7 Amazing Tips to Apply Nail Polish Like a Pro

Hands are an essential part of the body, hence the need to nourish them as you care for the rest. Most people will judge you based on the nail and appearance because that is the first part of the body they interact with. Dirty, unkempt, and unpolished nails could indicate carelessness or that you do not love your body. Whenever you attend an event, people do not entirely focus on the dress; they also focus on the nails as an important part of makeup and beauty.  

Therefore, you must ensure the nails are always clean, well-polished and attractive. To do so, you need to have the best nail polish and not any but carefully polished and maintained nails. Having the perfect nails means you should master a few tips to apply the polish like a pro leaving behind amazing and attractive nails. 

Begin By Buffing The Nails 

The first process to have a perfect manicure is to ensure the nails are clean and in shape. Use a file or a buffer to shape the nails to the desired height and shape. While doing so, ensure you move the file consistently in one direction to ensure smooth edges. This will prevent serrated edges or possible injuries that may arise when you file wrongly 

Once you are done filing, clean the nails, and cut the cuticles leaving a smooth and dry surface. You can also apply methylated spirit to remove any dirt leading to discoloration. This way you can ensure that nail polish color settles well, especially if you aim to create vibrant hues for natural nails. Once you are done, clean your hands, dry them with a hand towel, and allow them to dry before polishing.

Select The Right Base Coat

Once your hands are dry, the next process is to apply the base coat and not any other base coat. Different base coats are available in the market, and you should select and apply the right one to ensure the nail polish sticks in place.  

An ideal base cost should be colorless but a little glossy to help make the nail polish glossier and shiny. Consider those made from organic raw materials since base coats also play a significant role in protecting the nails from conditions such as splitting and breaking. Avoid residue and oil base layer due to their potential impact on the nail polish.   

Selecting The Ideal Nail Polish

The nail polish you select should be based on your needs and the occasion. Nails are an important part of fashion hence use nail polish to match your fashion or the occasion. For instance, if you attend a formal meeting, the nail polish should be simple and not too radiant. For summer, you should select bright nail polish with tropical accents to match the occasion. 

Use a single-colored polish to ensure uniformity; if you must make nail art, select two polish colors that will blend perfectly, meaning if you choose brighter nail art, ensure you use all bright colors. Apply the polish gently and in one direction to avoid paint brush lines on the surface. 

Finish With the Best Topcoat

Like the base coat, the top coat has various benefits for the nails, such as protecting them from breakage and peeling. It also prevents the nail polish from peeling off faster, increasing the manicure’s lifespan.  

It should be colorless, light to dry fast, leaving a glossy look on the top surface. Spread it in one direction to avoid leaving multiple marks and lines on the final polish. Use the topcoat once the nail polish has dried; take 5 to 10 minutes before using a topcoat.  

The Right Polish Brush

The polish brush is critical for creating the best nails or nail art. Begin with a larger brush that will spread out to cover a vast or middle nail section. Then allow the first spread to dry and follow it with a fine-tip brush to create a smooth and clear finish around the areas such as cuticles.   

A fine-tip brush is also necessary to prevent the polish from spreading to other areas outside the nail section. You should not use one brush for multiple polishes to avoid messing with the top surface and the final nail polish color when doing nail art.  

Finishing The Job

After the polish, allow all the nails to dry and use a hand towel to wipe other areas to remove paints that may have gone to other areas. You can wash your hand after the top coat dries or leave it.  

Once you are done with the top coat and are assured the final look s okay, you must allow the polish to dry for a few minutes. Then you can apply oil or lotion to the hand to help moisturize the cuticle and the entire hand.  

In case of any other issues, such as cuts or possible signs of fungal attack, use fungal nail spray. The sprays you use for your nails should be organic and friendly and contribute to moisturization. 

How To Dry the Hands Faster

Waiting for the polish to dry requires patience; however, if you have other subsequent procedures, there are other means to dry the nails and polish them faster. The methods you use should be friendly to the nails and harmless to the polish.  

The common methods include ice-cold water, hair dryer, or cooking oil. However, these may have shortcomings, hence the need for a drying spray or drops.  


When applying nail polish, focus on having the right items, such as polish brush base coat, nail polish, topcoat, dyers, and other essentials. Begin by cleaning the nails, trimming them, and ensuring the cuticles are not overgrown. Afterward, you can proceed with the base coats, polish, and topcoat while observing to ensure you have the perfect nails. 


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