabilities, increasing the risk of exploitation by malicious actors. Best dedicated hosting provider has 99.99% server uptime in EU (Europe) with managed services.

DomainRacer uses cutting-edge technologies and SSD storage for Windows VPS hosting to deliver fast performance. This guarantees the best possible speed for websites and apps.

Always prioritize updating your server’s operating system, software, and applications to benefit from the latest security enhancements.

4.    Install Antivirus Software to Add Another layer of Security

Installing reliable antivirus software on your Windows VPS is crucial for detecting and preventing malware infections. Malicious software, such as viruses, worms, and trojans, can compromise the Security and stability of your VPS.

Choose a reputable antivirus solution that provides real-time scanning, automatic updates, and comprehensive malware detection and removal capabilities. Regularly scan your VPS for potential threats and ensure the antivirus software is current.

Moreover, you can also add another layer of Security by bastion hosts. A network’s bastion hosts are specialized computers set up and configured to fend against attacks. A bastion host’s purpose is to reduce the likelihood of penetration by preventing direct access to your server from the public network.

This provider known for top anti-DDoS protected VPS server hosting services from attacks. To lessen the risk to the computer, it often only hosts one program, such as a proxy server, and all other services are disabled or restricted. Access typically comes from unreliable computers or networks.

5.    Secure Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) provides a convenient way to remotely access your Windows VPS. However, it can also pose security risks if not properly configured. Hackers often target RDP vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to servers. The Windows VPS hosting packages from DomainRacer are made to meet the expanding demands of your company.

To secure RDP connections, consider the following measures:

  • Change the default RDP port to a non-standard port.
  • Disable or rename the Administrator account to reduce the risk of brute-force attacks.
  • Implement strong password policies for RDP users.
  • Use Network Level Authentication (NLA) for an additional layer of Security.

You can also use Intrusion Detection System for another layer of Security. A Windows Server’s intrusion detection system, or IDS, works like a burglar alarm. It keeps track of which files have been changed and when, and notifies you of any new modifications. This is important because binary program changes by hackers happen often. Use IDS to defend your server against such a threat.

By following these best practices, you can significantly enhance the Security of your RDP connections and protect your Windows VPS from potential threats.


Securing your Windows VPS is critical to protect your data, maintain uptime, and mitigate the risk of unauthorized access. By implementing the five strategies discussed in this article—using strong passwords, enabling firewall protection, regular updates, installing antivirus software, and securing RDP connections—you can establish a robust security foundation for your Windows VPS.

DedicatedCore and DomainRacer have built a solid reputation for their effectiveness and dedication to their clients. Their Window VPS hosting services are prioritized for dependability and speed, providing consumers with a seamless experience.

Before choosing, it is advised to do extensive research, read customer reviews, and consider your unique needs. Remember, cybersecurity is an ongoing process requiring proactive measures to stay ahead of evolving threats.

Stay informed about the latest security practices, educate your users, and regularly assess and update your security protocols to ensure the ongoing protection of your Windows VPS.

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