Anything But A Cup Party GUIDE – Many Funny Anything But A Cup Ideas

Looking for something better Anything But a Cup Ideas? Are you doing something other than a cupping party? Naturally, parties have become a big part of our lives. This is especially true of the younger generation. Therefore, creative minds have been trying to come up with various party ideas to spice things up during parties. We can say that because we want to enjoy the party in a fun and unique way. Here you will find Anything other than ideas for a cupping party, dress code, food, and great activities for Anything other than a cupping party.

One idea of a unique party that has just emerged is what people now know as an ‘All But Cup’ party. It used to be just a typical party idea a group of friends was thinking of doing at their private party. However, with the power of the internet, the images they posted on their social media accounts became viral, making this group idea one of the most widely used group ideas for young adults. Enjoy! Below are some suggestions and ideas about the ‘Anything But A Cup’ party and how to organize it.

Anything But A Cup Ideas

Looking for Anything better than a cup party ideas and inspiration? I have ideas on what I can use Anything but an easy-to-carry cup.


Why not use a cup-like form of a blender and drink some Pia Coladas or frozen Margaritas from an item.



Carafe Coffee A Big Anything But A Cup Party Ideas

Twelve cups of coffee in the morning and twelve glasses of something else at night. Although it is not a cup, it can have enough drinks all night and so on.

Carafe Coffee


Anything But A Cup Party Ideas Dog Bowls

If your friends know that you have a dog at home, this can be very frustrating. You may find it difficult to drink on the side, but you will be a good boy all night long. Anything But A Cup Ideas that will make your friends giggle.

Dog Bowls


Water Bottles, Especially Good

Are you looking for funny Anything but A cup ideas? It is foolish to drink from a beautiful baby water bottle, even if it is near a real cup. In addition, this one has unicorn stickers, rainbows, hearts, and more.

Water Bottles


Viking Drinking Horn Anything But A Cup Party Ideas

I guarantee you will be the most popular person in the room. Since it is impossible to put down, this drinking horn comes with a string. I hope you had a great time with your mead.

Viking Drinking Horn

Wine Rack Bra

You will not have to worry about losing your drink while wearing this! By using grass, you will be able to drink your favorite drink all night without fear of spills.

Wine Rack Bra

Spray Bottle

It’s funny to show the spraying feature, but if you get bored with it, you can take off the cap and drink regularly. Everything in it is so beautiful.

Spray Bottle

Traffic Cone

Cone is funny Anything A but cup ideas. If you do not close the cone tip, you will need to use it on your dangerous, slippery surface. If you are looking for Anything unique and funny without cup ideas, this can be a fun option for you.

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Gas Can Do Anything But Cup Party Ideas

As if that doesn’t seem to be the case, it should be brand new gas, which can be used to harm!

Conch shell

When you hear the waves, it is not the sea; good sound of booze slop. It may be hard to find, but they will hold drinks of any kind. For those who like different types of drinks, it is easy to drink quickly and get a different one easily. A little something without the idea of ​​cups that will make you pour drinks more often.

Teapot Flamingo Laughs Anything But A Cup Ideas

Filling the teapot with whiskey and drinking it from the spout makes it look soft. If you put alcohol in a tea pot and drink it from the spout, it loses some of their soft charms. Buy this one if you want a funny Anything but A cup ideas that can be used later too.


It is a good idea to fill your pot with cold and hot drinks for your ABC colleagues.

Food Storage basin

Because these are already safe for food, you will not have to worry about which chemicals are hidden in these products. It has an easy-to-use spout and measuring cup, which makes this rice container my favorite.

Food Storage basin

Funny Anything But A Cup Ideas Puking Kitty

If you ever wanted to put Puking Kitty in your mouth while eating a Thanksgiving dinner, this is your chance. Probably the most disgusting Anything but ideas for a cup. Funny Anything but A  cup ideas that will delight your friends.

Chemistry set

Considering how efficient these containers are in storing the liquid in the lab, it is not surprising that they can also be effective in storing drinks at a party.

Hydration Backpack

As you can see, the point is well made. Fill it with Anything you like – water, a bottle of wine, etc. However, keep in mind that it may retain its flavor, so if you are using one of these, consider getting a second for the party.

Beer Hat Laughs Anything But Cup Ideas

Having one of these at all parties is not at all logical; not even a cup. This gladiator-style hat can be a better alternative than a traditional beer hat. Buy these if you want unique and fun Anything without cup ideas.

The Skull of the Glass

You can also use this as an alternative to a cup of non-alcoholic beverages. Also, you know that it is safe to drink alcohol.

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