Ashley Reeves Survival Story, Injuries & Reason for Attack


Ashley Reeves was a 16-year-old girl who was attacked by Shelton in the park in Belleville on April 27, 2006. The attack left her with severe injuries and temporarily left her brain dead. She has since recovered, but this story is still ongoing due to attacks made against her family members and friends by Shelton’s

 family members after the incident.

Who is Ashley Reeves?

Ashley Reeves is a former Samson Shelton student. She has been in a relationship with him for many years, and they have two children together.

Her ex-boyfriend attacked Ashley, Samson Shelton, on April 27, 2006, park in Belleville. She suffered severe injuries during this attack and had to undergo surgery for her injuries afterward which left her unable to walk or talk properly after the incident took place.

What happened to Ashley Reeves?

According to reports, Ashley Reeves was attacked by her teacher Samson Shelton on the University of Alabama campus.

Shelton has been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, a felony charge. If found guilty, his sentence may be up to 10 years.

After an investigation by police officers, it was found that Shelton had attacked one of his students because she took his side during an argument about the teacher’s behavior at school. The victim’s brother said he would press charges against Samson Shelton, who assaulted his sister after they fought over something minor; this could lead them both to spend time behind bars!

Emotionally involved with the teacher, the tragedy happened.

Ashley Reeves was the daughter of a pastor. She was in a relationship with the teacher, who had been teaching her for two years. The two were very close, and their relationship became more than just friends to both parties involved.

In September, Ashley became pregnant and went into early labor due to complications with her pregnancy. After delivering her baby boy via C-section at St. Joseph’s Hospital in San Antonio, Texas, she later died from blood loss due to injuries sustained during this attack by her boyfriend/husband Thomas Michael Dye (22).

Samson Shelton’s motives for attacking Ashley Reeves

Ashley Reeves and Samson Shelton were lovers. Ashley was involved in a love triangle with the teacher and Samson Shelton. It was reported that Ashley had seen her former lover at school on the day of the attack, and it is believed that he followed them home after parking his car near theirs.

The attack on Ashley Reeves left her with a broken back, other internal injuries, and scarring to her face. The teacher was later charged with assault causing bodily harm following this incident.

“Left for dead the Ashley reeves story.”

Ashley Reeves was a victim of an attack. She was attacked by her boyfriend, who left her for dead in the woods and tried to cover up his crime by going into hiding.

The Ashley Reeves Story is one of the most harrowing stories you’ll ever hear about survival and overcoming obstacles in life.

A Nightmare For Her

The attack on Ashley Reeves happened in April 2006. She was left for dead by her boyfriend, who then took off with her car and other belongings.

When Ashley awoke from her coma, she had to relearn how to walk and eat food as ordinary people do. Her face was broken in three places–her nose and jaw were fractured, and the force of the attack knocked some teeth out. She also suffered a concussion from hitting her head on the ground after being hit by an object thrown at her during an altercation between them before leaving their home together (which was later found abandoned).

Struggle Against Community

When Ashley was attacked, she wanted to fight for justice. Shelton had killed her father and mother, but he did not go unpunished. She was one of many people he attacked as other community members.

In the book “The Fight: Ashley Reeves’s Story,” author Peter Manseau writes about how Ashley tried to fight back against Shelton and his friends:

“She ran toward him, but when she got close enough, they surrounded her again like a pack of wolves circling a wounded animal.”

True Struggle

After Abshley’s boyfriend attacked her in the early morning hours of April 27, 2006, she was left for dead.

The 25-year-old suffered severe head trauma and brain damage due to the attack. The man responsible for this heinous crime was sentenced to life behind bars without parole in January.

Shelton Attacked- not Individually

The Ashley Reeves case is fascinating, and it’s made all the more so by the fact that she isn’t alone. As we’ve already discussed,  it’s not just her story that needs to be heard; it’s also the stories of other women who have suffered similar attacks at the hands of men like Hayden Shelton.

There are several different accounts of these events on social media and elsewhere. One woman wrote about being attacked by “a group” on Facebook with this message: “I was in an alleyway when he approached me from behind.” Another woman posted photos from inside their apartment showing blood everywhere after being stabbed repeatedly by someone she thought was her boyfriend until they realized it wasn’t him at all!

These accounts add up–they’re not just isolated incidents either–and show us something important about this crime: Shelton was not attacking individuals individually; he was attacking groups of people who did nothing wrong (other than being female). If you want your victimization history erased from history books so badly, do what everyone else does: ask for forgiveness instead of permission or recognition!


It is a matter of concern that people are still attacking Ashley reeve’s story and making false accusations against her. This can only lead to further attacks on her name and reputation, which is unfair as she has already suffered enough in life. Police are still investigating the Samson Shelton case, and it will take some time before justice is served to all parties involved in this tragic incident.

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