“story of Griselda the forest diplomacy”

In a dense forest in Europe, there lived a child named Griselda, He always loved the forest more than his own life.  The animals in the forest respected him for protecting the forest.  Gresilda became kind to the whole forest including her parents. All the trees, plants, wild animals and reptiles in the forest came to know her as the ambassador of the forest. One evening, Griselda protected the animals and plants in the forest.  While patrolling, suddenly Griselda saw some people sitting under a thick tree in the forest holding some tools in their hands and talking.  He did not understand much of what these people were saying, but the one word they were repeating over and over again was Forest Diplomacy, Forest Diplomacy. Hearing this word, he thought how strange people were and were using strange language.  which is not easy to understand, then he remembered that he was not alone in this forest, he should immediately go and tell his people that some strange creatures have come in the forest who want to harm the forest of these people.  

Griselda immediately ran away, warning all her wild friends, including wild animals, birds and insects, of the danger that I had seen some strange creature under a thick tree near a pond in the forest.  And they were using some strange language, Griselda added that they were saying some strange words, forest diplomacy, forest diplomacy, maybe they were talking about harming our forest,  Griselda further told her friends that we should tell our elders about this immediately, before it is too late.  

Seeing the friends very upset, I asked Griselda why you guys are so upset. Before Griselda could say anything, all her friends told the whole story, which Griselda had seen with her own eyes, Griselda’s mother smiling.  She said that there is nothing to worry about, Griselda, the people you saw, whose eyes, nose, mouth, ears and face were different from all of us living in the forest, they are called humans and those humans will be researched in some time. 

 They go to the forest with their team and then go to the city away from the forest to do this research and benefit the people of the city.  With the intention of taking advantage, we go here to the forest for the welfare of humans, these humans are not our enemies but our friends and also work to protect our forest.  Animals, birds, and reptiles began to breathe again.

After hearing all the words of Griselda’s mother, all the animals, birds, and reptiles there breathed a sigh of relief.  What does it mean that those people were saying this word, Griselda’s mother then explained that those people are part of the European Union team and the European Union has made a rule that in a few years they have to do their research for the care of the forest.

send a team and they have named this team European Union Forest Diplomacy, hearing all these things, Griselda started to be interested in knowing more about this European Union Forest Diplomacy team.

Griselda now thought that she would meet these humans tomorrow. The next morning, Griselda started looking for the European Union team that had come to the forest with the intention of working on Team Forest Diplomacy.  Having managed to meet the team, Griselda tells them how happy she is to meet you guys, because you guys care about the good of the forest, said one member of the EU team, whose   name was Peter, he said, “Children, we are also very happy to meet you. You have guided us a lot. 

The information you gave us about the animals, trees, plants, birds, and animals in the forest is yours for us.”  Nothing short of a kindness from, thank you so much guys, delighted the compliments from the members of the European U team.

A member of the European Union team said that again they will come back to meet again very soon.


Griselda’s journey from fear to understanding exemplifies the true spirit of Griselda the forest diplomacy. Initially alarmed by the presence of humans in the forest, Griselda’s quick action to alert her friends demonstrates her deep commitment to the forest’s welfare. However, through the wise words of her mother, Griselda learns that the humans are not enemies but allies, conducting research for the benefit of the forest and its inhabitants. This revelation transforms Griselda’s perspective, fostering a newfound curiosity and appreciation for the European Union Forest Diplomacy team. Griselda’s subsequent interaction with the team members, especially Peter, underscores a mutual respect and collaboration aimed at preserving the forest. This story highlights the importance of communication and understanding between different beings, ultimately contributing to the protection and harmony of the natural world.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Who is Griselda?

Griselda is a child who resides in a dense forest in Europe. He is deeply connected to the forest and is known for his love and dedication to its well-being.

  1. What is Forest Diplomacy?

Forest Diplomacy refers to the efforts made by individuals or groups, such as the European Union team in this story, to research and protect forests for the benefit of both nature and society.

  1. Why did Griselda become concerned when he encountered people in the forest?

Griselda became concerned because he overheard the people mentioning “Forest Diplomacy” and was unfamiliar with their intentions. He thought they might pose a threat to the forest and its inhabitants.

  1. How did Griselda’s mother reassure the forest inhabitants?

Griselda’s mother explained that the people Griselda saw were part of the European Union team, whose purpose is to research and protect forests. She assured them that these humans were friends, not enemies, and were working for the welfare of the forest.

  1. What sparked Griselda’s interest in the European Union Forest Diplomacy team?

Griselda’s encounter with the European Union team and their explanation of their mission intrigued him. He realized that they were allies of the forest and wanted to learn more about their work.

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