Top 8 Reasons for Moving to Boston in 2022

Boston is considered one of the most significant locations in the USA. The city is known for its drive, ambition, and stellar growth over the years. Are you considering moving to Boston for work or other pursuits? If the answer is yes, then you are in for luck!

Boston is one of the foremost business and commercial hubs in the USA, meaning that it hosts business travelers and corporates in large numbers every year.

At the same time, it has its fair share of educational institutions and landmarks which keep leisure travelers and students coming. There are several compelling reasons for moving to Boston, including the city’s healthcare system, educational prowess, and overall governance.

However, you should take a closer look at these aspects before deciding to switch toward being a permanent resident.

Here’s taking a look at the top reasons for moving to Boston:

1. Exceptional Health Care System

People from around the world move to Boston for its superior healthcare system.  Boston’s highly structured and advanced healthcare system attracts people for better treatments. The city has various high-ranked hospitals, such as the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, and many more. This is one of the biggest reasons to move to Boston if you are worried about your health. You will never have to worry about access to quality healthcare again. There are top hospitals almost everywhere, and you will appreciate the emphasis the city and its authorities placed on this department.

2. Higher Education

Boston has more than 40 colleges and universities where students can pursue their higher education degrees and complete graduation. The city has a high number of international students as well. It is known for its academic prowess and its penchant for teaching and research.

The quality of its education system is another one of the reasons to move to Boston, particularly if you are looking for future opportunities in your chosen sphere. Studying here is favorable for future academic, research, tech, and career prospects. The high-ranked institutions draw students in large numbers every year. Talk about living in a city that’s part of the educational elite. Sounds good.

3. A Major Transportation Hub

Many people consider moving to Boston from other parts of the country due to its transportation network. Boston has one of the nation’s largest airports, the Logan International Airport. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, or “T,” offers residents local train, bus, and subway facilities. Getting around is always accessible in the city, which is why many people have ditched their vehicles for daily commutes. This is something that you can also follow. Get rid of plans to hire rental cars initially and try to use public transportation. It will save you gasoline money that you can use for other pursuits.

4. Paradise for Foodies

Boston has various world-class restaurants offering a mélange of local and global flavors. In the greater area of Boston, people can find Korean eateries. You will get Latin American and Italian fare in the central, eastern, and northern ends.

Boston is a sheer paradise for foodies, with its culinary diversity. You will also find many furnished apartments in Boston near famous restaurants here. The city offers almost every type of cuisine you can think of or desire. Hence, shifting to Boston is a no-brainer for those who love their food and variety above all else.

5. Sports-Oriented Lifestyle

People around the world love to enjoy sports and cheer for their teams. In Boston, sports dominate lifestyles. It is the City of Champions, with plenty of live sporting action, major events, competitions, outdoorsy lifestyles, and some major cheering for the big teams here- you get the drift! If you are into sporting activities, you will find plenty to keep you occupied throughout the year.

6. Multicultural Environment

Boston is one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural cities in the country. Diverse cuisines, cultures, and languages combine to lend Boston a special flavor of its own. This is one of the biggest reasons for moving to Boston, since people feel more welcomed and comfortable amidst a multicultural community. You will never feel like an outsider in this city, with its cosmopolitan vibes.

7. Walkable City

Boston is considered one of the significant walkable cities, and it is also considered the third most walkable city in the world. The city is just behind San Francisco and New York City in this department. It has various green zones where nature blooms, with splendid views. The city has various trails like the Freedom Trail, Kennedy Greenway, and Harbor Walk. It has one of the very first public parks in America as well. You can walk around whenever you have some time in hand. Taking in the city and its sights were never easier!

8. Technological Prowess

Boston is considered the birth city of the American Revolution. The city has renowned universities such as Harvard and MIT, which have contributed to the sheer technological prowess over the years, especially by producing several pioneering graduates. Many renowned companies like Hubspot, Google, Wayfair, and others have offices here. Technology is an integral part of the culture of Boston, something that significantly adds to its overall appeal. Boston is an excellent proposition for those into sports, technology, food, and vibrant lifestyles. It offers a great quality of life and access to excellent education and healthcare systems. These are some compelling reasons for people to make the shift. If you plan to settle here temporarily, check out short-term accommodations like furnished and serviced apartments in Boston. They will ease you into the city, and you do not have to worry about buying/renting furniture, deposits, maintenance, and other hassles. Just start living in Boston and get accustomed to the city.

After moving to Boston, you can make plans later on!

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