10 Interior Design Trends That Will Be Most Popular in 2022

The year 2022 is quickly approaching, so it’s time to start thinking about what will be popular in the coming year. House Beautiful consulted some of our most dependable designers to get a feel of what to anticipate, and they didn’t let us down. The home décor, interior design, and living room trends they predict for 2022 are listed below. the most frequently discussed components? natural light, lots of houseplants, and textured materials. Continue reading for more forecasts.

Traditional Interior Design

“Traditional design has a sophisticated vibe.  Traditional interior design is influenced by styles from the 18th and 19th centuries “Paige Anderson states. “These pieces of furniture stand out due to their expertly built and tastefully finished wood-tone components.

 The decorations should be lavish and lavish. A traditional style is characterized by soft curves, furniture, textiles, details, warm colors, and moldings, among other things “she adds.


If the classic design is too stuffy but contemporary design is too far outside of your comfort zone, this is the style for you. The perfect transitional style is one that combines traditional elegance with contemporary forms and materials.  Transitional interiors also limit the use of accessories. It’s crucial to let the furnishings and textiles speak for themselves. Use toss pillows, blankets, and area rugs to embellish. Consider a plush couch or wingback chair with a rich pattern and texture, a four-poster bed with opulent bedding, or a chandelier with a retro feel. However, with a thoughtful blending of both modern lines and traditional silhouettes, expect a fresh, updated take on the classic look “Alexandra Davin, a co-founder of Clairrow, continues.

Retro Interior Design

retro interior design

The retro interior design aesthetic is a dynamic fusion of classic design elements and contemporary materials and finishes. Although it incorporates a variety of clashing colors and shapes, the imbalanced ratio gives the house charm.

This style is distinct because it features an eclectic color scheme of vibrant neutrals and enormous furniture including footstools, bean bags, and hanging pod seats. Also a throwback to the past, vintage interior design is ideal for enthusiastic people with distinctive decorating tastes.

Modern Farmhouse Interior Design

modern farm house

Modern farmhouses are a frequently used fashion, regardless of location. This style, which comes in at number four, allows you to combine farmhouse-style furniture and architecture with modern accents and décor. People are not one-dimensional, thus combining two interior design ideas tends to fit people better “explains Andra DelMonico, Trendy’s Lead Interior Designer.

This style is so well-liked because it combines classic décor with comforting nostalgia. It emphasizes useful upcycled furniture and organic materials, lending a rustic, vintage character. It evokes warm, quaint farmhouses and a sense of nostalgia. With a well-balanced mixture of modern and antique furnishings, modern farmhouse interiors feel uncluttered.

20th Century Interior Design

20 centaury

An important turning point in the history of design may be seen in the interior of the 20th century. It transports you back in time by fusing historical aesthetics with renewal.

This style’s defining elements include stylized florals, geometric and elongated designs, and soft black and white tones with splashes of contrasting hues like silver and gold.

It is appropriate for current life and mixes traditional interior design, furnishings, and architecture. In actuality, it’s evidence that your grandparents’ homes were classic and ageless, and that they were just as stylish as you think.

Coastal Interior Design


The coastal interior design style draws its influence from the natural materials found in the water and is light, laid-back, and excitingly diverse. With the use of natural light, it seeks to produce a sun-kissed atmosphere. To achieve this design, the contrast of white and blue is ideal. With this design, it’s possible to create a coastal-themed space using anything from seashells to ropes and nautical symbols.

Turquoise, aqua, teal, and various blue tones are important hues.

70s and 80s Interior Design

70s 80s

Wood paneling, vivid colours, bold patterns, the use of natural materials, and texture are probably what come to mind when you think of the design trends of the 1970s and 1980s (exposed bricks and textured walls)

You probably envisage a room with clean lines, a subdued colour scheme, and possibly some bold artwork if I asked you to imagine a contemporary or modern interior design concept. You wouldn’t even consider design components like carpeting, wood paneling, or parquet flooring. However, these 1970s and 1980s design fads are making a significant comeback in the 2020s. I’ve been looking into the origins of these themes and how we may apply them to modern homes with my team of Austin interior designers.

Scandinavian Interior Design Style


Boho-chic macrame has been a close second in terms of appeal to Scandinavian design, which has been outpacing it. The main inspiration for most Scandinavian designs is simplicity, which is reflected in both the neutral colors and the furniture that decorates your home. Earthy browns, subdued greens, and pinks are the colors to use for this interior design theme. Clean, rich woods like white oak and birchwood work well for furniture. In the future in 2022, this functionality will be matched with simplicity, particularly for storage. The goal of this approach is to declutter and widen the mind.

Industrial Interior Design Style


The exposed architectural features like pipes, brick, and concrete, as well as the minimalist design aesthetic, are all part of the industrial house design style. A cool, neutral color scheme, open floor designs, and Edison light bulbs are other characteristics of this interior design trend.

Although the design is centered on simple, open spaces, homeowners have the option to incorporate industrial interior design into any living area thanks to the combination of diverse rustic materials in furniture and lighting accents. In particular, modern contemporary homes combine elements of industrial, mid-century, and farmhouse design to create a pleasant atmosphere.


Contemporary Interior Design Style


Contemporary décor is timeless and traditional at the same time because of its spare, light-handed approach to design. As a result, it will never feel out of date.


Contemporary style is calming and serene, and it is dotted with a focus on architectural elements, decorative details, attention to bold scales, and a concise color palette to create a warm space with easy sophistication. Modern décor, in comparison, can feel icy, confining, and blatantly sparse.

A properly balanced contemporary style home must have simplicity, clean lines, textural plays, and subtle drama.


 Art Modern Interior Design Style

Art Modern

Early in the 1930s, the United States gave birth to Art Modern, which was popular until the late 1940s. Back then, the emphasis on this interior design trend was on bigger, bolder, and brassier. Other decorative elements were either simplified or stripped down, and the furniture was designed with an upward curvature. This interior design trend is also known by the names American Modern or Modernist.


You must choose the design aesthetic that will work best for you from among the many varied design styles available. In order to give something a more unique touch, it is also possible to combine components from other classes. Make sure to learn more about each of the styles and how they differ from one another before beginning your interior design plans.

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