Why Are RAM Trackers Becoming So Popular?

In the modern age, many are reluctant to the idea of being tracked or followed. Besides, the term sends Orwellian shivers down several spines, persuading half-hearted indications that someone is watching. However, the truth is anyone with a smartphone or fleet operation business worldwide is already being tracked. 


On the other hand, the type of tracking system that’s more prevalent in the auto industry is relatively less invasive and can prove to be a helpful accountability tool in the professional and personal lives of various consumers. Before delving deep into the text, let’s understand how trackers work and who’s on the forefront.

Vehicle Tracking System

Primarily, this technology comprises installing a discrete device in a fleet. Post installation, the device provides data about the vehicle’s location and whereabouts at regular intervals. In addition, a few devices can also track in real-time as far as they are connected to the internet.

Vehicle tracking units can be maneuvered from vehicle to vehicle with the utmost ease, making investing in a high-quality, single device palatable. To add more, the advancement of tracking technology and the increasing ease of virtual integration have made the vehicle tracking system more effective and attractive in recent times. 

Market analysis

The rise of GPS and fleet tracking units has been nothing less significant in the 21st century. Earlier, the GPS tracking device industry was close to beating the mark of USD 2.20 billion in 2021. Additionally, it’s expected to index a revenue CAGR of approximately 12.3% within the following forecast period. Suppose you wish to know what drives its numbers. In that case, there are factors like the demand for IoT and cloud technology, growing usage of digital maps, increasing commercial car sales, and upgrades of software utilized in GPS tracking units.

Talking about its relevance and productivity, this technology has become an authoritative element of modern life, where GPS tracking units are the core of every vehicle monitoring system. Such a system comprises a satellite network to determine an object’s position. Wondering what has contributed more towards the popularity of tracking devices? IoT! Its revolutionary concept has influenced every walk of life. In the modern age, it’s possible to implant trackers, common objects, sensors with network access, and electronics to make them smart. 

How do tracking solutions benefit?


In transportation and logistics, tracking technology is more than just an electrical unit to assist drivers in navigating the course. With the inception of mobile technology and applications for logistical solutions, GPS has entirely revolutionized the transport industry. Nowadays, there are experienced developers for system-driven applications, offering stable GPS tracking software and servers. 


This consists of multiple productive tools for individuals and businesses with regard to their customer requirements. These tools help locate a fleet’s whereabouts, plan a driver’s task and manage expenses at their fingertips. Such attributes are essential to run a seamless transportation and logistics company. 

Edge over your competitors

One can save a significant amount of time in decision-making post-installation because of accessible statistics. If you own a fleet management company, it is fundamental to have prior knowledge of every vehicle’s location. Moreover, the software enables you to check the directional movement addressed by the fleet.

In addition, tracking systems can keep track of the ignition status, direction, speed, engine start-up, shutdown, and idling status. Ultimately, in times of theft, such tracking software can prove to be momentous. The factors driving these tracking systems’ popularity can go on forever. So, if you’re seeking the best for your business, the RAM Tracking vehicle tracker is the answer. But why them to begin with?

Let’s discuss what makes RAM Tracking ideal.

Why Is RAM Tracking The Best?


A Seamless Software


RAM’s software gives you access to a map view of the fleet’s drivers, their status, and the data needed to boost your business’ efficiency. Consumers can save £71 per vehicle weekly through their tracking services.

Trouble-Free Reports


Automated software implies less paperwork and admin and reams. RAM Tracking’s easy-to-read reports are customizable and can be stored easily. 


Enormous coverage means staying ahead with your fleet management. RAM Tracking’s fleet management system allows you to track vehicles irrespective of their position, with a complete Europe-wide range.

Flawless Solutions

The disposal of award-winning service experts and a half-an-hour installation make the entire integration process seamless and flawless. 

The introduction of Webhooks – Ram Tracking

In Jan 2023, RAM Tracking also introduced a robust new feature – Webhooks. With such a feature, a user can trigger actions and automate tasks in various systems based on specific events happening in RAM tracking in real time. To understand the feature, here’s some valuable information you must know.

  • Send notifications to customers whenever their fleet arrives.
  • Update customers’ account balances after completing a delivery. 
  • Send alerts to support teams whenever the fleet vehicle crosses the defined speed limit. 
  • Send notifications upon every vehicle’s arrival at locations such as delivery destinations or warehouses. 
  • Update a consumer’s account balance whenever a delivery is concluded. Webhooks trigger API calls to its billing system.
  • Send frequent alerts to the maintenance team whenever the fleet crosses the speed limit to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. 
  • Send recurring notifications to a security team. This occurs when the fleet or vehicles enter any restricted area, like a secure facility or a gated community. 
  • Send invoices automatically to a consumer through webhooks’ API calls.

Preloaded Geofences

If webhooks weren’t enough, RAM Tracking also topped their feature list with preloaded geofences to maneuver ULEZs and Congestion Zones. Preloaded geofences will include the following:


  • Dartford Crossing
  • Ontario 407 Toll Road (Canada)
  • Bath CAZ
  • London Congestion Zone & ULEZ
  • Birmingham CAZ
  • Oxford LEZ
  • Portsmouth LEZ
  • M6 Toll

If you’re confused, you can run these reports on Congestion Zone activities for the fleet through the history report section of your RAM product. 

The Bottom Line


Apart from every major advantage of a tracking system, it can enhance the profitability and productivity of a fleet management company. Investing in a multipurpose, unique technology is considered a necessary and long-term investment. As a result, business owners can enhance their credibility by obtaining the correct data and information to impact their growth chart.

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