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The Dell XPS 15 Touch is one of the best laptops you can buy. It has a powerful processor, solid battery life, and an impressive screen that’s good enough for gaming. There are some downsides to this laptop, though: it’s expensive, and it doesn’t look like much from the outside. Still, if you’re looking for a touchscreen Windows device with exceptional features, this could be your next purchase!

The Dell XPS 15 Touch is a laptop with a touch screen, and it’s one of the first laptops to be released with this feature. It comes in two models: the regular XPS 15 and the QHD+ version, which has an even higher resolution than its predecessor.

The main difference between these two models is their display: the QHD+ model sports a 4K 5120×2880 resolution IPS panel, while both models have Full HD panels (1920×1080). Both versions also have different processors, RAM, and storage sizes, so you can choose what suits your needs best!

Design and build quality

The design of the Dell XPS 15 Touch is very similar to that of its predecessor, but with a few key differences. First and foremost, it has a metal body rather than plastic or aluminum. That doesn’t necessarily make this one of the best laptops around; however, it does mean that you’ll be able to enjoy an all-metal laptop without worrying about whether or not your device will break after just a few months (and if you’re anything like me, I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with plastic touchscreens before).

The lid also shares some similarities with its older sibling—it’s made out of plastic but looks quite nice thanks to its matte finish and subtle design elements such as ridges along its edges and squares cut into each corner—but there are also some key differences between these two devices: while they both have hinges similar in style (they both pivot back toward their center), they differ slightly in terms of size; while their lids are almost identical at first glance (you can tell them apart only after looking closely), they actually differ quite significantly when closed up: while both have access holes above them so users can continue using their keyboards even when closed up tight against themselves), only one has them on top instead beneath where you’d expect them based on how things were built originally before being redesigned later down line due entirely too many reasons including cost savings versus labor costs associated with making changes across multiple lines simultaneously during production runs,

Screen quality and resolution

The Dell XPS 15 touch screen laptop’s screen is a 15.6-inch, 2K display with a resolution of 3200 x 1800. This means that it has an impressive 98% Adobe RGB color gamut and covers 100% of the sRGB gamut.

The IPS technology panel from Samsung Display (the same kind found on most LG displays). It’s also HDR10 compatible for enhanced contrast ratios and color accuracy when watching movies or playing games in high ambient light environments like outdoors during summertime, blue skies, and white snow clouds at night!

Battery life

The Dell XPS 15 touch screen is a great laptop for most people, but it’s imperfect. The battery life is decent, and you can get about 6 hours of usage before recharging the device. If you like using your laptop all day long on your commute or at work, this may be enough for you. However, if battery life is more important than portability and size, then there are other laptops out there that better suit those needs!

Keyboard and trackpad

The keyboard is comfortable, and it has an excellent feel to it. The backlight is bright enough to see clearly in most conditions, and the trackpad has good tracking.

The Dell XPS 15 Touchscreen Laptop has no SD card slot or USB-C port for connecting external devices like headphones or a mouse. It has one USB 3.1 Type-C port on the left side of your laptop for charging and data transfer with compatible devices like smartphones or tablets (not included).

Sound quality and speakers

The Dell XPS 15’s sound quality is good. The speakers are loud and clear, with no tinny or bass-heavy sounds. They’re not too treble heavy either, which is great because you can hear every note played in your music or game without turning up the volume too much.

The only downside to this laptop is its lack of USB-C ports, which means that if you want to connect headphones or an external speaker system, then it might be a bit of an inconvenience – but considering how much money we’ve seen these devices go for recently (upwards of £300), this shouldn’t be a dealbreaker for most people who don’t need anything more than what they get out of their internal speakers anyway!


The webcam is good. It could be better, but it’s good enough to do the job. You can use it for Skype calls, video conferencing, video chatting, and recording yourself on your computer.

Fingerprint reader and facial recognition (facial recognition)

Fingerprint readers and facial recognition (facial recognition) are two different authentication methods. The fingerprint reader is a sensor that reads the pattern of ridges on your fingers. At the same time, the facial recognition system uses a camera to scan your face to confirm your identity.

Fingerprint readers are more accurate than facial scanners and can be used anytime, but they’re less secure because people need to change their fingerprints or alter their faces with makeup.

The XPS 15 Touch is a solid Windows laptop with the best touch screen yet on a laptop.

The XPS 15 Touch is a solid Windows laptop with the best touch screen yet on a laptop. It could be better, but it’s still one of the best laptops available.

The Dell XPS 15 Touch is an excellent choice to upgrade your existing PC or buy a new one with an attractive design, long battery life, and all-day performance.


The XPS 15 Touch is a well-rounded device with many good things. It’s fast and responsive, has the best screen yet on a laptop, and it’s attractive with its Alcantara fabric keyboard and aluminum chassis. Although we’re not fans of the fingerprint reader or facial recognition (facial recognition) security features, they are easy enough to ignore if you feel like doing so. The XPS 15 Touch has all the right ingredients for an excellent mobile computing experience in 2023—and it comes in at less than $1,000!

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