Top 7 Best Tools for Researchers for Writing PhD dissertation

Technology has revolutionized everything and brought ease and convenience to all walks of life. Similarly, the transformation in digital technologies has brought comfort to researchers. Research tools ease the research process and facilitate the researchers in writing PhD dissertation. Various research tools can help you in the dissertation writing process. Knowledge about the essential tools makes the research process efficient and helps write an outstanding dissertation. This article will tell you about the best tools that you can use for writing PhD dissertation.

What are the 7 best tools for researchers for writing PhD dissertation?

Here are the seven best tools for researchers for writing PhD dissertation:

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is the topic choice of researchers for writing PhD dissertation. Google Scholar is an online search engine tool for tracking and retrieving scholarly sources for research. It is completely free, and all you have to do is log in with your Gmail account. It helps you find and retrieve research papers, books, reports, and magazine articles. You can use the following methods to find the relevant sources for your dissertation:

  • Enter the relevant keywords related to your topic in the search bar, and Google will fetch the most relevant research sources
  • You can also set the relevance by time, i.e., articles published in 2022, 2021, and so forth
  • Google Scholar also lets you set a custom range to specify the range of articles from a given period of time
  • You can use the sort by relevance and sort by date options to find the most relevant research sources

Past and Forward Bibliography Search

Dissertation writing requires a comprehensive literature review and specification of the research studies that are directly relevant to your subject area. Gap identification is paramount while writing PhD dissertation because otherwise, you will be shooting in the dark. Gap identification starts with reading the most relevant research paper in your field. It serves as a model research paper that helps you track the related studies in your subject area.  One of the primary features of Google scholar is that the tool helps you identify the related studies and helps identify the future extension of the model research paper. Here is how you can do the bibliography search using a model research paper:

  • To identify the related studies, you can select the “Related articles” option, and Google will enlist the most relevant studies
  • To identify the future extension of the model research paper, you can select the “Cited by” option, and Google will enlist the research studies in which the current research paper was cited


SciHub is another great tool for researchers while writing PhD dissertation. Google Scholar often provides you with limited access to research sources. Undoubtedly, Google Scholar lets you find sources, but it does not have a library through which you can access the complete articles. Research articles are paramount in dissertation writing, and students are often at a loss because it does not make sense to pay expensive amount of fees to research journals to retrieve the research articles.

So, in this case, SciHub comes to your rescue, and it is an online shadow library that contains millions of research articles. SciHub is a great tool that aims to bring ease to the life of researchers and help them retrieve the most relevant research articles. You can simply copy the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) or URL of the article you want to retrieve and paste it into the search bar to retrieve the desired article. You can read it online, or you can download it to read at a later time.


If your writing skills are not good and you want to save time by writing a maximum number of words quickly, then Quilbot is the right tool for you. Quilbot is a paraphrasing tool that helps you paraphrase the text by changing the words, phrases, and sentences. However, it is imperative to remember that you cannot rely completely on the paraphrasing tool. You must use your common sense to determine whether the paraphrased sentence has a proper grammatical structure and whether the meaning is conserved in the sentences. Quilbot has a free option that lets you paraphrase in two formats, i.e., standard and fluent.

The free version lets you paraphrase 125 words in one go, whereas the premium version lets you paraphrase a maximum number of 6000 words. Also, the free version provides you with three synonymous options, whereas the premium version gives 4 words synonym options. The Premium version costs $49.95, billed every 12 months. You can also pay in installments that will cost you $4.17 per month. The premium version also provides you access to the following options: expand, shorten, formal, simple, and creative modes. If your writing is not good, you can also take help from expert writers at PhD Dissertation Help for writing Ph.D. dissertations.


Grammarly is among the seven best tools for writing PhD dissertation. Grammarly helps in editing and proofreading. It is an online tool that uses artificial intelligence to correct writing mistakes. Grammarly provides suggestions for punctuation, appropriate grammar, and proper usage of words. It also identifies hard-to-read sentences and construction errors and provides suggestions to correct them. The free version has basic options for correction of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and tone identification. However, the premium version contains complete sentence rewrites, word choice, tone suggestions, and citations. The premium version also checks for plagiarism in your writing. The premium version costs $12 per month.

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Mendeley is the best tool for providing citations and references. Inserting citations manually in MS Word is time-consuming and wastes a lot of time. However, with the help of Mendeley, you can generate automatic citations in any of the standard citation formats. You can download Mendeley to your desktop and integrate it with MS Word for an enhanced experience.


Zotero is also one of the best tools for providing citations and references. Zotero helps you document the sources in a single library repository, and you can save the references for providing automatic bibliography of the sources in any of the standard formats.

Google Forms

Google forms is a free data collection online tool that makes the job of researchers easier. You can create an online survey and circulate it among the respondents via email and social media. Google forms let you present the data in a meaningful manner using graphs, pie charts, and bar diagrams.


The 7 tools mentioned above are the essential tools that you must use for writing PhD dissertation. These tools make your job easier and save a lot of time, thus enhancing the overall research experience.

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