5 Must Have Electronic Devices at Your Home for Functions and for Parties

Between coordinating music, providing enough booze and food, and managing guests, it is no secret that throwing a party or holding an event can be stressful. But, in the end, when the party ends, it is always worthwhile. This is for a simple reason. Playing host brings you joy and is suitable for your health. 

Studies have long shown that a person with a more diverse social network lives longer and is less likely to have heart disease. And you know that by hosting parties, you are expanding your social network. 

Also, neurologists say that socially active people are less likely to develop symptoms of cognitive impairment such as dementia. So, the importance of socializing at parties cannot be overstated.

Well, now you understand why parties and functions are crucial in your life. But how do you ensure that you host great parties? First, fabulous parties are because of awesome people, and then comes the food, drinks, and games. 

But an aspect that will ensure the party keeps going is dope electronic devices. This piece will unpack the best gadgets to ensure your parties are the real deal. 

  • Extension Cord

Electronic devices in your home can be utilized for different purposes when you hold a function. Cords, like other appliances, are necessary for contemporary life and any event. In parties, you will face the challenge of operating many electronic devices simultaneously. 

This does not imply that you go about in search of different switches. And since you cannot install new switchboards on every wall, extension cords will be handy. 

These cords deliver electricity to unreachable places. You can plug the cable into the socket and carry it where electricity is required. A huge upside of extension cords is the ability to power any device, particularly the 50 foot extension cord, which efficiently completes the loop from the socket to the desired point. 

Extension Cord

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Extension cords are less intrusive and noticeable, thus lowering the mess made by multiple wires across the floor. Since parties have many people, they decrease the risk of individuals stumbling over dangerous cables. So., ensure you invest in extension cords but go for quality ones that will last longer and not burn out. 

Bluetooth Speakers

It is no party without some good music bringing some good vibes. Music transcends time and space, political and cultural boundaries, and brings people together. It breaks the ice and creates memories you will treasure forever. And so, you will need Bluetooth speakers for your function. 

These speakers are a superb alternative to the bulky music systems out there. First, you will not need to clutter your home with wires. Second, you can carry them about anywhere and control them using your phone while doing other activities simultaneously – from serving guests food and drinks to grooving to the hottest jams. The good thing is that these speakers are available in various sizes, prices, and shapes. 

Bluetooth Speakers

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Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs are nifty devices connected via Wi-Fi and can make a big difference between a normal and an awesome party. They can change through many colors and thus have the power to instantly change the atmosphere from mundane to energetic at the click of a button. 

Furthermore, they can sync their music and colors according to the music played. If you are not convinced, what if you hear they have built-in support for  AI assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant and can change their settings via voice command? Why would you fail to include such a gadget at your party?

Smart TVs

If you are more of an old-fashioned person who loves consuming content on the television instead of other devices, then a smart tv might be a favorable option. They are smart because they offer streaming services, so you can enjoy OTT platforms and live TV. 

Furthermore, they feature Bluetooth connectivity and can be connected to external speakers, making them a great addition to your function.

In addition to streaming services, smart TVs double as screens where you can project your laptop and phone and hook your gaming rig. So, on top of listening to music, you and your buddies can have a gaming session.

Smart TVs

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Pocket Projectors

Televisions do not have the portability functions of laptops or smartphones, but the latter does not have enough screen size. This is where pocket projectors come in. These small handheld products bring the big screen to your party. 

You simply hook them to your laptop or phone via a USB port, HDMI cable, or Bluetooth and project whatever content you want. They can be a great addition to parties as you can watch sports or stream music as you connect.


Holding parties is one of the best ways to connect with family and friends. It might not be easy, but it is worth every effort. To make these events memorable, ensure you have the best foods and drinks, not forgetting the people you love. 

Don’t forget the electronic devices that will keep the party going or any other gadget that might bring life to the party. Because what is life without some little fun?

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