Why Is Xamarin A Suitable Choice For iOS App Development?

The cross-platform app development market is full of alternatives such as Firebase, Iconic, Android Studio, Corona SDK, Xamarin, and more making it challenging for anyone to choose the right one. 

Among all these competitors, Xamarin is favored by every top iOS development company. There must be some excellent reason for Xamarin being used by companies like Olo, Rumble, UPS, BBVA, Alaska airlines, Rovertown, Crowdkeep, and more. Data shows that approx 11 % of developers use Xamarin for app development globally.

So let’s find out the reasons for its popularity. 

What Is Xamarin?

It provides a single code base that can be used to create native user interfaces and access platform-specific APIs. Moreover, it allows sharing of code and logic across multiple platforms. This helps to save time and effort in the development process, as well as reduce the cost of creating and maintaining separate codebases for each platform.

It is an open-source framework that was initially developed by the company Xamarin (now owned by Microsoft) in 2011. Xamarin uses the native APIs of the iOS and Android platforms, allowing developers to access the full range of features and capabilities of each platform. This results in apps that have the same performance and look and feel as apps developed using native platform languages, such as Swift or Java.

What Is The Best Use Of Xamarin?

A Web development company and other IT professionals use Xamarin for a wide range of businesses, from small startups to large enterprises, to create mobile apps for multiple platforms. Its ability to share code across multiple platforms and its use of native APIs makes it an attractive option for developers looking to create high-performing, feature-rich mobile apps.

Cross-Platform App Development

Xamarin allows developers to write code once and run it on multiple platforms, reducing development time and cost.

Native App Development

Xamarin provides the ability to access platform-specific APIs, creating a native look and feel for each platform.

Enterprise App Development

Xamarin integrates with Microsoft technologies such as .NET, Azure, and Visual Studio, making it a good option for enterprise app development.

Line-Of-Business (LOB) Apps

Xamarin is ideal for developing LOB apps that require access to device-specific features, such as a camera, accelerometer, and GPS.

Prototyping And MVP Development

Xamarin provides a fast and easy way to prototype and build minimum viable products (MVPs) for multi-platform app ideas.

Why Is Xamarin Best For iOS App Development?

Shared Codebase

Developers may save the time spent on coding by up to 30% per app by creating an app just once and then reusing parts of the code in other applications. It is among the top benefits of using Xamarin and adds up to enormous savings over time.

Native Performance

Xamarin uses the native APIs of the iOS platform, allowing developers to access the full range of iOS features and capabilities. This results in apps that have the same performance and look and feel as apps developed using Swift or Objective-C.

Access To A Large Developer Community

Xamarin has a large and active developer community, which provides developers with access to a wealth of resources, including tutorials, sample code, and third-party libraries.

Microsoft-owned Xamarin receives constant support. It implies that there is not any delay in updates or enhancements to Xamarin’s language libraries. Microsoft’s global network of engineers and developers provides high-quality documentation and support. 

Integration With Visual Studio

Xamarin integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio, Microsoft’s integrated development environment (IDE). This allows developers to use a familiar development environment, making it easier for them to write, test, and debug code.

High Emphasis On Data Security

Developing safe mobile apps is one of Xamarin’s core features. All applications developed by an iOS app development company using Xamarin are encrypted and stored on a highly secure server. 

Only you and the people for whom they were designed may access them. Instead of having to keep track of user rights or hardware capabilities across many platforms, developers can concentrate more on new features, design elements, and enhancements thanks to Xamarin’s handling of the bulk of the data retrieval and storage work.

Cost-effective Due To Open Source

Xamarin offers a cost-effective solution for cross-platform app development, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. There is no need to pay a license fee for using the platform. 


In summary, Xamarin provides a powerful and flexible solution for iOS app development. Its ability to share code across multiple platforms makes it an excellent choice for developers looking to create high-performing, feature-rich iOS apps.

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