Custom Beard Oil Packaging Design Trends for 2022

With the passage of every year, we see new advancements in the industry of packaging boxes.

The same can be said for 2022!

If you aren’t changing with new trends you can’t survive in competition with your rivals. Especially, when you run a beard oil brand, you must go through a variety of design considerations.

Usually, whenever we think about premium quality custom beard oil packaging, the first thing we consider is a rigid box. 

But it is not true!

In this article, I will tell you about the latest packaging trends that can help in keeping your boxes up-to-date. So if you want to create a premium experience for your beard oil business you can remember these suggestions below.

1. Hand-Drawn Elements

In 2022, hand-drawn elements printed on boxes are in big trend. Specifically for custom beard oil boxes, you can go with the hand-drawn face of a person with a beard on it. 

Moreover, if you don’t want a complete face and want to keep your packaging design more minimal, you can imprint a hand-drawn beard on the front side of your box. 

To make these elements more attractive you can use UV-COATING over elements to make them more visible. 

UV coatings are the best option to bring your hand-drawn designs to life. It adds a shinier look to your design and it adds charm to your items on the showcase.

Custom Beard Oil Packaging
Custom Beard Oil Packaging

2. Have 70’s Designs out of Style?

The answer is no! Some designs are evergreen.

No matter how old they are, they are always in trend. People always love these designs.

We can say the same for 70’s designs. People are bringing them back and making their containers stand out in their target crowd.

In the last few months of 2022, we see a lot of unique patterns inspired by 1970s designs. Customers are always looking for a fun-loving time and these designs remind us of the same.  

Some people are using their creativity and making WAVY FONT STYLES AND FUNKY ILLUSTRATIONS to make their boxes much more versatile in their industry.

Hence if you want to make your product dominant you can also bring the 70’s design back to play while designing your boxes. 

Custom Beard Oil Packaging
Custom Beard Oil Packaging

3. Minimal Designs

Minimal designs for your packaging boxes are something that you must consider. These designs are always in higher conversation due to so many reasons.

  • People always like a simple design as compared to a complicated one.
  • These designs leave more space to imprint details about the product.
  • Minimal designs are cost-efficient.
  • These designs are more attractive and easy to make. 

While making these designs you must avoid distracting design elements in your packaging boxes.

4. Go with Solid and Dark Colors 

Beard oil is a product for men. It is not a good idea to imprint their packaging in light colors like sky blue, parrot, or pink. We must have to avoid these bright colors. Because these are for women’s or kids’ products. 

 That’s why for oil packaging, you should go with a men’s color scheme. In this regard, the colors in trend these days are BLACK, BROWN, DARK BLUE, GREY, AND DARK GREEN.

 You can make your containers with these colors I mentioned above as a primary color and use white or another light color as a secondary color to imprint details and design elements on your packaging. 

  • 5. 3D Illustrations 

We recommend you bring life to your packaging design. 

In this regard, 3D Illustrations would be the best match. 3D designs are in trend these days and showing great results. 

These designs add extra charm and bring life to your boxes. You can add small 3D illustrations to your custom beard oil packaging to make them more eye-grabbing and turn buyers’ heads when they pass by your oil bottles on racks. 

These design trends are most dominant in those sectors in which we pack liquids inside the bottles. As we pack oils in glass or plastic bottles, you can consider them too. Moreover, you can imprint the same kind of designs over the cover of bottles. 

6. Interior Customization of Boxes

Along with the outlook of your beard oil printed boxes, what’s inside the box also matters. 

No doubt by following the latest trends, you can be able to make an engaging box. But if you want to survive in the industry, you must make a strong connection with your customers.

How can you do that could be a good question. You can do it by showing them you value your customers. You can imprint thank you notes inside your box to make your customers feel special. 

The beautifully customized interior side of your boxes offers your buyers a sense of anticipation. 

Mainly when you design your box internally, it offers a surprise element in your custom beard oil printed boxes unboxing experience. As a result, people have sharable unboxing content on their social media accounts. 

These unboxing videos have become a great way of free and efficient marketing and continue to boom on YouTube and TikTok.

7. Go for Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Materials 

In 2022, if you are playing your part in keeping the environment safe from harmful chemicals then congratulations you have a powerful tool to win the trust of your target customers. 

 Yes, it is a fact. 

According to research, 85% of people are going with eco-friendly boxes in America, even if the other packaging design is more attractive. 

Here Fast Custom Boxes can also help in making your Eco-friendly custom beard oil packaging design more unique and attractive. 

You can emboss or deboss a small icon on the front right part of your custom boxes showing that your boxes are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Moreover, in our business, we offer eco-friendly card stock for your beard oil packaging boxes at affordable rates. You can feel free to visit our website in order to get all these above-mentioned things in one place.

Our custom-printed boxes come at a variety of affordable rates. We will love to help you in making your boxes stand out and grow your brand.  

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