Internet-Based Home Security System

Security companies provide the kind of protection homeowners ideally need. It’s the alarm systems, motion sensors, panic buttons, and wired fences – such kind of technology that keeps a home secure. And that is why you would find that upon moving into a new home, every homeowner secures an alarm system first and foremost. 

Though security companies are the go-to solution for every homeowner, keep in mind that there are monthly/annual fees that have to be paid for their protection services. And of course, the amount shouldn’t matter given that it’s for the safety of your family and home, right? There is however an alternate means of setting up a security system for your home – one that requires the internet. 

How Do the Internet and a Security System Go Hand-In-Hand? 

If you haven’t realized it yet, the internet is practically the driving force behind almost everything in today’s time. Television, homework, conducting business, gaming, and even communication. 

Video calls and Zoom sessions are supported by the internet. Playing multiplayer gaming sessions also requires internet connectivity – where you can play with friends or even anonymous players from around the globe. Insane right? But it’s true. You can travel back to your home country and upload your university assignments onto the portal. Chatting with clients overseas is much easier – thanks to email or other instant messaging apps and platforms – all of which require the internet. 

But of course, the question of whether the internet bandwidth can sustain such activities is a very valid one. It really depends on a bunch of details within your internet plan. CenturyLink Internet happens to have some of the best internet plans and speeds for customers to support multiple internet uses within a household – click here to know more about it.

Setting Up Your Home Security System 

When it comes to setting up your very own home security system, you don’t really need professional assistance. That’s because all you have to do is to purchase a few smart devices, which we will name below, and set up your own security network!

Below are some smart devices that are quite literally meant for home security. 

1. Smart Cameras 

What’s better than a regular surveillance camera? A smart one! Where your regular surveillance camera is a wired, mounted device, connected to a singular monitor-like screen installed somewhere in your home, it’s kind of restrictive though it serves its purpose. Compare to a smart camera, these devices are available in wired and wireless variants, both of which are smaller in size compared to a regular surveillance camera. 

But that’s not even it about smart cameras. Because these devices connect to the home Wi-Fi, they are then wirelessly connected to your smartphones where the live video footage as well as previous recordings are viewable through their respective smartphone apps.

The video footage is colored, supports night vision, and also allows for two-way audio. That’s right! Where your regular surveillance camera only supports sound, a smart one lets you listen and communicate from both ends of the camera! 

2. Smart Door Lock

Installing a smart door lock is a game changer, take our word for that. It’s not only about locking the door when you forgot to, these devices come with so many features – and the fact that they’re connected to our smartphones makes it even better! 

When you can control your door lock from your smartphone, regardless of wherever you are, isn’t that the kind of security system you would want? Anyone would. Lock, and unlock your door for friends and family without leaving behind a key or the passcode for anyone or generate temporary passcodes for one-time use (if the device model allows it). These devices make entry into your home keyless and tamperproof. 

3. Video Doorbells

These aren’t just any ordinary video doorbells that we’re talking about, we mean smart ones. A smart video doorbell is one that is, like the other 2 devices mentioned above, connected to our smartphones via the internet. That means you get instant alerts to your phone and you would never have to miss out on a single package of yours again!

Better yet, these doorbells sub as a surveillance camera for your front door or gate. So you can watch the live footage from your smartphone at any time. 

Is It A Sustainable Network?

When you have these devices connected to your home internet, and in turn, they’re connected to your smartphones, that enables you to control these said devices from anywhere and anytime. So yes, it is a sustainable network. 

One thing, however, that you should be wary of. This kind of security network is only sustainable until these devices are disconnected from the internet. Any sort of disruption in your internet plan or service can cause abruptions within this security system. 

So it’s always a good idea to subscribe to an internet plan that has an unlimited data cap. Click here to find internet plans specific to your neighbourhood.

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