Best Games for teens

Teenagers are a unique set of people, and they need to be treated as such. Certain games you can play with your teenager will help them learn about life, make friends and have fun. Here are some games for teens:

The Mummy

The Mummy is a fun game for teenagers to play. It’s designed to be played in a dark room so the players cannot see each other and must rely on their sense of hearing and touch. The player, known as The Mummy, begins by blindfolding themselves, then walking around the room trying to touch one of the other players with their hands. When they make contact with someone, they become that person’s Mummy—the one who has been touched becomes invisible until another player touches them again!

the mummy

Suppose you want your kids to enjoy this activity without knowing what it means (which would probably happen). In that case, we recommend playing at least three rounds of this game before explaining it fully: after all, it might take some time before someone figures out how many rounds there will be!

Blind Food Guessing

Blind Food Guessing is a fun game for teens and their friends. The players must guess the food hidden in the box by smelling, touching, and tasting it. They should be blindfolded so they can’t see what’s inside the box when they open it. After each round of guesses, everyone will vote on which player had the best guess.

Pass The ‘Peanut’

This game is for teens with a good sense of humor but also a great way to exercise. You’ll need a peanut and a bowl to drop the peanut. Pass the peanut around the circle from person to person until someone drops it. Then everyone has to do ten push-ups if they don’t catch it before time runs out—and this time limit may vary depending on how many people are playing and how big your class is!

If you’re caught holding onto something other than the peanut when time runs out, those behind will have another chance at catching their item while everyone else has to do ten more push-ups. The first person who catches their lost item gets another chance at passing them directly back around until someone drops it again. and so on!

Yard Twister

This game is best played with a big piece of paper. The first person to draw a circle in the middle of it wins.

Next, draw lines from the small circle on one side of your paper down through the giant circle and then back up through it again on the other side (known as “circles”). Each line must be longer than its predecessor by at least one foot and connect two points inside each other’s circles (not just touching).

Knees and Elbows

Knees and elbows are a game for the entire family. Players take turns kneeling with their knees on the ground and elbows extended, then use those same limbs to try and touch their opponent with an object such as a ball or block. The first person who touches their opponent wins!

This game works best if you’re playing with two people who know each other well enough that they won’t feel competitive. Still, if you have more players than that, then it might be better to make up rules like “first one to put all five fingers on top of each other wins” so everyone isn’t competing too hard for position during playtime (which could lead to injury).

Blindfold Obstacle Course


This game is fun for kids and adults alike. You’ll need a blindfold, which you can find at most drugstores or party stores. The person playing is blindfolded as they walk around the house, going up and down stairs, touching objects (like chairs), and entering different rooms. They must also avoid obstacles like furniture, pets, and other people!


So there we have it – our list of the best games for teens. These are games you can play together as a family or with friends, and we hope that they inspire your child to try new things, have fun and make their own choices about their gaming life.

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