Candles in the Interior: How to Choose the Right Scent and Where to Place It

Every home has its own unique smell. On the threshold of one apartment, we are enveloped in the sweetish spirit of fresh pastries, and when we come to another place, bright notes of expensive perfume are heard. All of them are formed from various little things and details that can tell a lot about the owners of the apartment, their character and personality.

Do you want to create something unique for your home? This is easy to do with scented candles. They are able to convey different emotions, moods and bring comfort. Let’s figure out how to choose the right candles so that they create the desired atmosphere and suit you and your apartment.

Emotional balance

After a busy day at work or strong impressions, you need to calm down and relax. Imagine: you come home tired, sit down in your favorite easy chair, close your eyes and are about to plunge into a state of peace. But something is missing – and it is impossible to rest. Try to light a candle at this moment scented with lavender, cotton, lemon balm or patchouli. They skillfully relieve stress and reduce anxiety.

And in order to cheer up and recharge in the morning of the next day, feel free to get mint and citrus scented candles. Mint stimulates and helps in the fight against drowsiness, and grapefruit or orange will give a feeling of happiness and joy.

Combine correctly

Imagine walking into a minimalist room decorated in pastel colors. You feel its spaciousness and lightness … but then a heavy resinous-spicy or woody smell suddenly hits your nose.

Agree, there is dissonance: the fragrance is designed to create harmony and comfort, so it is important not to let it get out of the general mood of the room. Room in light colors rather “make friends” with soft floral scents, and Phigh-tech style room aromas with notes of freshness are suitable.

Size matters

Don’t forget that when choosing a candle, the size of the room is also important: the smaller it is, the less loud and sharp the candle should be. And, perhaps, the smaller should be its size. New Year’s collections always have candles in the form of Christmas trees and Christmas cones – this is both an ideal decoration and a great gift.

Standing in front of store shelves with aromatic products, pay attention to their volume: a candle of 200 grams is quite suitable for a standard room.

Candle for the season

The choice of candle is influenced not only by home furnishings, but also the season outside the window.

On stormy and snowy winter days, we are most I want warmth, and spicy, coniferous, citrus smells do an excellent job with this task. They fill the house with calmness and envelop the atmosphere of comfort. In the summer, on the contrary, every now and then I want to cheer up, plunge into the cold river and freshen up. Therefore, for hot weather, it is better to choose aromas with a chill or floral notes.

Be sure to try using strong scented candles at home. You will immediately notice how every day your emotional and even physical state is changing for the better.