What Happened with Haley Arnaz, Desi Arnaz Jr. And Amy Arnaz’s Daughter


Haley Arnaz is an American actress, model and singer. Her mother is Amy Arnaz, and her father is Desi Arnaz Jr. She was born in Hollywood, California, on April 27, 1983. Haley has been married to Ricky Martin since 2005; they have four children together – twin sons Rocco (né Raphael) and Roman (born December 25, 2010) and daughters Victoria Luna (born October 17, 2013) and Valentina “Vallie” Maria (born August 28, 2017).

Who Is Her Biological Father?

Haley Arnaz is the biological daughter of Desi Arnaz Jr., the second husband of Lucille Ball (who played his mother on I Love Lucy).

She was born to Tony Bennet, who would later become a husband and father himself (to two kids). He also co-wrote some songs with Phil Ochs and performed with Joan Baez before settling in Los Angeles, where he became an actor/screenwriter/director.

Desi Jr.’s first marriage ended in divorce when he walked away from his wife for actress-turned-actress Lucille Ball after a few years together; she had just gotten pregnant with their son Desiderio (aka Ricky Ricardo). The couple divorced in 1960 but remained close until their deaths decades later—even though there were rumours about them being romantically involved for many years after that split up!

Does Haley Have Any Siblings?

Does Haley Have Any Siblings?

Haley has one half-brother, Luca Cruz. He is the son of Desi Arnaz Jr and Romy Diaz. He was born on September 22, 1996, in Los Angeles County, California, USA.

Haley also has two full siblings, Desi Arnaz IV and Deidre Arnaz, who were both born as well (in 1974).

What Is Haley Arnaz Up To These Days?

Haley Arnaz is a model and actress in a few movies and TV shows. She is married to Ricky Martin, who was also born in Puerto Rico.

The daughter of Desi Arnaz Jr., Amy Arnaz, and Desi Sr., Haley was raised in New York City by her mother after the family moved there when she was young (they had previously lived in Los Angeles). Her father died shortly after leaving office as governor of California during the 1982-83 term; he died due to complications related to cancer at age 58 on December 24 1983—the same year his wife passed away from ovarian cancer on January 16 1984, at age 61!

Married To Actor Ricky Martin

Haley and Ricky met in 2009 at the Golden Globe Awards. They were married in 2010 and had a daughter, Valentina, in 2012.

Ricky is a singer and actor. He was born to Cuban parents but had been living in Spain since he was nine years old because of his father’s work as an architect there. He also has another child from a previous relationship with another woman named Juan Miguel Fernandez; they divorced in 2013 after nine years together, during which time they had two children together—José Miguel (born 2001) and Victoria Eugenia (born 2002).

Divorced From Journalist And Author Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett and Haley Arnaz were married in 1992 and divorced in 1995. She was born on January 21, 1965, and is the daughter of actress Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz Jr.

Married To Producer Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana is a musician, producer, and the lead singer of the band Santana, along with Gregg Rolie. He is also an American of Mexican descent. He was born in Autlán de Navarro, Jalisco, Mexico on December 6th 1948.

Carlos Santana was married twice: first to Deborah Bernárdez (a former model) from 1973 until their divorce in 1975, then again four years later to Maria del Mar Bonet (a Spanish actress).

Remarried With Four Children

Haley has four children, three of which she shares with her ex-husband. She is married to Carlos Santana, and they have been together since 1989. They have one daughter named Arona Elena, born in 1992 and another daughter named Samet Carlos, born in 1998. Finally, there’s Amara Lea, who was born in 2003 and Selah Louise, who arrived on November 17 2017

Haley’s Mother, Amy Passed Away In 2015

After Amy passed away, Desi Jr. married his second wife, Virginia Marie Beechey. They had two children together: Desi Arnaz III and Lilian Garcia. However, the marriage did not last, as Virginia died of heart disease three years after marrying him in 1967.

After this tragedy happened in 1967, Haley began appearing on TV shows like “Gilligan’s Island” and “I Dream Of Jeannie,” where she played one of the leads alongside Larry Hagman (who would later become famous for playing Jamey Giddens on Dallas).

Desi Jr and Amy Arnaz were married in 1987

Desi Jr and Amy Arnaz were married in 1987. They divorced in 1995, but they had one daughter together: Haley Arnaz.

Haley’s father is Desi Jr., and his mother was his first wife, who died of cancer when he was 13. After their divorce, the two remained close friends until his death five years later at age 50; at that point, she moved into her father’s house with her children (and never left).


Haley Arnaz, Desi Jr and Amy Arnaz are a family full of love and happiness. They have been through so much together, yet they still find ways to make each other laugh. You can follow Haley’s journey on Instagram at @haleyarnaz.

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