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When you are planning to grow your online business to the next level there are a lot of things that may come across to your mind. The main important thing that may come across is to have a reliable hosting service that boosts your website speed and performance. As you host thousands of visitors daily, it must require a powerful server that easily handles the traffic. Therefore, to provide you most affordable and robust security services, Hostbillo delivers its Best Dedicated Server USA plans. These plans include reliable hosting features that are committed to your website only. Here in this article, you will get to know more about Hostbillo’s dedicated server web hosting services. 

Why is USA Dedicated Server Required for Great Traffic Online Businesses?

High-traffic websites mean those websites that experience thousands of visitors but fail to provide good server facilities require dedicated servers. As shared servers fail to provide your security and higher network connectivity services when maximum visitors visit your website.

You know shared hosting shares the server resources with the sites which means your site is not hosted in an isolated environment. It gives the most insecure atmosphere to the sites and gets affected by viruses and DDoS attacks and also runs out of server space. That’s why hosting your site on a robust and powerful server is important. Therefore Hostbillo provides its most affordable and Best Dedicated Server USA services to host your online business with a maximum network connectivity guarantee.

Hostbillo- USA Dedicated Server Provider

USA Dedicated Server Provider

Hostbillo is a high-tech and seamless web hosting service provider that guarantees 99.90% network uptime assurance to all its customers. All the hosting services come with great security and network connectivity facility. And, If you’re looking to grow your business and boost the performance of your website, opting for Best Dedicated Server USA could be a great idea. You will find the most reliable and flexible hosting resources that can actually boost your site speed and offer the utmost stability. This is helpful as your website will not experience any downfall issues and keeps the network high with great security. Here are some features listed of a dedicated server, so let’s have a look.

Features/Server Resources of Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server in USA

dedicated server in usa

ServerSecure Security

Hostbillo values its customer’s data integrity and privacy, that’s why it provides advanced security services with its Best Dedicated Server USA services. It won’t fail in protecting your server from DDoS attacks and other intruder activities. Therefore the information of your clients and Hostbillo’s customers is totally secured. There will be no bud and password breach.

Robust Network

As you already know Hostbillo provides a 99.90% network uptime facility which means your server will get maximum network connectivity with the data centers that you choose. So, you will not get any downfall issues even when you are hosting thousands of clients at one time. So, a robust network is another feature of Hostbillo’s Best Dedicated Server USA services.

SSH Root Control

Great customization and control are what every online business owner looks for in hosting that they do not get in shared servers. Therefore, Hostbillo provides total root control of the Best Dedicated Server USA plans that are quite helpful for web developers and designers.  So, you can make maximum changes to the server and make it feasible according to your preferences.

Operating System

You get the choice to choose between Linux Dedicated Server USA and Widnows for your online business. You can control the server with Cpanel for Linux and Plesk panel for Windows at the utmost ease. So, there will be no issue regarding managing and operating the server.

Zero Downtime Free Migration Data

When you host your site on Hostbillo’s Cheap Dedicated Server USA plans you get the opportunity to freely migrate your data with its expert team. There will be no downtime of the server and data will be as it was on the previous hosting. There are no data breach issues.

Unique IP Address

Hostbillo provides a unique IP address with dedicated web hosting services. It’s up to you which type of address you want to choose for your website. A unique Ip address is also a part of providing good security to the site. The IPs that you can choose are- IPv4 and IPv6.

Hostbillo’s Cheap Dedicated Server USA Plans

Hostbillo provides cheap web hosting services in USA that are reliable and flexible according to your business needs. Also, you can easily upgrade your hosting plan without having any network downfall issues. It’s the Best Dedicated Server USA hosting that comes with premium server resource facilities that not only improve the performance but also provide scalability to the site. The minimum hosting plan starts from $45 per month to $360 per month. This is the cheapest Dedicated Server USA plan you get from Hostbillo to host your website.

Cheap Dedicated Server USA


Hosting your website on Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server USA makes your online business more scalable and secure. Its powerful and robust server provides an isolated environment to the site that protects it from every bad activity. So, choosing its Cheap Dedicated Server USA services for your website is the wisest decision you make. If you want to know more about the hosting plan you can contact Hostbillo via Facebook, Instagram, Mail, etc.

A growing site needs a server that is quite helpful in loading the page, improving the performance, and handling and operating the server with utmost ease. Therefore. a dedicated server fulfills all these requirements and makes your site more responsive in terms of search engines. And, with Hostbillo this is very easy as it provides affordable and reliable hosting services.


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