Who is Peter Artemiev? For their child’s birthday, Julia Fox’s ex-husband gets back together with her.


Julia Fox, actress and ex-girlfriend of Kanye West has apologized to her ex-husband Peter Artemiev after she slammed him in a series of posts on social media. The apology surprised all the social media users who had been following what she said about her ex-husband. Peter Artemiev and his wife recently reunited to celebrate their little one’s birthday. So who is the man, and what does he do? Give us all the information about him in this article.


Who is Peter Artemiev?

The information about Julia Fox’s ex-husband is still little. Private pilot Peter Artemiev is said to be stationed in Brooklyn. He married the model and actress in November 2018 after dating for a month. However, they split two years later, in March 2019.

Not much is known about her ex-husband except that he’s a devil worshipper. In one of her Instagram stories, she shared photos of him accompanied by a caption saying, “Have you seen this deadbeat dad?”


Early Life of Peter Artemiev 

The birth date of Peter remains unknown. The pilot was born to an all-American family sometime in 1987 in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, US.Peter is interestingly of Italian-American ethnicity because his family is Italian-American.

Peter was born and raised in a happy family. He decided to be a pilot in his early childhood and attended the local high school for his primary education. He then enrolled in a university and did rigorous training to become a pilot. Working hard and training under the guidance of professional pilots, Peter made it abroad, where he worked hard at this career until finally becoming successful and landing a job as a pilot in the airline industry.

Peter is a successful private pilot, investor, and entrepreneur. He was trained as a pilot in the United States before becoming a private pilot. He has also been an investor and entrepreneur, investing in multiple businesses such as clothing labels made by his ex-wife. His real estate business includes multiple properties in the United States of America.

Details about Peter’s Relationship with Julia Fox

Julia’s wedding was a hilarious revelation. She revealed that she and her husband, Peter, married at a little white chapel in Las Vegas on New Year’s Day. Julia wore a cowgirl costume for the big day, and the whole thing seemed like an instant hit for their guests.

When Did the Couple Break up?

Rumors of a breakup between Juli and Adam started circulating online in 2020 when the couple deleted their photos from their official Instagram accounts.

Julia Dated Kanye West

Kanye West is an American musician, producer, and entrepreneur. He is best known for his work on the album The College Dropout (2004) and its single “Jesus Walks.”

Kanye West has been married to reality TV personality Kim Kardashian since 2014. He has two children with her: North (born in June 2013) and Saint (born in September 2015).

When Peter accepted Julia’s apology for her remarks

After Julia Fox apologized to Peter Artemiev and his family, she also apologized for her comments about him.

Peter is the father of my Son, and they have been very supportive in all ways possible. They are wonderful people who deserve much more than some random person saying mean things about them online,” she said in an Instagram post on Monday night (July 23). “

Julia and Peter have a Baby Son.

Peter Artemiev and Julia Fox have a baby son, Valentino. He was born in January in Los Angeles, California.

The couple’s relationship began when they met in 2012 at a charity event where they competed against each other to win 20 million dollars from an oil tycoon who had donated his fortune to charity. The two continued dating after this initial meeting and eventually married on December 31, 2013, at their home in Malibu with close friends as well as a family present, including Peter’s younger sister Tatiana as well as his mother Galina Artemieva who came along with them on their honeymoon cruise around Europe that year where they also visited Moscow Russia before returning home again – this time with their new addition!

What is Peter Artemiev’s Net Worth?

Peter Artemiev is a private pilot with a net worth of $2 million over the years. He earns money through his job as well as other businesses of investment and entrepreneurship.


Julia Fox and Peter Artemiev are now divorced but still close. They have a child together, Valentino. The two of them will be able to co-parent their Son until he becomes old enough to take care of himself.

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