Top 5 Advantages of Having Tracking Track Systems for Trucks

Cases of motor vehicle theft are ever on the rise. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, there were over 936,000 vehicle thefts in 2021, representing a 27% increase since 2019.  

A significant number of stolen motor vehicles are recovered, thanks mainly to tracking systems built into these automobiles. But as you shall find, there are many other benefits of installing your vehicle with a tracking device besides enhancing its security.

This article explores the top five advantages of fitting your trucks with tracking systems.

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1. Provides Anti-theft Protection

Given the ever-rising cases of automobile thefts, this is undoubtedly the biggest reason to install your trucks with a tracking device. 

Trucks fitted with tracking systems are incredibly easy to locate during hijacking. That’s because the tracker keeps sending real-time signals, pinpointing the vehicle’s exact location and navigation history. This allows law enforcement officers to act swiftly and recover the truck before it can get vandalized or sold on the black market. 

In fact, a tracking system can prevent your truck from getting stolen in the first place. Carjackers will immediately abort the mission when they figure out your vehicle is fitted with a tracking device.

Now, the only way to get the most out of tracking systems is by investing in powerful trackers offered by industry leaders like RAM Tracking. RAM Tracking track systems for trucks can help monitor your truck’s movement history and current position right from your smartphone. 

They’re also designed to be durable, thanks to the inclusion of powerful in-built batteries. Besides, these trackers are sleek enough, making them easy to install in any location in your vehicle. 

2. Improves Staff Member’s Safety

Tracking systems aren’t only helpful in improving your trucks’ security on the roads. These devices are also important in enhancing the safety of the drivers themselves. 

Remember that many carjacking incidents usually involve the driver getting kidnapped and held at ransom. Some carjackers might kill the driver on the spot to eliminate witnesses. Installing your trucks with a tracking system is a proactive way to avoid these unpleasant encounters. 

A tracking device will provide helpful information on your truck’s location and movement history in real time. If you know the general security situation of the area, you can contact the driver to let them know what to expect. 

For instance, your truck 

could drive through areas overrun by militia, with the driver entirely unaware of what awaits them. Since you’re monitoring the vehicle’s movements on the go, you can quickly call the driver and suggest safer detours. 

Staff Member’s Safety

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3. Enforces Safe Driving

Location and navigation history are usually the main reports truck owners or fleet managers extract from tracking systems. However, trackers can report on many other aspects, including driving speed, mileage, dangerous braking, etc. And the information is usually near-100% accurate. 

As you’re already privy to unsafe driving behaviors displayed by your truck driver, inviting them for a discussion is easy. The fact that the information is so accurate means they won’t try to deny it. 

The discussions can have far-reaching benefits if fruitful. 

First, they can help prevail upon the driver to practice safe driving. Secondly, safe driving means fewer risks of accidents. You won’t have to cross your fingers whenever your trucks are on the roads. Lastly, the discussions can help cement good working relationships between the managers and staff.

Enforces Safe Driving

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4. Increases Customer Service

If you’re a distributor, one way to improve customer service is by keeping your clients in the loop on the position of their merchandise. This helps them prepare adequately to receive the shipment while finalizing the paperwork. 

Truck tracking systems tell you how far away you are with the deliveries. You can pinpoint the trucks’ location and respond quickly to your customers. 

Tracking systems can clue you in on the distance from your trucks’ location to your clients’ warehouses, the expected amount of road traffic, and even the general condition of the roads. You can then combine these with other key information, such as driving speed, to predict the duration you might take to get to your clients. 

You’ll also be able to inform your customers if you foresee delays so they can make temporary arrangements. 

5. Saves Time and Money


Truck tracking systems are a worthy investment in saving time and money. When you know your truck’s position and the general road network, you can easily suggest shorter routes. This saves money in terms of reduced fuel consumption. 

Tracking systems can also report on the general traffic condition of a road. Similarly, you can contact the driver and suggest alternative routes to save time. 

Excessive driving speed is another major cause of high fuel usage. Encouraging your drivers to maintain slower speeds can help save fuel money and reduce accident risks. 

Note that some tracking systems have automatic alerts that notify the driver of unsafe driving behaviors. For instance, the alerts can caution drivers to reduce their driving speed when they exceed certain limits. This further saves you the time and money you’d use contacting the driver on the same.

Saves Time and Money

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Wrap Up

The significance of truck tracking systems cannot be overemphasized. But as already indicated, investing in quality car trackers is the best way to make the most of these systems. It’s also essential to have the device installed by a professional. 

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