Is 5G Internet Good for Gaming?

Everyone is talking about the 5G internet nowadays – and there has been a flurry of phone-buying or device upgradation to ensure the utilization of full features of 5G networks. One may enquire about the ‘G,’ an abbreviation of the word ‘generation.’ The internet has evolved quite a bit since it was developed in the laboratories of CERN, and it has already crossed four generations to the fifth one. Having internet providers offering 5G will be an added bonus for serious online gamers. 

The other mobile technology generations before

Although it may not seem too important, the progression of mobile technology up to 5G will help you to understand the technical changes you need and the advantages you will get for online gaming on your wireless internet. The development of mobile technologies generation is listed as follows:

  • 1G: It concerned mainly voice and the ability to use a phone away from home or in a moving vehicle.
  • 2G: Here, a short messaging service (SMS) is introduced – which is seen in today’s texting feature. 
  • 3G: Smartphones came into being, and 3G network provided the core network speed. 
  • 4G: It is the ongoing mobile network generation with high data transfer rates. We can watch a video with minimal buffering and create the connected device services we currently rely on and enjoy. 

Now, people are opening up to the experience of 5G and its life-changing capabilities. It can reach 20 GBps speeds constructed on 3GPP industry conditions.

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5G at a glance

The generations of internet connection are determined according to speed, latency, and capacity. We will discuss how this affects gamers in their profession or pastime, but let us know the basics first. 5G internet will be one of the fastest, more robust technologies once implemented. It will provide quicker downloads, lower lag time, and considerably impact our lifestyle and recreation time. 

In consumer sectors – 5G speed and related connectivity are slated to benefit businesses by making them more efficient and offering greater information access to consumers with faster internet speed. Future techs like smart stadiums, intelligent homes, connected cars, and advanced gaming will depend significantly on the properties of the 5G networks. So, it is high time to compare the merits of the different internet service providers if you are a professional gamer. 

The 5G factors that affect gaming

In mobile gaming, the inclusion of 4G is currently supporting high-end gaming– because not everyone has access to high-speed fiber internet. However, access to 5G internet will affect online gaming. Especially in online tournaments where participants play games and earn money – a 5G internet connection will offer beautiful results. Let us know about the responsible factors in detail:

  • Latency or ping

You may have heard the term ‘latency’ or ‘ping’ in online gaming – and less of it is welcomed in the community of fast-paced online shooter or strategy games. How is it so?

Understanding how the signal goes from your device to the gaming server would help to understand. The more time it takes to send your command or request to the gaming server, the later you will see it happening on the screen. 

The bottom line is that you may have locked your enemy’s head on your sniper scope, but if your latency is high, you may get the headshot and miss the chicken dinner.

In 3G connection, the average ping rate comes up to 100 milliseconds (ms.), whereas on the early 4G networks, it lessened to 70 – 80 ms. which further reduces to 30-50 ms. on the more advanced 4G networks. 

On the other hand, the primary 5G connection will provide a latency of 29-33 ms. with a prediction of 1ms in the future 5G networks. It may not seem a considerable difference, but hardcore gamers will understand its significance in fast-paced games. They will be able to have the best edge over other networks with 5G.

  • Quicker transfer and upload speeds

Are you facing a snail’s pace of downloads when your game is waiting for the latest updates? With 5G, you will get the best performance to date. On most 4G networks, average download speeds reach 22MBps and max out to about 37 MBps. If you are considering double-speed 4G networks like EE or 4G +, you can get download speeds ranging from 60 to 90 MBps. These speeds are up to 25 times faster than 3G, and the tech is collectively called LTE-Advanced. Incidentally, the high-end gaming world is functioning nicely with these speeds.

On 5G, these networks experience more download speed, average download speeds ranging from 100 -300 GBps, and peak speeds exceeding 1 GBps. However, one must remember that actual download speeds will differ from network to network, and the reported ones will change as per the data.

In general, upload speeds are lesser than download speeds, so the wait is longer – still, in most 4G networks, you will receive an upload speed of roughly 6.2 – 9.1 MBps, depending on the network you use. 5G networks offer average upload speeds between 10.3 Mbps and 14.7 Mbps, differing according to the network. These speeds are still faster than 4G, and these figures will improve over time.

  • Game streaming

The increased home internet speed has opened up a new vista of mobile gaming. Nowadays, gamers can stream a game directly from the internet instead of downloading it on their devices. This feature allows the gamer to play it instantly and not wait to download or install it. They can even play games that aren’t suitable for their hardware (the processing is done in another place) and save a lot of physical memory on their devices. Instances of this feature are found in different cloud gaming devices that let you stream PC and gaming console titles on smartphones.

Signing off 

5G is the best option for online gamers and a functional alternative to fiber broadband. However, you must ensure that your chosen network has coverage in your location before choosing the service provider. You would have to get a device compatible with 5G networks.

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