What are the Benefits and Risks of Chiropractic Treatment

Back pain is a very common health problem that a lot of people face. Whether it may be from improper posture, a herniated disc, or a sports injury, the pain can be pretty excruciating at times but may vary depending on the type of back pain you may be suffering from. While sometimes, it may indicate something serious, often back pain is treated quite casually and can be cured by something as simple as adopting a proper lifestyle, getting good sleep, or mild physical activity. While there may be several treatments for back pain, many people seek relief alternatives such as chiropractic treatment. 

Chiropractic treatment, also known as spinal manipulation, is a procedure that involves a chiropractor or is done using hands/ small instruments. This treatment allows for applying controlled force to a spinal joint to improve physical function or spinal motion within the body. It is usually considered as being super safe if done properly by someone licensed and trained to practice chiropractic care and if performed for the right medical condition. To know more about chiropractic treatment, this article will walk you through its risks and benefits. If you are in Dover, A chiropractor Dover Kent, can provide you with the same services as other licensed individuals in the UK can.  

What Are the Benefits of Chiropractic Care?

Improves Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common issue that many people experience, especially if you are seated for many hours a day, bend your neck often while using your phone, or have adopted poor posture. Chiropractors may be able to help in reducing your neck pain by realigning or fixing your spine and alleviating the tension you experience in your neck muscles. 

A study (lasting about 12 weeks) conducted in 2012 found spinal manipulation to be a lot more effective relative to a normal medication when treating 272 adults with non-specific neck pain. The study consisted of 8-,12-.26-. And 52-week follow-ups.

Relieves Back Pain

Back pain sure can be stressful, and regular chiropractic treatment may be a great alternative to especially surgeries, objections, and other invasive methods that treat chronic or short-lived back pain.

As per the American College of Physicians, it is recommended that doctors should encourage people who suffer from low back pain to initially seek non-medication-based treatments before moving forward to taking any form of medication. Chiropractic care or spinal manipulation is a common and ideal alternative; tai chi, meditation, and exercise, maybe others.

As per a study in 2013, spinal manipulation was closely related to moderate improvements in back pain and function that was short-term as compared to results received from a placebo treatment that lasted for up to 6 weeks.

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Eases Symptoms of Headache

In addition to treating back pain, chiropractic care may also be useful when it comes to easing headache symptoms. The tension headaches or the headaches that stem from your neck can be and are usually treated with spinal manipulation.

As per a study that was conducted in 2016, it was found that 6-8 sessions that consisted of cervical and upper thoracic spine manipulation led to being more effective than exercise and movement for alleviating pain for individuals who experience chronic headaches. The same results prevailed even at a 3-month follow-up.

Affordable Chronic Back Pain Treatment

Back pain treatment can sometimes be pretty expensive and may not be affordable for all. It is no wonder that most adults switch to OTCs and self-medication to avoid any treatments. However, chiropractic treatment is still a great and affordable option in comparison to the conventional treatment for chronic low back pain. 

As per a study in 2016 that evaluated the possible financial benefits of chiropractic treatment for chronic back pain medicare recipients, it was determined that individuals receiving chiropractic treatment have a lower, inexpensive treatment cost overall. Not to mention, the study further found the duration of the treatment of back pain was shorter than those who had traditional medical treatment. 

Higher Satisfaction

Chiropractic treatment also reports high satisfaction levels as per a study. For instance, a 2015 study by researchers determined that a group of 544 people receiving chiropractic care had a higher satisfaction level. 

Ninety-two per cent of the people had found improvements in their pain. While 80 per cent had reported enhancement in their ability to move around. 

Improves Posture

In the digital age that we live in today, which requires consistent commitment on your mobile devices. Or laptop, poor posture can be expected. Most of the hours of sitting can lead to poor posture, which can also be corrected. If an individual were to opt for chiropractic treatment. 

A case study in 2017 indicated a significant improvement from chiropractic treatment in a 27-year-old woman. Who suffered from multiple pains due to hyperkyphosis or hunchback posture. She experienced significant relief in her neck and head within 30 treatments conducted over 6 months. 

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Enhances Athletic Performance

Opting for spinal adjustments is not just a way to alleviate your back pain. But can also possibly enhance your athletic performance. It could potentially be due to less tissue restriction, increased joint mobility, or even reduced pain.

While there are still some studies that are being conducted to answer some questions. On how effective this may be for improving athletic performance, chiropractic adjustments can be effective. For those who wish to treat pain caused by an injury.

What Are the Risks Associated With Chiropractic Care?

The chiropractic adjustment is mainly considered safe when it is performed by a trained. And licensed professional who can deliver chiropractic care. However, rare yet serious complications that are linked with this form of treatment may include (but are not limited to):

  • A type of stroke as a result of neck manipulation 
  • Nerve compression within the lower spinal column 
  • A herniated disk or deterioration of an existing disk herniation.

It is not advised to seek chiropractic treatment if you are or suffer from the following:

  • Known bone abnormality in the upper neck region 
  • At a higher risk of stroke
  • Spine cancer 
  • Severe osteoporosis 
  • Tingling, numbness, or loss of strength in the arm or leg.

The next time you are considering chiropractic care, don’t forget to check with. This article to ensure if it is the best method for your medical condition. For more information, log on to OsteopathiCare UK.


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