Actionable Email Marketing Strategies to Get Better ROI

So many marketing strategies, but email marketing still tops the list; there is nothing compared to a well-drafted marketing mail. When we talk of trust building and establishing credibility, Emails are the only source that enterprises rely on. There is a lot more to Email Marketing than just typing long and braggy emails. It’s about email marketing automation and other tools you can use to make the process less thorough and efficient.

Did you know that 58% of customers open their email first thing in the morning? Here, people think they must time their emails during the day. It’s mostly in these strategies that your sales pitch and conversion lie. Email Marketing, when done right, can be your standalone strategy to drive sales and generate revenue.

With Billions of emails going out every day, there has to be something that needs to be done differently. It is difficult keep up with the market if you do not have a strategy that increases the open rate of your mail. You can always look at multiple email automation services available in the market. In this article, you’ll find some email strategies to stick by.

Email Marketing Strategies to get better ROI

Many types of email marketing campaigns are being used. What matters is what it is that you are doing differently.

Email Marketing gives your customers a chance to understand your business better and build trust. A basic email should always answer the following questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • What is in it for your customers?
  • How does it work?
  • What is it going to cost?
  • What about a guarantee?
  • How can your customers get started?

Let’s get started with some strategies that’ll help you answer all those questions subtly in front of your customers just with the help of an email.

Engage followers with emails

Every email marketer must first remember to provide value via the mail. If your emails seem self-bragging, with no credibility and long paragraphs, You’re getting an unsubscribe immediately. You can also use our team’s expertise in email automation services to help you efficiently run your email marketing.

Providing your customers with value will help keep them engaged with the kinds of products or services you provide. This also makes the customers look forward to your emails every day. Don’t just focus on getting a monetary value immediately out of them. Be patient, and give your customers the time to build their trust with you. Provide tips and insights on how they can improve their business efficiency, everyone loves a free business tip, and ultimately it gives you a chance to keep customers engaged with your brand.

Personalized emails

Research by Janrain and Blue shows that 96% of the customers reported receiving irrelevant and mistargeted information via mail, such as:

  • Offers that indicate that the company has no idea about the customer
  • Mistakes about general information of the customer
  • No consistency in the messages received on Various platforms

Whereas, Personalized mail can bring the following benefits:

  • 50% higher open rates with personalized subject lines
  • Personalized emails have an ROI of up to 122%
  • Birthday emails generate 342% more revenue as compared to the general and promotional emails

Personalized emails in Digital Marketing and in-house sales can do wonders. It can be about running a successful business campaign or sending timely emails to your customers promptly.

Setup trigger emails

Trigger Emails are the ones that are sent out after a specific customer takes action. Trigger Emails have a 70% higher open rate. There can be multiple instances to send a trigger email, such as:

  • Reminder mail for Cart Abandonment
  • Requesting a Review post their purchase
  • Welcome mail for every new user
  • Feedback mail after finishing the delivery of an order

Trigger emails make your customers feel important and that you’re excited about every action that they take on your website. It also helps in e-commerce SEO services. You can also take the help of certain email marketing automation to help you send a trigger email right when a customer takes action.

Include a CTA (Call to Action)

With all your focus on building a customer base, It’s possible to forget the intent of the entire email: Getting your customers to click on your webpage or link. It would help if you maximized your click-through rate, or the proportion of subscribers who visit your website after clicking an email link, to enhance engagement. This is where you’ll need a Call to Action (CTA). Keep the following points in mind while including a CTA in your mail

  • Your CTA copy must deliver your agenda crystal clear.
  • Using words like “Buy” or “Order” must be used in CTA to drive action from your visitors.
  • You can create urgency through your CTA that compels a user to click on it.

Our Virtual Assistant Services at eComVA help you to manage everything from Digital Marketing to Email Marketing.

Try A/B Testing

A/B testing has proven effective because it allows organizations to understand the strategies that work for a certain set of customers and what do not. Testing multiple strategies can help you with a better understanding of the results that you can obtain from a particular set of emails. For instance, you can try out subject lines that create a sense of urgency or FOMO, like:


  • You will not regret this
  • Get your gift before XYZ
  • Last chance to get X at Y% off
  • How to get X without Y
  • Take a look at our New X

You can try these and check which subject line gives you the maximum open rate, and then try sending that very mail to a huge customer base and see your open rates increase.

This task can, however, be very time taking. Hence you can always consider Virtual Assistant services to manage your email marketing strategies efficiently.

Final Thoughts

A new product or service can be promoted via email marketing, as well as strategies to strengthen your brand identity, engage your audience more deeply, and create a memorable customer experience. Our team of experts provide email automation services to help you manage your email marketing and customer support.

Due to its low cost, no requirement of special skills, ease of creation on short notice, and measurable outcomes, email marketing is a popular marketing technique for entrepreneurs looking to expand their companies.

Planning, segmentation, personalization, concise content, a compelling call to action, and focused A/B testing are all essential components of effective email marketing campaigns. Multiple tools and Email Marketing automation also help you in effective email marketing.

Our Detailed email marketing services allow you to learn more about effective email marketing campaigns and the strategies that should be used to bring Maximum ROI.

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