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Freya Rose

Her name is Free Rose, and she is passionate about helping people who are at the crossroads of their lives, who are spiritually awake, and who are curious about their spiritual gifts. There is nothing more rewarding than associating someone with their spiritual leaders, or seeing them feel that, yes, they have always been a psychological sympathizer! She is the claimant who hears the answers when she read in my mind for the people. A claimant who dreams, and a claimant who “knows” what the messages are for you – all the psychological gifts I use to help you gain information that you are aware of.

For reading, she mostly uses the Crown Card Deck Tarot, which has the energy of a wise old lady who will give you some hard, but loving, advice. She also read Nordic Traditions with Runes. Her teachings are very straightforward, always honest, but given to you with compassion and kindness. We’ve all been through dark nights of the soul, or some lesser love of taste – she understands, and she will never decide. She is also comfortable talking about death or dying, and she has a place for these people instead of grief.

Also, She channels the Norse goddess Freya, although she is not a strict follower of any particular religious path. She sees directors and gods come to me from everywhere, and they are all part of the vast web of divine creation. For example, she works with the Greek god Hermes, but sometimes he comes to me as Voodoo Lova Papa Ligba, or as a black man at the crossroads of the Hoodoo tradition. Sometimes her female counterpoint, the Greek goddess Hackett, is at the crossroads instead, guiding us with her raised lanterns and keys.

As far as rootwork is concerned, Miss Freya Rose is passionate about cleaning people up and teaching them good spiritual hygiene so that they can keep themselves, their places, and their loved ones clean and spiritually safe. Freya works with vulture medicine, cleansing people with holy feathers to remove any negative or spiritual “gunk”, personally washing feet, and energizing cleansing in the distance. And to empower people to learn how to use traditional hoodoo spiritual utensils such as bathing, washing, bathing in water and further purifying themselves.

Freya Rose believes that when we listen to these guides, whether they are gods, angels, or elders, we are talking about other aspects of creation that are better than us, and the way forward can help us get a clear idea. Come to her if you need this kind of guidance and explanation, or if you would like to contact them yourself, and she will be happy to help. She also does spiritual healing through the fires that the angels Sandalphon and Gabriel gave me, as well as hand washing and foot washing in Mora, New Mexico.

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All about Hoodoo Psychic Freya in her own words:

I now realize that I have always been gifted, but as a child, I thought I only knew things about people and had dreams given to me by God. After my spiritual awakening in 2014, things started to fall into place and I began to put my gifts to good use. I started doing professional tarot and run reading that year. My reading is very straightforward but very sympathetic. I will always tell the truth, even if it is hard to hear, but do it with love, humor, and wisdom.

I am also a hoodoo practitioner and a spiritual healer. In 2021, the angels Sandalphon and Gabriel came to me and gave me a healing fire that comes out of my hands. It is similar to Reiki X100 and is extremely powerful. It cleanses deeply and heals people on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. I also get visions from the soul when I go, so it is like reading as well as healing. During these sessions, I also remove any entities or unwanted strings attached to you.

I like to help people discover their own gifts, and the gods often send me people they are trying to keep in touch with, so be surprised if a guide appears during our sessions. Don’t be! I can’t wait to see you and help guide you along the way.

People Reviews about Miss Freya Rose:

“This was such a gift! The kind of insights and guidance Freya Rose provided was incredible and magical. I was touched, surprised, and enlightened by aspects I didn’t know. Thank you so much for helping me understand my gifts and abilities Freya!” — SiaLight

“She’s an absolute sweetheart! She didn’t say at all what I wanted to hear, but she delivered the news in a really, really kind and compassionate way.” — Lovelost

“I love her! She picked up on things I didnt say. She was so right with the cards. I had to laugh because she had 1 thing right that me and a person in question had a explosive time with. Great reading ♡” — MeredithNow

“Very fun and accurate reading! She discovered things I didnt tell her in her unique cards.” — Taurus88

“She picked up on my abilities without me telling her and only real psychics can do that. Really she is also nice and direct.” — BeckyPaige

“Super honest, great energy. I could resonate with all that she shared with me.” — Zintle

“Really great experience she’s definitely one of a kind.” — Quesha

“Very good reading. A lot of great insight, very accurate, great advice. Thank you.” — EmilyWells

“Loved my reading. Freya Rose has an awesome energy. And tells it like it is. I feel really good about what’s to come. THANK YOU!!” — Nichole

“Excellent. Told me things I needed to work on and appreciate it sooo much.” — WidowLikeRy

“Thank you this reading put things into perspective and very accurate regarding the situation and poi was really good.” — Strawberry85

“She’s amazing I loved her energy she was very compassionate and understanding about my situation and very on point and nonjudgmental and felt what I felt my mission was love u girl.” — Eyeris93

“This lady is charming and really helpful and she gives fabulous advice.” — LisaMoss


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