Top long nail ideas You Should Try In 2022

As we enter slowly but surely into the spring, we cannot help but rejoice over all the coming style changes, including the spring nails we have been thinking about all winter.

Not only will we start putting on our winter make-up as the sun begins to magnify her beautiful face each day, but we can also say hello to the bright, fun ponytails again. This year has been a confusing one so far; with colorful nails returning to fashion in February – it looks like celebrities like Megan Fox and Beyoncé have started celebrating spring in early 2022.

By 2021 long nail ideas are different; the hottest spring nails included the curling of French hands, long fingernails with line art, and color-correction techniques that would otherwise be seen in the Museum of Modern Art. These DIY designs became famous at the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic when we had to do our homework and choose our nails, but the resulting spring nail ideas are still very common today.

Go ahead today when the salons are back and better than ever, and it’s time to get out of it all, the wisdom of style – to our pinks. So, we look forward to seeing a mix of popular nail art designs in 2022, including some of these DIY styles that we have found very good at making them beautiful in the last two years but also some of the additional designs for those of us who need to look Our good. By. Everything. Times.

Top long nail ideas You Should Try In 2022

Metal Dots

This look is made for lovers of nail art and small neophytes alike because it would not be easy to do – no expert is needed. “I love nail polish at the sheer base because you can’t see the growth,” said United Kingdom-based nail artist Kate Smith about her spotted creations. “I made sure to choose three colors with multiple colors of polka dots to really stand out.”

metal dots nails

To make this look at home, paint your nails in a nude or beige shade, like Essie’s Wild Nude, before painting on your metal dots with a fine line brush or dot tool.

Rainbow Nails With Beautiful Dots

This very simple (but slightly amazing) manicure is another great long nail idea for beginners of nail art because it is as simple as painting each nail a different color and adding small white dots with a toothpick.

Rainbow Nails With Beautiful Dots

“I used different pastel colors, which always reminded me of spring,” Smith said. “And I used a dot tool on polka dots, but a cocktail stick can also do the job.”

Images with Negative Space

“I was inspired by the black organization and black equality in America,” nail artist Gina Edwards tells us about this look she created to photograph Allure. “Starting with George Floyd and others before him, the design features black stripes that go in a variety of ways seeking balance and respect.”

images with negative space

To create this look of nails, just use a small art brush to paint the glossy style lines on each digit. You can leave the foundation blank or apply a nude polish or a bright pink – whatever you like.

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Flower Crystals

After seeing Swarovski flower jewelry online, Edward says he was inspired to create a “transparent flower garden with nails,” another look he created for Allure. This set of rhinestones from Amazon costs less than $ 10 and comes with a variety of crystal flower appliqués to choose from.

Flower Crystals Nails

Apply a small amount of glue to each nail using a toothpick and carefully place your flowers on top until you are happy with the way they look. You can also apply a shiny polish coat on top if you want your nails to have some lightness.

Evil Eye Accents

This is also part of long nail ideas but a little different. This space with a different negative look is easier on DIY than it looks – promise.

Evil Eye Accents

Black and White Color Blocking

This mod look comes in the hands of Came forte, who recommends a straightforward fix. “Before you work on the design, wipe down each nail with alcohol to remove the [base polish] layer,” he advises. His definition? “Painting in a more sticky environment keeps the design clean and prevents bleeding.”

Black and White Color Blocking

Another tip: Definitely use a stencil, like this one, to get as clean lines as possible. As for nail polish, any black and white shades in your collection should do the job.

Green Tips in the Garden

“Green is all I see with nail designs, and invisible styles have grown in me because of the freedom we give them,” said Sarah Haidar of @helunails. “Paint the first circle or line with a small brush, and build on top of that with extra colors right on top of it.” See? It’s that simple.

Green Tips in the Garden

Midas Touch

Don’t just keep the dark colors in autumn, folks. It is quoted from nail artist Canishiea Robinson, who told Allure that “different shades of dark brown matched to a milky background look great in any season.” Adding gold and pearl ornaments takes this design to the next level.

Midas Touch

You can find many types of nail art treasures on Amazon; do not be afraid to combine and match.

Blue and Green Swirls

You can re-create this look using any of the colors you like, but if you are in this specific scheme, try Olive and June’s WKF Polish for green. UN / DN Lacquer’s Bad Tendencies is probably the dead space of the green shade shown here.

“Using a thin, clean brush really helps me get smooth lines,” said Haider, who created this mysterious swirly design. “Usually, I go through each line with an extra coat or two, depending on how much I want them or how thin they are.”

Water Butterflies

“For a nude butterfly set, I used butterfly stickers that can be found on Etsy or Amazon,” said Carlini-Smith. “I smeared them over the treated coat, then put on the top coat again to make sure they adhered to the nail and stayed in place.” User water butterflies are another amazing thing for long nail ideas.

Abstract Florals

“This look is screaming in the spring,” Robinson said of the delightful painting he created, featuring two floral prints. “Perfect color pops to complete the look.”

To accomplish this without the help of a professional, paint your nails with any different colors you like, making sure you add something invisible to your two middle fingers. You can make any shape or designs you like, but a dotting tool and a thin line brush will definitely help.

I hope these long nail ideas will help you to make your nails attractive.

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