Setup of the Setek Wi-Fi Extender

Description of SETEK Extender

The installation of a SETEK Wi-Fi Extender is simple and delivers an ultra-fast connection in your home, office, or company. It significantly improves Internet speed in your dead zones. Simply press and hold the WPS button on your configured/working router, then repeat on your SETEK extreme wifi range extender.

You may be able to get a one-stop solution for all of your network, speed, and streaming issues with SETEK technology. When you utilise the SETEK wifi range extender, you may improve your network’s speed by reducing dead zones throughout your home or office. Your network’s coverage area is increased by a factor of two with the range extender.

Setup the SETEK Wifi Extender using WPS.

  • If you plug your Extender into the same room as your router, you’ll have a quicker WPS connection.
  • Wait until the extension has a solid green light.
  • Now press and hold the WPS button on the setek extender for around 2 seconds, then repeat on your router.
  • Both your extension and router will now have a blinking WPS light. The extender only takes about 10-15 seconds to connect to the router.
  • The WPS indicator on the setek ultra wifi range extender will turn solid green once connected.
  • You can now unplug your extension and relocate it to the spot where you require Internet access.

Different types of operations

Router mode, repeater mode, access point mode, client mode, and wireless AP mode are all wireless router modes. Router mode, repeater mode, access point mode, client mode, and wireless AP mode are all wireless router modes. You can choose from a number of different wireless bridge modes on the SETEK wifi range extender.

Wireless mode of operation

This SETEK mode also generates a private wireless network, allowing the user to share data with a range of devices on the network. Hotels and restaurants are the most common places to see a range extender in this mode.


It should be noted that this is the SETEK wifi range extender’s default setting. The purpose of this mode is to boost or improve signal strength. Additionally, you can expand your smartphone’s network coverage area. Furthermore, the repeater mode creates a wide networking zone surrounding your home or office, avoiding dead zones.

Access Point for Wireless

While utilising this mode of operation, you can also create a wireless network for the wifi device. The range extender transforms a device’s wired signal into a wireless signal that can be used in other places. An ethernet cable can be used to connect the wifi router/devices to the hotel/homeroom internet interface.

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Client-side mode

This mode of operation of the range extender also allows wired-only devices to connect to an existing wireless network.

How do you set up the SETEK wifi range extender?

The SE TEK wifi range extender is configured using simple instructions. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned extender user or a complete newcomer. There are three alternative configurations for the SETEK range extender to choose from.

In the next section, the techniques for configuring the range extender, as well as the phases that must be accomplished, are detailed.

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What are the most demanded features of today’s wi-fi setup? Performance and speed:

What are the most wanted features of today’s wi-fi setup? The most typical response is that it is fast and performs well. All that matters to the users is that they get the greatest deal possible.

Helps to widen the range: The SETEK setup makes it simple to get things done quickly. And with it, you can effortlessly walk around your home without restriction. Don’t be concerned about the network connection; you’ll make the most of it.

Powerful CPU: The SETEK device comes with a 2.4 GHz powerful processor that aids in the operation of the device. Your device can effortlessly manage transmission speed thanks to this strong processor.

Speed: The most typical question that each user has is, “Can I live stream my game with such a setup?” So, definitely, the SETEK will assist you in this endeavour. The SETEK configuration is 300Mbps, so you’ll be fine. It becomes simple and quick to do the tasks at a high rate. It will also assist you in participating in various games.

How can I change the password on my SETEK wi-fi extender?

The loss of a password is a common occurrence. But don’t be concerned! With the instructions below, you can simply mask your SETEK wi-fi extender password:


  • Use the ethernet port: You can easily connect the range extender to your computer via the ethernet port.
  • Password and username: The username and password are displayed on the extender’s panel after the connection is established.
  • Re-login: From here, you can log back into your extender!
  • Examine how simple it is for you to circumvent the password.

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Setting up your network with the wifi wizard (WPS button)

Also, how to use the WPS button to configure a SE TEK wifi range extender. It allows you to set it up without requiring the use of a computer or a mobile device. By configuring the WPS button on the device, you can configure the range extender without having to log into the browser’s settings page.

Step by step instructions to Setup Setek WiFi Range Extender by means of

  • You can plug extender close or even away from the switch while doing electronic arrangement through
  • When you have a strong approval on the power you can go on for the Setup.
  • Snatch any of your remote gadget like I-telephone, Mac, PC and so forth any open settings and go to WiFi settings.
  • In your WiFi show, you will find your Setek Wireless Network appearing as “Remote N” Network92
  • Stir things up around town get interface with WIRELESS N, it will show as open/unstable organization.
  • After this open a program on a similar gadget and in the location bar type which will take you to setek extender arrangement.
  • NOTE:- If doesn’t work take a stab at resetting the extender or change the program or probably have a go at utilizing different cellphone or PC.
  • Adhere to the on-screen guidelines and afterward it will filter the organizations.
  • It will show you every one of the accessible organizations, you should choose the fundamental WiFi Network that you need to broaden.
  • Type in the secret key for the organization that you have chosen.
  • When Setek extender arrangement is finished the WiFi light on the extender will turn strong green.
  • Presently you can turn off it and spot it inside the compass of your switch.
  • It requires about 60 seconds for the extender to boot up appropriately.
  • For better Internet network place the extender away from large machines like microwave and so on.

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